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Posted 11/17/08 , edited 11/18/08
(Can I finish my character: Sakura Fuskishi tomorrow? I gotta leave the comp right now... )
Posted 11/22/08 , edited 11/23/08
Name:Savay Minoa
Clan: Last of the Minoa clan
Appearance: -(eyes are normally- )
Personality:Nice but tough, loves to read, rarely seen without a new book, eats like Naruto
and has two moods:Happy and depressed, Extremely smart and charismatic
Own Jutsu(s):Ice prison (traps you in ice), Breath (makes you think you cant breath)
Clan's special hereditary: her eyes turn red and she can control what people say and do
Background:Abandoned by her parents she traveled from town
to town with her brother who was killed by Orochimaru
Crush: likes Sasuke but doesnt drool over him
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Posted 12/14/08 , edited 12/15/08
Name: Shizu, Temari

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Village: Konoha(Leaf)

Clan: Shizu Clan (destroyed) Temari last survivor.

Appearance: Also wears dangling cross earring and bracelet with crosses hanging down. She wears her forehead protecter around her waist.

Personality: Cold. Hates people. Thinks she was abandoned by her parents since she's the last person of her clan. Nice to those she trusts completely only and her pet ferret.

Type: Ninjutsu, Genjutsu

Element: Wind, Ice

Own Jutsu(s): S-E-C-R-E-T

Clan's special hereditary: Rasengan.(sorry! i couldn't think of another one. don't be mad please.) Temari is trying to master it, but keeps failing. RyuuKai is another one. Dragons of the 12 kingdoms. Dragons appear named Ryou. Kyou. Kai. Ree. Min. Sai. Hyou. Ma. Sou. Mai. Mizu. Fyu. The dragons have an element they control and they only obey the one that summoned them.

Background: Last member of the Shizu clan.

Crush: None right now, but maybe later on
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Posted 12/21/08 , edited 12/22/08

kinomoto123 wrote:

Name-Rika Asaoka
Clan-Asaoka clan
Appearance-When fighting:

Normal appearance

Personality:Has a not really high-pitched voice, is smart, has a quick wit, and clever. She is kind, but not really generous.She loves the nighttime, but likes the day too. She practices hard every day.
Type:Taijutsu and Ninjutsu
Own jutsus:Pinpoint attack-She knows where your nerves are and she hits them a special series of times.Weaponfire-she canfire different weapons at you with a kick to a kunai.She also knows the basic attacks in ninjutsu
Clan's special hereditary:Ice Ripple-sends a huge wave of shards of ice at your opponent.Freeze-Can send a fog of ice and by her will,can hit and freeze anything she prefers.(but she doesn't freeze people unless it's serious)
Background-Raised in a dojo, she knows many taijutsu attacks and has incredible aim.She got sent to the Leaf Village for a very special mission when she's older.She does not know what this mission is yet
Crush-Kiba Inuzuka but doesn't stalk him or obsess about him.
Others-She likes beef ramen and prefers a shuriken to a kunai.She also is a chunin
Posted 3/20/09 , edited 3/20/09
Name: Amaya Evalynn Miyumi
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Clan: Miyumi clan
Village: Mist
Appearence: Red hair [not pink] bright blue eyes, pale skin, small scar above her right eyebrow
Personality: doesn't trust anyone, when it comes to a mission, she does it quickly and gets it over with, headstrong, nice to little kids, really smart and clever, never stops training, sly and mysterious
Element: water and earth
Own jutsu: renessang jutsu [her eyes turn violet, pupils are a dark blue. it allows her to see your weaknesses, chakra levels and powers, and hightens her senses and abilities.
Clans special hereditary: the renessang jutsu, but it skips 5 generations, Amaya just happened to be the one that got it this generation.
Background: her mother was always sick, and her father trained her daily. when miyumi turned 11, her father died of unknown and sudden causes and her mother sent her to live with Gaara's family[not the one from naruto], who were family friends. Gaara's family was murdered when Amaya was 15, so she and 17 year old Gaara live on their own now, Gaara is now an onbu [spelling?] black ops, and is training her to become one. her mother hasn't contacted her since she was 13, and Amaya wants revenge on whoever she believes murdered her father and Gaara's family.
Crush: Gaara but doesnt realize it yet
Others: she loves the water, singing, writing, the nighttime and sunsets
Please don't copy or use any of this information for your use, I'm using this in a story and it's copyrighted. ©

