Post Reply how do this anime(boys be) affect ur life?
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Posted 11/17/08 , edited 11/17/08
sorry for the post before..i was too emotional..but i already bought it on happy..anyways this topic is about how this anime help u shape ur life or maybe help ur life..

i'll start first..
this anime taught a kid who doesn't know how to love to love(the kid is me)
i now know what is actually love..because of this anime i have become matured..
i became somebody better..the first time i watch it was like OMG what a slow story(when i was 10 years old that is)but after finishing all 13 episode..i smile i cried i know what is love,frenship,hardship in a relationship..after watching the anime closely/carefully i think back this anime is really great coz it is also a slice of life for me..starting then i became a lil perverted..hehe..but i met love in my school..i participated in school activities..i started going out with buddies..

actually a few weeks ago i felt this loneliness in my heart i thought it was coz i miss my ex but in the end it was because i need a fren that's did i figure it out..i watch boys be..of coz..there's 1 episode bout loneliness and there in my answer.. first post is too long..i know everybody hate to read long lines like this but this is my is there anybody else who could share it with me..
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Posted 12/13/08 , edited 12/14/08
the anime is pretty acurate with the emotions of people in love, "the feeling of your heart being ripped apart and the feeling of wanting to embrace somebody and just cry all night" yeah felt the same way as Kanzaki, by far this is the only Romatic anime that has a background music that make me wanna cry soo much
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