End of Divine Reign
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The fight against the Elder Gods
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The Demonic Slayer of Gods reborn

They all rushed in with weapons forged from a difference element (Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Dark, Light, Lightning, plus the two entities of Divine and Demonic). Sparda and I grabbed Zane and tossed him high into the air. I dispeled my body as lightning while Sparda did his as fire. The Elders reached our spot just seconds after we vanished and looked up at Zane. They immediately took after him. and he smiled widely.

"Wrong choice," came my voice.

I bursted from a dark cloud in my Reaper form with my Scythe gripped tightly in my hands. They all tried to jump back but I made sure it wasn't enough. The scythe's blade started to glow yellow and hum with joy.

"Reaper's Vengeance."

As the scythe swung around, a yellow wave of energy flew out. All the gods scatted but one was not quick enough to get away. The edge of the wave hit his side and exploded with tremendous force. Even though it was only a fraction of it, it sent the Elder falling out the sky, but before he hit the ground he flipped around to prepare to land on his feet.

"I don't think so."

In a quick burst of fire, Sparda appeared with his sword rammed through the Elder's throat. The Elder's cloak was about to come off and reveal his face, but he his body suddenly turned to water as he let out a yell of agony. We all landed back to back in the same spot.

"One down, eight to go."
Zane smiled and spit on the ground, "Maybe this will be easier than we thought. Who knew these 'Elders' would be this weak."

Then I felt an eerie aura coming from between us. and instantly absorbed Zane and Sparda back into me. As i turned to jump back 2 of the Elders were upon me and forced me down to the ground. The sand wrapped around my wrists and legs and hardened so that i could not move. I looked up to see both of the elders hold a sword, one of lightning, the other of dark energy.

"Now we say goodbye, Kim-un-Kur."

As they began to strike down at me, a Scythe flew from no where and streaked right at them. The first one saw it coming and dodged immediately but the second only dodged it seconds after it came inches to his chest. It left a gash and a tear across his chest.

They both instatly looked at me, "Did you really think taht would work."

Then my another scythe, one i recognized as my own flew out and cut deep into the gash of the second Elder. His body erupted into black flames and was absorbed into the Scythe.

"Pretty nice weapon you got there Sirberius," sounded a familiar voice.

As i looked around a spotted a figure above me weilding a long scythe. It was rested over his shoulder and he had a blunt smile on his face. I mistaked him for Valentine, but then i got a good hold onto his energy signature and realized it to be the opposite of Val's.

"You are Kira, Valentine's brother?"
"Yea that's right."

He rose the Scythe into the air and struck down, but not at me. He slice the harded sand taht was binding me to the ground. I quickly got to me feet and summoned my Scythe to my hand. As i took stance he put out his hand as if to tell me to stop.

"Don't get yourself in a flurry, i did not come here to fight you."
I raised my eyebrow in confusion, "Then you came to help?"
He laughed at this statement, "Don't think yourself that valuable to me or my plans. I would not help you even if it was truly within the goals of my plans," He turned and faced the remaining seven Elders, "I came to do away with these traitorous Gods."

I lowered my scythe and faced the gods with him, "Well whatever the case, i will put aside our differences since we both seek the same thing here."
"I suppose so, but if we are going to beat the, i suggest you use your legendary Complete Hybrid form," Kira said turning to me. "That is unless you can't handle the power given to you by my brother."
"If you say so, but i'm gonna need you to cover me."
He rose his scythe off his shoulder, "You got it."

Zane and Sparda appeared at my side, their weapons on their backs and sides and hands together in front of them.

"Ready," they both said after fulling materializing.

"I am the darkness in your soul, the evil you willingly show."

The Elder gods instantly tensed up and dashed at us, but were met by a swing of Kira's scythe and a wave of his finer

"I am the light that guides from above, protecting those you carefor and love."

One of the Elders jumped back and lunged at Zane. He met Kira's foot in his face on the way.

"I am the balance between darkness and light, using the powers of both to fight."

Three more directed themselves at me, raised weapons in the air.

