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Koizumi Risa, current height 170 cm. Her last name is translated to "small river". A girl taller than most other girls her age.
Otani Atsushi, current height 156 cm. His last name is translated to "big valley". A guy way below the average height of a high school boy.
Because this, they had bad blood towards each other.

Later on, Koizumi Risa and Otani Atsushi start relying and helping each other with their own love affairs. As love failed for the both of them, a bond of friendship was formed. Along the bumpy (and comedic) road of friendship, Koizumi Risa fell in love with Otani Atsushi!...Go figure!

Can Koizumi Risa, the tallest girl in the school, make Otani Atsushi, the shotest boy in their class/year, fall for her too? So much ups and downs, twists and turns, and drama and love, in LOVECOM. Lovely Complex.

wait for another forum!!!

uhhmm this sure a hard work writing this summary!

haha see you next forum!
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Thx for taking the time to do so:)
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