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In episode 1, when Yuuichi and Nayuki was about to cross the street, an advertisement bus passed by. On that bus has the picture of the peach juice Misuzu drinks in another Key series, Air TV.

The cafe Yuuichi and Ayu escaped to after colliding into each other in Episode 1 had a fitting ambient music playing in the background - Johann Pachelbel's Canon in D.

Ep02: After Yuuichi gives his introduction to the class and returns to his seat, Kaori mentions that it was a pretty normal self-introduction. Yuuichi retorts that if there is any introduction that is not normal, he would like to see it. This is a reference to Suzumiya Haruhi's self-introduction in 'The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi', in which the VA of Yuuichi also happens to voice Kyon( who bore witness to Haruhi's self-introduction). Both series are also done by Kyoto Animation. - Skane

Ep02: As Kaori escorts Yuuichi out of the school complex, she tells him that he was acting so suspiciously that she thought he was some spy from some secret agency. Yuuichi replies by saying that he is merely a normal transfer student. This is a reference to Itsuki, a character from 'The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi'(TMoSH), an earlier production by Kyoto Animation( who is also in charge of Kanon(2006)). Itsuki was a transfer student who turned out to be a secret agent sent to observe(spy) on Haruhi( another character from TMoSH). - Skane

In episode 4, Yuuichi helps Akiko in carrying rice she bought in the Niinuma Rice and Liquor Shop. That's the exact same store found in Air TV where Yukito helps a lady in carrying rice as well.

In episode 6 where Yuuichi and Ayu went to the movies, a movie poster of which Ayu freaked out depicted a girl upside down with the moon on the left of her. That's actually a homage of the visual novel called MOON developed by Tactics of which its promo poster had the same setup. In fact this visual novel was actually created by original core staff who make up Key today.

In Episode 02, just after Kaori sees Yuuichi lost in the school, Yuuichi talks to himself. This is a homage to Kyon's first-person view narrations from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. The only difference with Yuuichi is that he actually talks his thought out loud, as evident when Kaori asks him why he was describing the situation.

The Opening theme and Ending theme to this anime are the same ones used in the original PC Game that the anime is based on.

all the references to "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" which are stated above are incorrect. All the scenes, including the exact dialogue, are similar to the original game thus it would be unlikely that they are intentional references. Although it does make an ironic coincidence.

Ep11 - One of the mangas in Makoto's room has the word 'Key' on it. Key is the name of the company that made the Kanon game, which this anime is based upon. - Skane

In episode 13 when Sayuri and Yuuichi are looking at the stuffed animals, at the left of the giant anteater doll are the dolls of the sloth and a brown Potato plushie. Both of those appeared in Air TV though Potato in Air TV is originally white.

The last scene in Episode 15, where Yuuichi held Mai on the ground inside the classroom, resembles a scene in Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya where Kyon did the same for Yuki Nagato. Mai and Yuki have share similar personalities, namely being quiet yet very strong. Yuuichi and Kyon share the same voice actor: Tomokazu Sugita, and both series are directed by Tatsuya Ishihara.

In episode 13, when Yuuichi asks Sayuri when she started hanging out with Mai, Sayuri says back when they were still freshmen. But during the flashback Sayuri and Mai were wearing senior ribbons which are indicated by the colour blue. Freshman ribbons are teal coloured.

Shiori is actually first seen in Episode 1 at 9:36. She can be seen walking with her mother as Nayuki and Yuuichi walks by them near the hospital.

In episode 23, when Yuiichi goes to look for food, next to the meat buns, there is the peach milk Misuzu drinks from Air TV.

The colors white and red in the anime are symbolic; white is the color of cold, winter, and stasis; red the color of warmth, springtime and change. They are the colors of the two headbands Ayu wears. Springtime-loving Makoto wears only red ribbons.

In Episode 17, around 13:00, there's a blonde girl with two hair-antennae earing curry rice. She's Key-chan(or Kii-chan, japanese きぃちゃん, actually from 麻宮姫里, Asamiya Kisato), the Key official mascot character (along withe her little sister Kuu-chan (くぅちゃん, 麻宮空, Asamiya Kuu) , who could be the other girl sitting in front of her). Also, Jun Kitagawa (Yuiichi's male classmate) was first designed as an orlder brother for Kii and Kuu

As a very interesting fact, Yuuichi and Kyon (from SHnY) have got the same seat in their respective classrooms, -next to the window, second from behind- (It can be seen along Kanon and in SHnY [Chapter 2 00:13:10]). Since Kanon 2006 and Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu have been objects of a lot comparisons, mainly because the amazing resemblance between both of them and both characters were interpreted by the same voice actor, I think it is a curious coincidence.

Again, the links between Kanon 2006 and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya are coincidental. Most of the dialogue is ripped straight from the game, and the dialogue itself predates the first Haruhi Suzumiya light novel by 4 years. The sole exception would be Kaori's suspicions of Yuuchi being a spy from an "Agency". That line did not exist in the original game.

In the anime series Air, ayu, nyuky and sawatari makoto make a guest appearance in epesode 2 as the 3 school girls from left to right as stated above

Ayu's bench is a location in real world - in Moriguchi, Osaka. Photographs can be found here:

On episode 14, where Nayuki randomly says "By the way, I can eat carrots too!", that was a line taken out of a game from back when Key was known as "Tactics". This game was ONE ~Kagayaku Kisetsu E~, and the line was first said by Misaki Kawana.

On episodes 17, 18, 19, and 21, The Character "Rumi Nanase" from ONE ~Kagayaku Kisetsu E~ makes random Cameo appearances. Proof In Kanon: Proof In One:
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COOL! ayus osakan? xD
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interesting....glad i read this.
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