"Divinity and Demonicy are what we seek, so we fight our enemies at our peak. And while seperated we are weak, once combined we become Complete."

A surge of energy drove the Elders back with extreme force.

Zand and Sparda's bodies become their auras (white and black)My power started to elevate while all three of our auras start to glow around my body. Zane’s white aura, Sparda’s black aura, and my red aura. I was raised off the ground and my arms and legs spread out. All three auras swirled around my body and where absorbed into it. My power started to increase drastically. My muscles started to get stronger as my height increased by 4 inches. My hair grew out a bit and become more unruly. My clothes were burned away as the red aura cover my body. It disappeared and revealed a black short-sleeve shirt that was kinda like a cloth jacket because it had a zipper and came down to my knees, black, baggy pants that were tucked inside of my black boots, and I was wearing black gloves.

Then the black aura wrapped itself around my waist. A red waistband formed around me. Then the black aura formed two separate pouches.The pouches contained both of the pieces i needed to make my ultimate weapon. Finally, the white aura wrapped around my neck. It solidified and formed a silver, skeleton chain. At the end of it was a shuriken like pendant that glowed white.
My thoughts started to disappear, even my memories started to fade. Soon, my mind was blank. Suddenly, it filled back up with more serious thoughts and memories that had lain dormant for so long. My ‘childish’ attitude disappeared and my complete attitude resurfaced. I was now, my complete self.

I floated back down to the ground and stuck my hand out. Heine’s Shadow, Heine’s Invasion, and Heine’s Zero floated toward me. They gathered together and started to glow. Once the light subsided, my weapon, Heine’s Obliteration appeared in my hand.
"Complete Hybrid Form, power output 21%," I said opening my eyes.
"That's some impressive power you've got there Sirberius," Kira said almost seeming to mock the gods.
"Silence, i don't need any output of admiration from you. Remember, we are working together out of a business opportunity, nothing more. Now take your stance and ready yourself."
Kira looked at me almost shocked, "Wow, so i guess it's true that your entire personality changes after the change. Well ok then, let's finish this."

The Elders seemed to stay back now that i had changed, almost as if they were afraid.

"So i guess it is true. You Elders actually do fear the power of us Kim-un-Kurs," I said laughing as i rose Heine. "Well if you won't come to me, then i guess i shall come to you."

In a flash I had disappeared and moved right into the middle of the 7 Elders. They all looked down at me. I smiled as I aimed at two of the Elders and shot them in the back with fire imbeded energy bullets. They flew across the dessert and rose to their feet. But one of them was unfortunate enough to land in front of Kira. He kicked the God back down, but he scythe's blade under the Elder's neck and beheaded him.
The body erupted into a flurry of lightning and disappeared. The remaining six gathered facing us.

"Why are you letting this happen. Why don't you change and fight him," one of the elders said to another.
"Because it does not interest me. I only must keep myself alive. So long as i do that, I have nothing to worry about"
I put Heine's Obliteration over my shoulder and tilted my head, "What the hell?"
The first Elder turned to the other and raised his blade of fire, "You traitor, I'll kill you for your insubordination."
He was about to bring it down, but the other God moved out the way and reached under his cloak, "
“Now the time has come to rid the world of fools who are too blind by their so-called power. Help me in my conquest against these idiots, oh beautiful Deadly Goddess.”

With a quick slash, the Elder god was cut through but an elegant scythe. The Elder's Cloak fell onto the one he slain as his body turned to flames. His short spiky blue hair glistened in the sun, along with his gold dragon horns ontop of his head. The box that usually head his scythe laying on the dessert floor.

"TenkaI, " I said shocked. "You are an Elder God!?!?!"
He jumped back toward me and slide on sand, "No time to explain that these last 4 Elders are the Alpha's of the Elder Gods. They are all capable of using all the elements." He turned his head to see Kira, and instantly raised his scythe to him, "Just to let you know, i don't trust you. And if you do anything that may harm either of us, i'll have your head on a stake within seconds."
"Ok let's do this," I said raising my Heine now put back into one dual-bladed gun blade. But they've got us out numbered if they are the alphas."
Kira turned his head around, almost as if to be looking for something. Then he kinda smiled and looked disgusted at the same time. I think that the numbers have just been evened out."
"What do you mean," Tenkai said switching his Scythe into it's Spear form.

