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Hey all,

I promised a while back to put more of these up, as the Lovely Complex Manga is certainly quite entertaining.

First of all some disclaimers. The LoveCom manga is in fact licensed by Viz Media, although the Anime hasn't been licensed yet (TBS has requested LoveCom to be removed from Crunchyroll). The rights to the manga is retained by Aya Nakahara and Shueisha Comics, who published the manga in their Margaret Comics subsidiary, and the license rights is attributed to Viz Media and their Shojo Beat Manga subsidiary. All use of images are through fair use exceptions as I am not replicating the manga in full but only using a few of them to showcase the manga. The manga costs $8.99 US, and $10.99 Canada, and is available in Australia for $14.

There are 16 Volumes in total, I believe, and I only own volumes 1-8 right now. I'm buying them as they come out.

Let's start with the cover:

Whee! I always like the Lovely Complex art. The manga also throws in art pieces in here and there inbetween the chapters, such as these:

Doesn't Otani look dreamy? Heh heh. Save that one, folks.

Volume 2 contains chapters 5-8, which I will be covering today. The last book ended with Otani asking Risa if she would like to go to the Umibozu concert. She said yes.

Volume 2 starts with Risa lamenting that she has no love life and is totally not a girl in love. She complains to Nobu that she just wants to meet Mr Right, and Nobu just replies that her standards are too high. While this is going on Otani pops by and complains that the two of them are in big trouble! The Umibozu concert is on Christmas Day, a day which is exclusively for lovers in Japan. They quickly agree to go down and just watch the show, and go back home before anything happens.

While they're walking home with everyone, Risa sneezes, and there's that infamous scene where Otani meets his ex, Mayu Kanzaki:

She quickly runs off, and Otani looks slightly sad. Risa presses him for who the girl is, and he reveals that it's his ex.

The next day, Mayu turns up in front of the school. Risa meets her, and Mayu tells her that she's looking for Otani -- there's something important that she has to say to him. She invites him to the Basketball Party on the 25th and she wants Risa to pass that message to him. Risa does that, and Otani looks suprised, and distracted, even. She realises that he's still probably in love with Mayu. Otani says that he's going to the Umibozu show with Risa, but Risa says that it's okay -- she doesn't want to be responsible if Otani misses out on getting back together with Mayu.

"So are you really nice, or just a cheapskate? Hard to tell"
"Uh! I'm really nice, of course"

And Risa is alone on Christmas Day.

We all know how that turns out : )))
(On a note, I'm a guy, but I nearly cried when I watched this scene in the anime)

Chapter 6 starts with New Years day. Risa is sick, and Nobu and Chiharu visit her bringing her oden as an apology for not hanging out with her on Christmas. Then they invite her to go to the New Year's celebrations at the shrine. She goes. It's here when we start seeing some character development. Risa slowly becomes aware of her feelings, or at least, here we can see her being slightly self conscious around Otani. It's actually pretty cute. Of course at the festival, they run into Mayu. Mayu quickly assumes that Risa's going out with Otani. She then panics and escapes, and Risa is left thinking that she may have stuffed up Otani's chances to get back together with Mayu.

After about a week agonising over it and apologising profusely to Otani, she decides to take matters in her own hands. She leaves in the middle of cleaning the class, and marches off to Sakura Girls High, where Mayu studies, and confronts Mayu herself. Otani catches wind of this and chases soon after. She however manages to blurt out that she isn't going out with Otani, and leaves feeling good about herself, confident now that Mayu can confess to Otani.

The so called confession is no less than humorous:


"Sorry Otani! I am so, so, so, so sorry! I'm really sorry! I am so totally sorry!"
"... Koizumi..."
"I know! I'm so stupid!! Feel free to kick me, punch me, fold me in half, whatever you want to do!"

Otani laughs it off and forgives her, thanks her even. But as they walk away, Risa feels strange. Deep in her heart somewhere she's glad they didn't get back together. Is that love?

Chapter 7 starts with Valentine's Day.

... that's right. There's no way. But after Risa totally loses it after being poked fun at by Otani, he agrees to take a cake from her. He ribs her again and as they walk away, a handsome stranger stops, and stares at Risa.

As Risa looks at cake recipes with Nobu, Nobu starts wishing that Risa and Otani would get together. Risa is still in denial about it, though.

She stops by the Gym as she follows Nobu, where she gets quizzed by the Otani fanclub. But while she's there, she's accosted by the handsome stranger once more!

Who turns out to be Haruka, her childhood friend!

Over the next few days, he visits her constantly and builds up animosity with Otani, calling him short and whatnot. He's pissed off so much that when Risa tries to give him cake, he flat out refuses.

Upset, Risa gives the cake to Haruka instead.

Chapter 8 starts with Risa still being upset and angry at Otani. She hangs out with Haruka a little bit more, while Nobu and Nakao try to talk sense into Otani.

Meanwhile Haruka's watching Risa play video games, and stuff like that. While they're at a cafe (coincidentally, Otani, Nobu, and Nakao are there, too), he asks her what's the go with Otani. It's like she loves him. And he's not determined to lose, because she's his Hero.

The book ends on the street, where Haruka tells Risa:


Overall I loved the book. There were certainly differences between the Manga and the Anime, and I did prefer the book's version better, as it explained some things better, and the pacing is so much better as well - the Haruka affair was too rushed in the Anime and could have been better handled, but overall I'm still happy that the basic message was put across.

I was also happy at the extra content in the book. I'm a fan of Aya Nakahara's art, and there were quite honestly a great number of moments when she put it to full effect. The contrast between the comical parts and the serious parts is well done. It's not slapstick, and it's down to earth. Honestly, I loved Lovely Complex because it's such a believable story.

I am unhappy with some parts of the book, though, but it's just mostly the translation. (Also, Mayu Kanzaki looks just plain weird in her school uniform - she has MASSIVE shoulders) There's just too much teen talk in it. Your "Omigods" and "oh my gourds", as well as the "waitaminit"s in there... I guess I'm too old to properly appreciate that sort of thing : (. Other than that though, it's a delightful book.

I will post more of these up as I have the time.

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Seems I'm thinking about reading the manga from the beginning
Thanx for posting!! =)
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I Love Haruka!
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