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Twilight: The Movie

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Posted 4/22/08 , edited 4/23/08

Talking about Robert composing "Bella's Lullaby" for the movie
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28 / M / In My Most Cheris...
Posted 4/24/08 , edited 4/24/08
im sorry but i dont think ill watch the movie after the dissapointment with eragon i dont think i could handle a dissapointment with twilight T.T
Posted 4/24/08 , edited 4/29/08
another interview
Catherine Hardwicke's vid blog about the movie ^^
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28 / F / Somewhere Over th...
Posted 5/4/08 , edited 5/5/08
There is going to be a teaser of Twilight right before Speed Racer. Totally worth the ten dollars!!
Posted 5/5/08 , edited 5/5/08
I have the link of the trailer on my profile ^^
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Posted 5/7/08 , edited 5/7/08
aww mann i wishh they got sm1 hotter to pull off EDWARD CULLEN's look.
i guess no human can ever replace him.
Posted 5/9/08 , edited 5/9/08
I REALLY Cant wait for it!! The Character Playing Jacob is cute~ Ahhhh CANT WAIT!!
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Posted 5/15/08 , edited 5/15/08
Like i'm sure everyone knows how i feel!!!!
I can't believe that i can't watch it when it comes ou though
since i'm gonna be gone for like 3 weeks
but it should still be in theaters since its gonna be that awesome!!
OMG its gonna be awesome
No one on this planet can be as hot as Edward Cullen NO ONE
not even them people who rank #1 not good enough
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25 / F / A place with lots...
Posted 5/18/08 , edited 5/19/08
I read the official trailer and i almost fainted...too excited....
Posted 6/1/08 , edited 6/2/08

First Clip from the Movie ^^ ( sorry about the low quality)
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Posted 6/12/08 , edited 6/13/08
The movie is somthing to wait for..
the disappointing part though is the cast..
I thought Rosalie and Esme were suppose to be devastatilngly beautiful..
and in my opinion Rob is just one af my candidates for Edward Cullen.. Still I hope Matt Dallas would play the role..

as the saying goes.. Don't judge a book by its movie..
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Posted 6/25/08 , edited 6/25/08
I think that the cast is great! Have you seen the trailer? It's greaaaat!
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26 / F / ♥┼◙┼♥...............
Posted 7/3/08 , edited 7/4/08
omg im in love with robert he is so handsome, and sexy, but kristen looks too dull/bold for me
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Flagstaff, Arizona
Posted 7/4/08 , edited 7/4/08
when i found out they were making it into a movie i got rlly mad..... hollywood is gonna mess it up so bad..... they always do it seems

i wish they were using sum1 else 4 edward, Robert Pattinson isnt right 4 it, and hes not cute either....... the character 4 rosalie.....come on

the character playing jasper looks rlly young...... i was surprised, and i dont know who said it, but yeah, esme looks...weird, i like the casting 4 jacob, bella is ok i guess.......
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new CR profile it...
Posted 7/5/08 , edited 7/5/08
ummm would you send it to me

[email protected]

(yes i know my email sounds stupid but it was made when i was back in 4th grade)
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