Even the Elders stopped for a moment, (or maybe still hesitant of approaching me).

"I mean that my persistant brother has sense my presense and is on his way, but i have no idea when he shall..."

Kira was cut off by a sudden raise in the sand as it turned into a arm and grabbed hold of his throat.

"Well i see you got here fast enough," Kira said not even trying to get out of the grip.
"Yea, just so that i may have the moment to catch and kill you."
"Well can you put that moment behind you for the moment, we are actually in the middle of a fight right now," I said grabbing and pulling Valentine away from Kira.
"Sirbrius, what are you doing here."
"Killing the Elder gods."
"And we could really use your help for these last four," Tenkai said bluntly.
"Well then i guess i could lend you my help," He said pulling out his Envious Scythe. "But after this is done, i'm going to kill you next Kira."
"As if, dear arragant brother of mine."
"Ok break off into groups of two. From there out, go wild."

Tenkai and I rushed after the four. Tenkai jabbed his spear into the ground which unleashed his Quakeslash. Pillars of stone spikes drove high out the ground. The four Alpha Elders jumped back and seperated, which caused them to break into groups of two as the pillars kept driving forward.

"I guess this is our two," I say smiling. "Should be fun."
As i take a step forward, Tenkai puts his hand out, "Wait, i have something to show these Elders before they pass on to the next life." He raises his head up toward them, where they stand with their weapons raised. "You know how I told you, you costed me my title as Kim-un-Kur and the lives or Anemone and Ryuko." He said as his aura began to twist around his body. "Well it seems to happen that they are back. and you get to feel their power and wrath."

Suddenly the Sapphire Lodis he attained from Valentine started to glow a vibrant blue, and i could suddenly hear two other pairs of voices that weren't familiar to me.

"I am the Darkness that consumes all, killing the weak and making the strong fall."
"I am the Light that keeps you safe, protecting you while you fight in pace."
"I am the warrior that brings you peace, giving you a calm mind at the very least."
"We seek no joy, or no gain, so we easily out wit those looking for fame. And whlie alone it's a hard feat, it all becomes easier once together and Complete......"