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Posted 1/4/10 , edited 1/4/10
Name: Aiko Tai Takahashi

Age: 16 (turns 17 here the 9th of January)

Gender: Female

Village: Konohagakure; The Hidden Leaf

Clan: Takahashi (Inuzuka)


About her sword;

Weapon Name: Aiko's chakra sword
Weapon Owner(s): Takahashi family members (former), Aiko Takahashi (current)
Weapon Type: Sword
Weapon Element(s): Wind
Weapon Size: Normal sword size
Weapon Range: Close (0 ~ 5m), medium (5 ~ 10m), long (10 ~)
Weapon Appearance: look under appearance section
Weapon Abilities: Can be used as a normal sword, but can also be used with little chakra for destructive force, and is used for powerful air jutsu's, to allow the user to make same attack with less chakra. (at her level now, jonin, chakra makes it cut through stone, but it cannot cut through harder things.)

She also got a pair of chakra binoculars she got as a present from her best friend, Yuuto Tamaki;

Item Name: Night Vision Chakra Binoculars
Item Owner(s): Yuuto Tamaki(former), Aiko Takahashi(current)
Item Type: Binoculars
Item Element(s): None
Item Size: Normal binocular size
Item Range: 10-200 m
Item Appearance:
Item Abilities: Obviously got night vision - a very good one indeed, and it can locate chakra changes in the landscape, so it makes it quite alot easier to see enemies approaching in the dark. Though, it cannot see a normal clone approaching, only Shadow Clones and up plus the real humans, summons and animals.

Personality: Quiet and calm on the outside, but has a fiery temper which easily awakens in battle situations, causing her to think irrationally. Therefore is Yoiji essential to her survival in battle. Some few people are permitted to enter her heart, among them Yuuto(offsite).

Type: Ninjutsu, Medical jutsu

Element: Wind, Fire

Own Jutsu(s):

Name: Raging Tornado Technique
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: B
Element: Wind
What it Does: This ninjutsu utilizes the air element, to make a big, sometimes deadly(depending a bit on user's skill) tornado. The tornado is in one point very similar to Temari's Wind Scythe Jutsu; it damages in the same way, but here it just creates a tornado around the opponent, making it very hard to escape.

Name: Flaming Inferno Technique
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: A
Element: Wind, Fire
What it Does: This ninjutsu does the same as Raging Tornado Technique; the only difference is that the user here puts fire chakra into the tornado along with the wind chakra, thus making it a tornado of fire, which does serious damage.

Name: Fire Storm technique
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: S
Element: Wind, Fire
What it Does: This jutsu uses up a massive amount of chakra. When the needed hand seals are formed, the sky will suddenly darken and fire will start to drop from the sky like hail, making massive damage on a wide area. Combined with attacks from an ally, this is impossible to get out from unscathed.

Clan's special hereditary: Almost everyone in the family had the combo of Wind and Fire chakra. With these, several powerful jutsu's has been created within this one family. The Takashi's are closely related to the Inuzuka's, and can therefore perform their jutsu's, as well as they also have fighting pets. Aiko's pet is Youji;

Background: When she was 11 years old, when she arrived in Konoha, badly injured, with no memories at all.

But recently she found out the truth about her clan. Her dearly beloved brother had betrayed their big family, gone behind their backs to tell something about their land to Sunagakure. Heavy gold ores were buried deep within the ground on which the Takahashi's little town stood. When the family refused to move to let the city have the gold, they were attacked by the Sand ninjas. There were many casualties on both sides, and yet the city managed to cover it up, saying the Takahashi's rebelled against them. Aiko only managed to survive because her father stepped in in the last moment, preventing her brother from killing her, so she could run. A mile or so from Konohagakure, she stummbled, and fell unconscious. That's when she had been found by the Leaf ninja.

[[She helps out in the town and she's nice to everybody, but there isn't really anybody she considers a friend except Youji, her dear pet, whom she has known her whole life. Therefore she gets very pissed of if anyone does anything to Youji. Yuuto(offsite) is one of her very few friends, along with her teammates.]]

(This is just a little appetizer. Her whole story is to be found on

Crush: None atm.

Others: -

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