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Joe Qiao En Chen
Her interest lies mainly in acting and writing and she does well in both fields. She was the female lead in the 2nd highest-rated Taiwanese drama "The Prince Who Turns Into a Frog" 《王子變青蛙》, and is currently a hostess in two TV shows -- "Treasure Hunter" 《冒險奇兵》and《型男大主厨》. In 2008 she once again rose to stardom in a new drama "Fated To Love You" 《命中注定我愛你》, which broke the record of "The Prince Who Turns Into a Frog" 《王子變青蛙》, to achieve the highest segment ratings in Taiwan's idol dramas so far. She seems very attractive in and outside the dramas. There were some gossips about she was going out with the actor, Ming Dow when they were clapping the drama "The Prince Who Turns Into a Frog". And there were gossips about she and another actor, Ruan Jing Tian when they were clapping the extremely popular drama,"Fated To Love You".

Brief Description

In 2001, she began her career. She was a model and an assistant.
In 2002, she became the first hostess of Sanlih E-Television (SET) TV show《中國那麼大》. She also acted in "My MVP Valentine."
In late 2002, she became the hostess of Taiwan Television(TTV) TV show 《綜藝旗艦》, with Jacky Wu and NONO.
In 2003, her contract with Jungiery Star was "frozen" for half a year.
In 2004, she became the co-leader of the new Taiwan singing group 7 Flowers.
Between 2004-2005, she was the main actress of some popular dramas, including "100% Senorita" 《千金百分百》, "In Love With A Rich Girl" 《愛上千金美眉》 and "The Prince Who Turns Into A Frog" 《王子變青蛙》.
In late 2005, she became hostess of the TV show "Treasure Hunter" 《冒險奇兵》with Zeng GuoCheng (曾國城)

and appear a cameo role in a philippine drama titled "sugo" as Richard Gutierrez love interrest.

In 2006, she continued to co-host 冒險奇兵, and co-hosted another new variety show called “型男大主厨” with Zeng Guocheng as well.
In 2006, she starred in a TV show called "A Game about Love" 《剪刀石頭布》 with 5566 & 183 Club member Sam Wang.
In 2007, she and Ming Dao were brought back together to star in Ying Ye 3 Jia 1, alongside former co-star / 5566 member Jason Hsu (My MVP Valentine, 100% Senorita, In Love With A Rich Girl) and Jerry Huang.
In 2008, she took on the drama Fated To Love You, working together with Ethan Ruan and newcomer Baron Chen Chu He. She also published her very first book "See Or Not"《喬見沒》.

7 Flowers

7 Flowers originally had 7 members (in 2004), but now has only 4. The members include Joyce Zhao Hong Qiao, Doris (previously Ive) Lai Wei Ru and Jade Qu Xiao Jie. Joe Chen Qiao En was not a singer before the group was formed. She is the co-leader of the group.
7 Flowers songs are used in several dramas, including "Top Of The Forbidden City" 《紫禁之巔》, "In Love With A Rich Girl" 《愛上千金美眉》, and "The Prince Who Turns Into A Frog" 《王子變青蛙》
Qiao En has written/co-written several songs such as 'My Dear Friend' and 'Say You Love Me'.
In late 2005, their first album "7 Flowers" was released and more than 40,000 were sold.
Qiao En sang three songs for "Ying Ye 3+1," one of which was a duet with co-star Ming Dao.


She has actively participated in Idol Dramas,and first began with SET Dramas "Lavender" 《薰衣草》 and "My MVP Valentine" 《MVP 情人》.
In 2004, she became the main actress in CTS and SET drama "100% Senorita" 《千金百分百》 and later took part in TTV Drama "In Love With A Rich Girl" 《愛上千金美眉》.
In 2005, she participated in SET and TTV drama "The Prince Who Turns Into a Frog" 《王子變青蛙》. This drama broke many records for Taiwanese drama serials. She and her co-star Ming Dao are dubbed as the 'dream combination, perfect lovers'. This drama is sold all around the world including Asia, America, and Africa.
In 2008, she participated in "Fated To Love You" 《命中注定我愛你》which broke the records previously set by "The Prince Who Turns Into a Frog" 《王子變青蛙》to achieve a segment rating of 13.64.


2004 Top of the Forbidden City 《紫禁之巔》Drama Music CD
2005 Love Miracle《愛的奇蹟》喬傑立巨星最紅偶像劇精選
2005 The Prince Who Turns Into a Frog 《王子變青蛙》Drama Music CD
2005 7 Flowers
2006 The Magicians of Love 《愛情魔髮師》Drama Music CD
2007 Ying Ye 3+1 <<櫻野3加1>> Drama Music CD


2001 母雞帶小鴨
2002 Lavender (薰衣草)
2002 My MVP Valentine (MVP 情人)
2003 老嫩大細
2004 In Love With A Rich Girl (愛上千金美眉)
2004 100% Senorita (千金百分百)
2004 Woman Is Flower (紅色女人花〃別變)
2005 The Prince Who Turns Into a Frog (王子變青蛙)
2005 Sugo (Philippines-Guest Artist)
2006 A Game About Love (剪刀石頭布)
2007 Ying Ye 3 Jia 1 (櫻野3加1)
2008 Fated To Love You (命中注定我愛你)

TV Shows

2002 Videoland 全民快打
2002 SET Metro 電子情人
2002 SET Metro 中國那麼大
2002 TTV 綜藝旗鑑
2004 CTV 愛情萬萬歲
2004 CTS 鬥陣俱樂部
2005 SET Metro 冒險奇兵
2006 SET Metro 型男大主廚


She was one of the choices as a main lead for the newest drama ofSET TV "I Love Shan Bao Mei" as a replacement for Cyndi Wang.

In The prince who turned into a Frog, she had to have her hair cut so short that she cried for 3 days.
Joyce Zhao Hong Qiao
During years in school, her friends introduced her to join a model company.After graduation, she entered Jungiery. She was let aside after the final decision of My MVP Valentine cast. Because of her hardworking & serious attitude, she caught the attention of the boss, & joined R&B.

Westside Story (2003)
100% Senorita (2004)
The Champion (2004)
The Prince Who Turns Into a Frog (2005)
Smiling Pasta (2006)
The Magicians of Love (2006)
Ying Ye 3 Jia 1 (2007)
Full Count (2007)
Your Home is My Home (2008)

Ive Lai Wei Ru
TV series

Mr. Fighting (2005)
Smiling Pasta (2006)
Legend of Star Apple - as Sha Sha(2006)
The Magicians of Love - as Yu Li(2006)


Ive Lai was in Jay Chou's music video Qing Tian.
Jade Qu Ming Jie
Languages spoken: Mandarin, Taiwanese, English
Hobbies: dancing, Working out, Watching movies
Talents: dancing, acting
TV series

Le Robe de Mariee des Cieux (2004)
Zhu Zuo Bian Zhu You Bian (2005)
Magicians of Love (2006)

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