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i thought movie 12 was a flunk... it sucked (for a conan movie) it didnt had the thrill, or the conan vibe... so i wrote a plot for a video
say me if you like it ^^

or what could be better....

or what just sucked about it^^:P

Conan, ran and mouri walk into a big building. It’s a freshly build hotel. Ran admires the architecture, while mouri talks to the cops that are already there.
Conan acts like he’s admiring everything on a really childish way, but he is listening very closely to what the cops have to say.
They didn’t got there for no reason. Kaito kid left a note

On the night of Friday the thirteenth I’ll take the smallest of all away. It may be small but it shines brightly with knowledge.

I challenge you mouri kogorou to solve this riddle

Dear regards,

Kaito kid

It was determined that the star diamantes that were displayed in this hotel where his target and so conan, ran and mouri departed t face kaito.

Not knowing what time kaito kid would come. Conan went to research a little bit. It was actually a weird note for kid. He usually talked more in riddles and was more specific.

What could he be planning? Conan wondered… then he heard mouri say the weirdest theories and forgot about it.

Conan walked around the hotel. It was a really nice hotel, but why would kid choose this spot?

It was weird after all and he couldn’t stop worrying.

Down in the basement was a supicious group
One of them asked: is he alone
And another one said yes.. finally
Lets get our revenge shall we?

Suddenly the lights fell out and conan ran towards the diamonds in the dark thinking kid was here. But he got grabbed from behind and had to breath something in.

The lights got switched on again, yet the diamonds where still there.. the cops, mouri and ran thought of it as strange
Yet there was another card of kaito kid

Thanks for the twofaced diamond
Never been easier to steal it

Kaito kid

The police got worried.. did they got the wrong spot? And what is the twofaced diamond?

Mouri got pissed and yelled conan, ran!! We are going home right now!! Urgh stupid thief…
Ran ran to her dad and said: dad I cant find conan anywhere..

Mouri responded great why do I have to look for that snotty brad?
DAD!! Ran was getting mad at her dad..

Yet they searched and searched and conan was not to be found.

They did found his shoes, glasses and belt… the police was struck with a disaster.
The actual target was conan..

The media went wild and made an uproar about it.

And heiji rushed to the scene.. to search for conans whereabouts..

Ugh where am i?? conan was waking up and a slight familiar voice whispered..
welcome to your hell..

conan opened his eyes but was blindfolded and even his hands and feet where hold by a rope. He could not move..

LET me out!! He yelled

Sorry but we cant do that. it would spoil the fun. you got one hour before this room will fill itself with water

escape and survive or else die

kudou shinichi

there is a total of 13 rooms

each with an own timelimit

you gotta get out in 24 hours r else this house falls to pieces

tonight a special report

its been 5 hours sinds the young boy conan went missing

apparently he was abducted by kaito kid

how this happend is yet onknown

if you have any information that might be usefull please contact the police

megure: this is a quite serieus case... and we have no leads..we must capture kaito kid to find conan..

takagi, saito go to mouri-san and interrogate him


its just a standard procedure

hmm now we have to catch a thief.....

yeah well its to much to type but it goes like this

detective kids go searching for conan

but their bus drives in the river

ai keeps them alive

and then kaitou and heiji save them

then heiji learns a clue frm them and figures out where conan is

he helps him get out of the boobytrapped house

and kaito catches the criminals

the crimanals are some old time bad guys that figured out conan was to smart
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