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Posted 11/15/08 , edited 11/17/08
Forums Rules and Regulations

Please read these rules before posting.

1. Please abide by CR rules.
2. Do not spam.
3. Do not create a topic that already exists.
4. No disturbing images to be posted. Strictly PG 13.
5. Try to keep to the topic.

Threads that fail to follow this rules may be locked or closed.


Before every topic, please put the necessary catagory in front, unless it is something like "Index of Topics" or "Rules and Regulations".

For example if you want to start a game, put the title as "[Game] Count to 1000".
Here is the full list of catagories and their explanations.

[Game] - For game topics
[Polls]* - For polls
[Discussion]* or [Disc.]* - For discussion topics (eg. What do you think about...?)
[Contest] - Any contest
[Help]* - Anything related to asking for help
[Random]* - Anything that is random-ish
[Hangout]* - For a certain group of people to gather (eg. Artists' Corner, Poetry Cove)
[Other]* - If other catagories do not fit

* = optional


Besides contests held by the mods and the creator, you are allowed to create one of your own. It should follow the rules (above). You will be in charge of everything unless you have people to help you with it. However, if you need help, feel free to ask the mods or the creator.


If you want your topic to be stickied, please state it on your first post and we will consider. For ongoing self-held contests, feel free to ask. Please note that it will not last though.

These rules will be edited when required.
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