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While Tenkai and Sirberius went after the first two Elder Gods, Kira and Valentine decided to take on the last two Elder Gods.
“Hello Amen, Allelujah,” greeted Valentine.
“It’s been a while, Barrel, Akirael,” replied Hallelujah.
“It has,” said Kira, “but enough chatter, your time has come.”
“No, it is you who shall die here!” yelled Amen.
Hallelujah fired an array of light at Valentine and Kira. Kira and Valentine jumped away from each other to dodge the attack.
Kira fired a jet of fire at Amen. Amen retaliated with a jet of water. Slowly the jet of water was advancing at Kira. Kira jumped out of the way and Valentine went in front of the jet of water. He froze the jet in its path.
“Just die!” yelled Hallelujah.
“Thousand Eyes Restrict!” said Kira and Valentine together.
Hundreds of eyes materialized around Hallelujah. Each shot a laser at Hallelujah. Hallelujah was able to create a barrier to protect himself but was trapped, for the time being.
“Time to get rid of Amen,” said Kira.
“Amen to that, brother,” joked Valentine.
Amen was getting ticked. He had not enjoyed the Sinners’ puns while they were allies and he especially wasn’t liking it when they were enemies.
“I’ve. Had. ENOUGH!” shouted Amen.
Amen summoned a tsunami. Noticing it was nearing where Sirberius and Tenkai were fighting, Valentine acted.
“Sands of Time!” chanted Valentine.
Valentine activated the most forbidden sand technique. Sands of Time could only work in a desert setting where lots of sand was present. It created a vortex around the battlefield, not allowing anyone or anything to get in or out.
The tsunami struck the battlefield. Kira evaporated the water coming at him with fire. Valentine had created a barrier of sand but that was being swept away. He finally decided to reinforce it with ice.
“You worthless Sinners,” said Amen, “Elder God Izen should have killed you when he had the chance.”
“But he didn’t,” said Valentine.
Valentine put took out an Envious Scythe. As did Kira.
“You know, Valentine, I vaguely remember the Elder Gods being more powerful then this,” said Kira, openly mocking Amen and Hallelujah.
“Maybe they’re getting tired,” said Valentine, “let’s put them to sleep.”
Kira fired a giant fire ball at Amen. Amen hit it with water, causing it to create a fog of smoke.
“Where are you!” demanded Amen, blinded by the smoke.
“Behind you,” whispered Kira and Valentine.
The smoke cleared and Amen saw Kira and Valentine behind him. In a swift motion, they cut him vertically in half.
“One down,” said Valentine by Amen’s corpse, “one-”
Hallelujah broke out of the cloud of eyes. He shot an array of light at Kira and Valentine. They were knocked to the ground.
“Kira, because you haven’t been a Sinner long, I’ll give you a chance to redeem yourself. Destroy Valentine de Invidia!”
Kira fell silent. Valentine put the Envious Scythe away.
“Come on Kira, don’t listen to this person,” said Valentine.
“No problem,” said Kira.
Kira swung his Envious Scythe. He then swiped it again to get the blood off.
Valentine’s head plopped to the ground.
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The rest of Valentine’s corpse fell to the ground.
Hallelujah was astounded. He didn’t know how respond to what just became right in front of him. Should he be surprised that Kira actually killed Valentine or that the once feared Lord Valentine de Invidia was killed so easily?
“Good job, Kira,” congratulated Hallelujah.
“Whatever,” said Kira.
Hallelujah went down to the ground. He walked over to Valentine’s corpse. He noticed something was missing.
“Where’s the Stigma of Envy?” asked Hallelujah.
“On my hand,” said the sand underneath Hallelujah’s feet.
A spike of sand came out of the Kaidva Desert, nearly impaling Hallelujah. Hallelujah stumbled back a few feet.
“You think I can be beaten so easily?” said Hallelujah, “my light barrier is impenetrable.”
Kira and Valentine grinned, almost in unison.
“I think we should test it out then,” said Valentine.
“I agree,” said Kira.
Kira and Valentine began randomly attacking Hallelujah’s light barrier. Kira shot balls of fire at it. Valentine was firing sand clogs at it. All the attacks were disintegrated.
“You shouldn’t have betrayed me,” said Hallelujah.
“Like I would actually join you,” said Kira.
Hallelujah fired an array of light. Valentine created a wall of ice and sand. The array of light was blocked by the sand but the light got through the ice.
“I think I know it’s weakness,” said Valentine.
Valentine created an obelisk made of ice. Kira stepped next to it and caused an explosion under the obelisk. The obelisk was shot at Hallelujah but shattered by Hallelujah’s attack.
“You are beginning to bore me,” said Hallelujah.
This time, Valentine created an obelisk of sand. Again, Kira made it shoot at Hallelujah. It was destroyed quicker than the first obelisk.
“I think it’s time for science,” said Valentine.
“I agree,” said Kira.
Valentine made another pillar of sand.
“You Sinners never learn,” mocked Hallelujah.
Kira struck the pillar with a lightning attack. The obelisk turned to glass. Kira made the obelisk fly at Hallelujah.
“Pitiful,” said Hallelujah.
Hallelujah fired another array of light. The attack went through the obelisk, creating a rainbow for a split second.
The obelisk kept going. It went through the light barrier with ease and struck Hallelujah in the chest. Hallelujah fell to the ground.
Valentine released the Sands of Time. Kira and Valentine walked over to Hallelujah.
“How did you do that?” demanded Hallelujah.
“Science,” said Kira.
“Glass and crystals have properties where they can transmit and distort light,” explained Valentine, “that is how you lost.”
“I’m not dead yet,” said Hallelujah.
Hallelujah’s sister, Alleluia, appeared out of Hallelujah’s shadow. Using her powers over darkness, the two disappeared.
“Let’s check on Sirberius and Tenkai,” said Valentine.
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A new plot unfolds, The Link between Valentine and 'The Wave'

