gun and demon department
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Gunning and demon training, I will teach you the ways to master this, I must tell you, that this will not be an easy course, you will get shot at, and you will get scratched, and if you quit, you die.

the gun and demon training curriculum
Shooting., shooting at point blank, and long distance, then sniping.
barrel roll
distance shooting
demon strengthening.
demon speed enchanceing
demon intelligence
demon skills.
demon magic

advanced course

advanced strengthening
advanced speed enhancing
advanced intelligence
advanced skill training.
advanced magic
demon shooting.

final course,
battle training with amraspallanen (me)

if fail you have to start all over.

if pass you get to try the next level.

okay signup here
demon gunner name - Vincent amras Kaiser
gun type - All, ( you pick two only)


those who pass get cake/\.,
2954 cr points
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from me!
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