Joe Cheng borrows wife from Ethan Ruan, notified him before doing so, says Joe Chen has a good figure
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A friend’s wife cannot be played with*, but can be borrowed to use for a while! Xiao Zhong Zheng Yuan Chang and Chen Qiao En are popular in the mainland, mainland’s Master Kong having the two people shoot green tea advertisements together. Xiao Zhong needs to temporarily cast aside [onscreen wife] Lin Yi Chen, [borrowing wife] from Ethan Ruan, earning RMB together.

Advertisement has fresh taste; presents a new combination
“Fated to Love You” has shaped Ethan Ruan and Chen Qiao En as the [Ji Husband and Wife], and the “It Started With a Kiss” series has made Xiao Zhong and Lin Yi Chen become onscreen lovers. Now the advertisement has mixed up the matches, bringing together Xiao Zhong and Chen Qiao En to shoot the advertisement. Xiao Zhong’s manager says laughingly: [The sticky note girl has now come to stick onto us over here.]

Before the collaboration, Xiao Zhong very courteously called Xiao Tian to let him know. He said: [From what Xiao Tian said, Qiao En is a girl who is very easy to get along with, I greeted her at the Golden Bell Awards, her body figure really is very good!] Chen Qiao En also feels that this combination has a very fresh feeling.

Acting in a stage play; played around with by Sylvia Chang
Other than collaborating with the idol star actress, Xiao Zhong’s [mature woman fate] is even better. Before, in “Honey and Clover", he and Tarcy Su filmed a scorching hot bed scene; most recently, in the stage play "Design for Living” he and Sylvia Chang will act out a workplace romance. Sylvia Chang plays Xiao Zhong’s boss, playing and messing around with Xiao Zhong. Xiao Zhong said laughing: [Originally there was a kiss scene, but the result was that sister Chang changed it into putting my head on her shoulder, no more kiss scene, I am really quite disappointed.]

Memorizing lines; more diligent than with an examination
Starting from the 27th, "Design for Living” will start its tour beginning from the mainland, but the stage play's performance style will be different from idol dramas. The most difficult thing that Xiao Zhong has to adapt to is having to memorize a very long list of lines. He says: [When I was in school I hated memorizing the most, never thought that after getting out of the school I would still be memorizing.] In order to etch all the lines into his brain, after getting the script, he first copied it by hand, read it aloud, and then wrote it from memory; even more serious than with an examination.
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joe only fits with ariel and not anyone else......

but anyway, hes's just borrowing her for the commercial!

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not bad to barrowing wife... lol...
let us see if theres spark between them...
Posted 11/15/08 , edited 11/15/08
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