"I see you've taken care of your opponents" said Valentine.
"One of ours got away," said Kira
'Well obviously you are no good at finishing a job if they have the time to get away,' Said Tenkai now in his normal state
'We sent both of ours to the Death Dimension. I'm sure Draethius will have some fun with them," Says Sirbrius
"You fool!" shouted Kira, "now they'll escape."
'Relax,' Sirberius says calmly. 'i sent them to a specific place. One i know they have no future or possibly of existence in.'
Valentine sighed. "You're not getting it at all. The elder gods created the seal on the death dimension in the first place, of course they can undo it. And once that seal is gone, Draethius might be able to get free. Unless one of you are willing to go to personally to make sure that happens, then I suggest you not sound so cocky," said Valentine.
Tenkai raised his eyebrow, "And do you seriously think us to be that foolish to send them somwhere they can undo the magic of without a bit of a handicap?"
Sirberius raises hand to show to black flames, "My Drain cannon has it's ways of weakening my opponents until they are just a lving shell
"Fool, even normal gods can undo that seal if they know what to do properly. And that's not he only problem. Draethius could torture it out of them," said Valentine.
"On the contrary, Draethius is no longer a prisoner of the death dimension," siad Kira.
"What?!" exclaimed Valentine.
"I've read the books in ur library, you had it written down on one of them," said Kira.
"Enough Kira, you're not an ally anymore, leave," said Valentine.
"Me? I'm not the one who experimented on Dante in the past," said Kira.

Tenkai and Sirbrius look shocked and stare coldly at Valentine

"What does he mean by that Val," Sirbrius asks sternly
"Oops, did you not want them to find out?" mocked Kira. Kira teleported out of there.
"N-nothing. Confidential."
Tenkai raises his scythe to Valentine's neck, "You should already know enough about me to tell you i will not hesisate in beheading you if you do not tell us what we wish to know/"
"Yes, try beheading me. Kira enjoyed doing that too," said Valentine, "even though it was planned."
The blade of the scythe started to glow blue as it started feeding on Tenkai's and Valentines energy, "Well unlike that, this time, i'm sure your head will stay off."
"Fine, since Rubi knows of it, why not you?"
Sirberius quickly raised his head, "Rubi know's what?"
"Rubi knows everything about the Wave Project, which Dante was a participant in."
'Wave?" Sirberius says confused.

Tenkai lowers his head in disbelief.

