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The supposed first chapter is 'bout 16 pages on microsoft, so I cutted it off

Honestly, my life, my always-has-been-calm life, is now a tipsy roller coaster ride, hanging by a millimeter thin thread through 750 meters high, not to mention endless, broken down, rusted tracks.
But strangely, I’m quite enjoying the thrill.
I guess I should start from the beginning, and explain to you why I, a normal high school junior, would be in such a topsy turvy ride.
My name is Adachi Mai, and I currently go to Lowell High in America. So far, still normal.
School was simple; go, take notes, get out. Not much of a challenge. We’re allowed notes during tests, so life was surprisingly simple.
I’m half American, half Japanese, and I moved here from Hokkaido a year ago to attend school, leaving my house a few million miles behind me at the same time. But truth to be told, it wasn’t such a major sacrifice.
My dad worked at a casino as a black jack dealer. He hardly ever comes home, spending every night outside at a random hotel.
My mom was a bartender at the casino. She rarely comes home either. She was like dad, except she spends the night at some other man’s house.
I had an older brother, Adachi Kei, but he ditched the family years ago.
This all leaves me, most of the time, all alone in the small apartment I called home. I kept it up pretty well, but school and 3 part time jobs were getting to me. The only place I can only find condolence is with my best friend: Honami Kira.
Honami Kira was my only friend, actually, the only friend I’ll accept. She understood me, been with me through ups and downs, happiness and darkness. I tried my best to be with her too, laughing for her, crying for her when she can’t. Us, we were close, sharing a bond deeper than anything I have known before.
But then, I learned just how cruel reality was, the reality I called a life.
Someone once said that “All bad things will come to an end.” What he failed to mention is that all good things will fall as well. I had to move.
I know it was my choice, but I was all ready for refusing the scholarship of Lowell and staying in Japan, for Kira. But she had refused, saying this was a once in a life time chance for a bright education.
We stayed in contact after we moved, for ‘bout half an year, but then she had to move to France to continue her internship at dress-design. After that, all communications between us failed. For the first time in my life, I felt truly alone, all by myself in the big city.
But it turns out that Lowell didn’t last too long either.
I was sprawled on the big sofa in my apartment, spacing out and just… thinking, wearing a black tube top and white denim shorts. My shoulder blade length black hair was twisted into a slight bun, bangs flowing down the sides of my very tanned face. The only thing not skin tight was the petite golden chain bracelet with a small silver butterfly, bejeweled with Ametrine and etched with swirling eddies, hanging from the bottom; the bracelet Kira had given me.
Then, out of the blue, a huge uh… how do I put this…void? This swirling mass of blackness and null suddenly appeared before me, threatening to suck me in. Surprised, I dropped my hand slung over the back of the sofa, which turned out to be the only thing keeping me in place. Bad move. In a second, the furnished living room disappeared through the single ray of light piercing through the blank darkness, then swallowed up in a split second.
Naturally, I was scared, so naturally, I closed my eyes. When I opened them however, I found the most peculiar sight upon me: lots of sand. At first, I thought I was hallucinating or something. But after a good long while of rubbing my eyes, I think there’s a pretty good chance I’m not imaging things. Perhaps this is a dream and I passed out in the school yard or something. But did I really want to wake up? Obvious choice: No. So, I restrained from pinching myself and stood up, only to find myself soaking wet. Why, you ask? I have no idea.
Honestly, I was just as clueless as you probably are right now.
So, the first thing I see (besides the endless plain of sand) was a horse. I know when you imagine a horse in this typical type of story, you’d imagine a strong black steed that would prance to my rescue and haul me away to where ever the prince is. I’d gladly wish for that as well. But in my case? No, God wouldn’t grant me the pleasure. This horse is tiny and scrawny; the type that you know would snap like a pair of chopsticks if you even try to sit on it, much less run with it. But it is also God who couldn’t grant me a cold heart, for conscience chose this time to talk.
Honestly, my life gets worst and worst, but I thought it was fine since it was all a dream. But that theory was getting more and more impractical by the second.
Well, I really don’t think you can feel the burning hot sun and sand and the tugging of a horse biting at your wet clothes in a dream. But please, correct me if I’m wrong.
Seeing that I have no other choice, I started walking. In what direction? Hopefully, the right one. I was tired. It has been what, three hour since I started walking? I was exhausted, and not to mention thirsty. But was I desperate enough to lick a few drops from my dirty, yet already drying clothes? Turns out I was.
It was another good hour (maybe more, I was never really good at estimating) before I saw life. I suddenly saw the first few paragraphs of my social studies book come to life, as the caravan traders saw their long awaited oasis. By now, I was starved and thirsty as I stumbled in to the cool shades of the canopy, the horse a few steps behind me.
I rested for quite a while. There was a small spring on the ground, which satisfied my thirst. Food however, proved to be more of a challenge without (I can’t believe I’m saying this…) textbooks. Guess they do prove themselves useful when a person is starving to death…
Thoughts rushed through my mind 300 miles per hour. But one stopped, making all the thoughts behind it kiss each other’s arse. Why didn’t I read Hatchet?
If you can imagine this scenario, try imagining how happy I was to hear human voice, and how disappointing it was to realize the voice spoke a different language.
But you know what? I was happy to see life.
Atleast, I think I am.
Egyptian (well, they do have the typical do and stuff, if you know what I mean) soldiers marched in, lead by a quite familiar man.
I suppose this is the time I’m supposed to tell you that I read this manga called Red River. For full summary, wiki it up.
Curse my loose lips. “Ramses?!” He turned in my direction, and I managed a sorta half grin before two spears were pointed at my neck.
I couldn’t be wrong, I mean, that had to be Ramses. He had the golden eye and stuff. And plus: he reacted when I yelled his name. But guess what? They spoke Egyptian (why did I ever assume otherwise?) and naturally, I didn’t understand a single word. So I can only remain silent when they questioned me (at least that’s what I think they were doing…).
“It’s not my fault I can’t freakin’ understand you!” I yelled just for the heck of it. But I also wanted to get across the message that I was a foreigner. To my (pleasant) surprise, the soldiers jumped at my outburst. But to my dismay, a (quite alluring) smirk came onto Ramses’s lips.
It’s not fair. I hadn’t chosen this way of life, life did.
Like I had mentioned (or hinted) before, life is not always fair. IT’S NEVER FAIR!
Have you ever been arrested before?
Believe me, it’s not a pleasant experience.
Especially when your hands are tied up with rough twine behind your back.
And you’re slung in a very uncomfortable position on a back of a horse.
Well, imagine a few damn hours of riding that way and you’ll probably feel the same way I feel: nauseated.
Bet the soldier won’t appreciate me hurling on him huh?
But as if God read my devious mind (who’s to blame?), Ramses spoke, pointing to the city in the background (as poets would say, Just beyond the horizon. Though last time I checked, I’m no poet).
“Memphis… huh?” I muttered. Who’d’ve thought that Egyptians would have such good hearing? Well, iPods haven’t been invented yet; I guess that’s a factor.
So Ramses nodded with a sideways glance at me.
Was that… anxiety?
Hang on a sec, did he meet Yuri yet?
One of the million things I wanna ask.
But can I?
But turns out, Ramses planned on talking to me too.

If you want me to continue plz quote dis in spoiler and then tell me!!
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This is quite good, i wish there are pirates here lol
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arvin_bfg9000 wrote:

This is quite good, i wish there are pirates here lol

xD Thnx for reading~
I have more in da other group's page~~
If ur interested~~
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