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Posted 11/15/08 , edited 11/16/08
There was a girl named Amu. She had pink hair and a cute face. She was sitting in class one day and she looked out the window and she saw a X-egg fly by. One of her her charas Ran said "Amu lets GO" *Amu jumped up and ran out of the class room before her teacher could stop her* ~ *when Amu got outside she Character Changed with Ran * ~ *shes look around to find the X-egg*~ *she saw it....... Ikuto was up in a tree holding it* ~ *she looked up into to his dark purple eyes*

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Posted 12/18/08 , edited 12/18/08
ikuto laughed. (teasing amu)
however, while he is laughing, he fall off the roof.
ikuto fell into amu's arm
both stares at each another.......and ikuto went close to amu's face..
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Posted 6/11/11 , edited 6/12/11
they kissed.then.......
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