"The Wave Project was fusing three samples I got from Draethius during the Battle of Swawns into three subjects. They included the brothers Dante and Francesco and the former Mystic, Vod con Len."
"I know Vod," Tenkai says quickly, almost sadly. "Very quiet kid he is. Keeps to himself alot, and doesn't show much emotion."
"Yea well he was the one that help Noe try and kill me because I took the life of his friend. Though it was in self defense and i had no time to react, he never forgave me for it."
"Yes, as you know, Vode is currently in Bloodward. Of course Dante is in the Death Dimension. Francesco, Dante's brother, was an interesting subject."
"What do you mean?" asked Tenkai.
"You see, I didn't just try fusing him with a Wave, I also tried fusing him with an artifact I stole from Phaethon which he claimed was Hyroku-The Gem of Forgotten Power. I never did succeed but Francesco ran off with the gem. Shame too, I wanted to run more test on it too."
Sirberius seemed interested now, "And what is this Hyroku?"
"I've only heard myths from Sebastion Darling. Tenkai, you once hung out with Sebastin Darling and Leonardo de Ira before their deaths. What do you know?"
Tenkai sits down, "Well i have heard that the gem is called The Gem of Forgotten Power because it captures the power and energy of those that die. One can easily attain unimaginable level of power or even bring life back to those they consider dear to them. It used to sit in the City of Dis, until Phaethon stole it from their keep."
"Yes, obviously Shinigami King Tiolee, the true face of Phaethon, would want that. My fear is that they'll go after Rebirth. Then again, its unreachable."
"The Rebirth," Tenkai exclaimed.
Sirberius scratched his head confused, "Is it something bad?"
"It has the power over life and death. Say I kill Tenkai, for hypothetical reasons. With Rebirth, you could bring him back to life. However, it is sealed in Twilight, a Eutopia."
"And how would one get their hands on it," Tenkai asked irratated taht he was made to be a subject in such a crazy thesis.
"Eutopia translates as two things: 'non-existent place' and 'paradise'. The second one is usually shorted to 'utopia'. The first is the rumored Realm of Origin. Supposively Holy Lord and Blue Satan are sealed there."
"But isn't the Holy Lord supposed to be only in myths?"
Valentine grinned. "Myth or real, no one really knows. You know, while we're on the subject of mythical items, I'll tell you something Tenkai."
"And that would be?" asked Tenkai.
"The Oracle, the object u and Sebastin were looking for the day he died, it's in the ownership of one of the Nirvana Maesters."
"You mean it's been there all this time?!"
"Correct. You know, I believe Kett and a couple other Maesters will be visiting the Counci tomorrow. However, I'm afraid I don't know which one."
"Well that does me a whole lot of good,"
Sirberius turns and starts to walk away, putting Heine into it's sheath on his back, "Well it is not my problem anymore. So I'll leave it all to you"
"If you say so. All I know is that the same kind of Wave that is in Dante is also in the Kim-un-Kur gene. Farewell, Sirberius." Valentine begins to sink into the sand.
Sirberius instantly turns around and grabs Valetine by his collar, "What do you mean the 'Wave' is in the Kim-un-Kur gene? What is this Wave?
"Just read Epitaph of the Holy Lord." Valentine kept on sinking. If Sirberius didn't let go soon, he'd begin sinking too.
Sirberius let's go and dusts himself off, "Always with his riddles and asignments."
"I guess you don't like having to do research work?" Tenkai says laughing.
"Nope not my forte, but i got a plan of my own," Sirbeius says turning to Tenkai. "And i'm gonna need your help for this. It's gonna take a lot of force to get where i need to go without my right as Grand Mystic. I'm gonna need someone to watch my back in there, cause I need answers to why this power is going beserk and what this 'Wave' is."
Tenkai puts Deadly Goddess back into it's case, "Of course you've got my help, I'll settle things with this Maester at a later more suitable time."

And with that they walk off into the distant and disappear into the horizon.
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The Prince of Demons Returns

"Lord Athius," a lesser demon says as he opens the door.
"What do you want?"
"I wanted to let you know that we have received new that the Elder Gods have been kill."
"All of them!?"
"All except Hallelujah, he escaped from his killers. And Danzeil and Rotoru were sent here, but were found impale upon spikes in the 5th lower lvl."
Athius turns and stares at the demon, "You know you are very well imformed."
"I try my best," the demon said with a strange smile.
Athius sighs and turns back around, "Why have you come back here....... Weiss."
The demon's smile grew wider, "How did you figure it was me?"
"Well because I remembered how well organized you were, back when you were under my wing so long ago."
"Well what if i were to say I'm back to make those days come back. Even though i can't say i'll be completely for your side."
Athius's seemed curious, "Well if you are here making that kind of proprosition, that means you are seeking something. What is it?"
"First I need you to teach me a new bag of tricks as to prepare myself, and second. i need information on a certain object and person."
After a few Athius smiled, "I guess i could do this for you if i gain my most powerful ally back into the ranks of my army."
"Oh," Weiss said smiling widely again. "I hope you don't mind, I brought a friend with me." Weiss grabbed the doors and opened them, "I'd like you to me Lozaru, also known as the Fang of Devastation."

Suddenly a figure appear through the doorway, he was wearing a long sleeved white shirt with a hood that was cover his head and covering most of his face with long white pants and shite shoes. On his back were two dual swords that held blades on both ends of the handles and a weird yellow spell insignia around the blades.

Athius smiled at him, "The Fang of Devastion, well welcome among our ranks, Lozaru."
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