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Posted 11/14/08 , edited 11/15/08
Part 1

The black dome stretched high above me
The breeze whispering of ancient love tales
My breath curling into wisps of smoke

The smell of wet dewy silver grass
And the bitter cold sting of the sky
Roaring down from the heavens above

Shuddering and shivering I take a step
Gravel and spree crackle under my feet
Alarming the dark silhouettes watching me

The piercing white lights soaring high above
Flying like mystical fairies dancing for the moon
Beaming down the earth’s inhabitants fondly

I stop and I gaze at the night sky
Captured by its intricate beauty and vastness
The history of man written on the face

The night time stroll along the shimmering ferns
Forgotten myths grating along the wind
Watching the blinking stars smile down at me

The black dome stretched high above me
Coursing acid rain tearing from the heavens
Splattering like thick blood on the grass

The frost breaking into tiny pieces
Melting away like ebbing life through eyes
As the rain seeps away the sins and lies

Of the human race long after it died.

Part 2

Do you remember?
When we first met among the empty college gardens
Heavy black rose fumes wafting up like birds
Wavering on the rusting petals like the moon peak
Sliding on the dark storm clouds tearing out the rain

Do you remember?
That first handshake on the dewy wet grass
Dashing and crashing lights on our sodden lanky hair
Silhouetted against the blazing starlight falling down
Straight into the deep shadows that call from below

Do you remember?
That first timid smile you shone to the world
Revolving on its heavy plains like a single wavering voice
In the chorus of a billion waves and creatures of the sea
Making creating and emphasizing your soul deep within

Do you remember?
Our first magical fantasy in the land we called home
The tainted moss on our favorite oak tree that swayed
The wind that blew in our faces as we battled demons and evil kings
The adventures, the loss, the gains, and all the magic we shared

Do you remember?
The first song we wrote about the two spirits torn apart by hate
One spirit crashing on the sharp lethal rocks, wrestling and fighting
The other fading slowly into the shadows, wishing for death
The song that reflected our past, present, and future

Do you remember?
The first party we went to hearts racing and eyes glinting
But instead the ground shook and the skies crashed down
That night the light smashed and the music dwindled to a mere whisper
And the thorns shot clean through our hearts and our bloodshot eyes

Do you remember?
Our first trip to the hospital, so clean and white and the stench of death
The sorrow and pain that lingered in the atmosphere
Like stained blood on the murderer’s grey grey carpet
All I saw was the hazy mist that fell before my blind eyes like a veil

Do you remember?
The first funeral we went to was bitter and heart wrenching.
The flowers were all black and the air was covered in grief
Swords killing souls and stilling breaths in one single swipe
And the magic of our love that died with you...

Part 3

Last night I dreamt about you and me
The very first time we met
Timid and shy melting away the masks
And finally blossoming our hearts from ashes

Last night I dreamt about you and me
The tears and the pain that we felt
Breaking hearts and dirt trodden souls
The darkness spreading like a fatal illness

Last night I dreamt about you and me
The sheer cliff on which we stood
Shivering and freezing in the dying wind
And the razor sharp rocks down below

Last night I dreamt about you and me
And the times when we felt so secure
The warmth that enveloped us like an angel
Guarding us from the pain, strife, and war

Last night I dreamt about you and me
And when we both saw the light
Filling our eyes with wonder and amazement
And the singing of a thousand angels in our ears

Last night I dreamt about you and me
And the life and death we so much feared
Whispering into the dawn break of death
And clasping our hands through the life under the moon

Last night I dreamt about you and me
I dreamt about our final vows and oaths
The rich love and the icy spear that tore our hearts
And the white light and joy in our gleaming eyes

Last night I dreamt about you and me
The very first time we met
Who knew from that strange, fateful day
That our hearts were exchanged for each other

And the journey of a thousand words exchanged for our souls.

Part 4

Tasting the raindrops on my tongue
Clasping your hand, praying for the sun
The golden light which filters deep
Sinks behind the moon which weeps

Upon the silent seeping core
Amongst the wishing well and more
The time lapse dim among the yard
The system crash leaves no guard

The wind that blows through our tears
Leaving no traces of hate or fear
The love that beats between our hearts
Will bind us together, we’re never apart

How did this magic really appear
Amongst the tyrant we seemingly hear
Taunting and breaking the tangling love
Wishing and walloping like conclusive doves

Entwining out fingers we stand and wait
For the storm and torrents to abate
Drying wet feathers on the fertile ground
Demanding the prosperity in which we found

How will this bond ever last
The darkness which seems to wait and lambaste
Through the gallows and over the noose
Just waiting, just waiting, to struggle loose

Away from the smoke, the buildings and plans
Away from the currents, the future of man
Whispering beauty that never returns
We must hurry, never look back or adjourn!

Let’s run away from all the madness
The triumphant evil that makes us listless
Why must we have to hide like birds
Sharing our fears into quarters then thirds

Alas, the timing so perfect so clear
Yet cloudy and dark and grieving austere
The laughing landlord and the weeping mother
The opposite roads which lead us to each other

So quiet and internal, your smile bypasses all
Striding quick and steady, never to fall
Melting the cold and changing the earth
Your laughter rears its head like a thriving hearth

And as we stand hand in hand
Clasping tight, exchange dreamlands
Filtering shadows slink on by
Flickering and dancing like fireflies

Tasting the sun rays on my face
Holding your heart between our embrace
The golden dew which sink in deep
Settles in our souls, waiting for sleep.

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24 / ~my studio~
Posted 11/15/08 , edited 11/15/08
that was an awesome poem....
it was sad though....
but you're not just great in stories your great in poems, too.... wow!!!!
i just don't get the title,....
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26 / M / Australia
Posted 11/16/08 , edited 11/16/08
tehe, the four poems are basically a love story in four different worlds. so...a love story between a girl and a guy in four different parallel worlds....each poem is a different world, but reflecting the same get?

~_~"" not one of my
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24 / ~my studio~
Posted 11/16/08 , edited 11/17/08
actually whne i thought harder about it i get it....
the four parts are the four worlds.....
and yup i get it...:))
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26 / M / Australia
Posted 11/18/08 , edited 11/19/08
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26 / F / oN tHe RoOf.. jk =P
Posted 11/26/08 , edited 11/26/08
I absolutely adore your work. haha great use of imagery~ ^^
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