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Posted 11/17/08 , edited 11/22/08

Welcome to The Easter Company, the best avii/banner/present maker in town! I'm Rozmaiden, the shopowner, and feel free to ask me any questions! Take a look around, and feel free to requests sonmething! I'll be presenting some of my work here later!

I'm looking for helper to help me make banners/avii/presents, decorate the store and stuff! So if you're interested, plz feel in the form! (In spoilers)

Banner/Avii Request Form:

~Words you want written on your avii/banner~
~Shape(tall, thin)~
~Font colors~
~Extras(Stars, hearts, barcodes...etc)?~

Presents Application form:

(We do presents like christmas, valentine, name it! Any card possible! And you can requests other things as well!!! Maybe just to decorate a pic!
Sorry! But we don't do manga colorings!!!! :sweatingbullets:

~Backgroud Pic~
~Other pics?~
~Font colors~
~Words you want written on it~

Thanks for visiting! There will be a cafe opened here very soon! So plz come and visit often!!!

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Posted 1/8/10 , edited 1/9/10
E-etto, a-are you going to steal my hearts egg? I really don't want an x-egg, or x-chara I guess since in the rpg I have a chara. Wait, in Shugo Chara Easter is good now, Hikaru and Kazuomi are good, plus it's probably not the same Easter. O-okay well if it's not to much trouble...

Well, I would like a christmas card (a little late I know but I still need one) For my friend who is almost as obssesed with Shugo Chara as I am. Almost. The background pic would be:

Another pic to maybe put on it somewhere could be:

Of course it would have to be smaller but only if you could make it look good somewhere. That ones not really necesary just kawaii. XD

The font colors I'm not particular about, just whatever stands out against the background. Whatever color would be noticable is fine. Crop if you need to, but for the first pic I kind of like it that way, but if it makes it look better then sure. The main shape would be a rectangle but adding a heart, spade, clover, and diamond would be cool. And respectively in red, blue, green, and yellow. =D

The words would be Merry Christmas Jill-chan! with some sort of underline underneath it. Maybe even an underline of heart spade clover and diamond if that were possible. As for a border, not necesary but if it makes it look cooler then sure!

Sorry if this is an inconvienece to you, but it sound really cool what you want to do! =D And if you really are Easter I ask you not to turn my egg into an X-egg. Please, I don't know how to purify myself and your supposed to be good now. So please spare me, thanks! XD
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