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Posted 4/28/07 , edited 4/29/07
here's what I got from soompi:

Jung Jung Gyun (Lead vocal)

1. Year Born: 1987
2. Family Relationship: Parents, Younger Brother, 2 Dogs
3.Area: DaeGoo
4. Height: 180cm
5. Birthday: November 27th
6. Hobbies: Song Writing, Piano and Listening to Music
7. Specialties: Song Writing, Piano and Listening to Music
8. Close Celebrity: SS501's Kim Hyung Joon
9. Star in which he wants to resemble: K2
10. Next aim: Inform the world on cool music (Translation is a bit off)

Kang Dae Gyu (rap)

1. Year Born: 1986
2. Family Member: Parents
3. Area: Seoul
4. Height: 181 cm
5. Birthday: September 5th
6. Hobbies: Imitations, Listening to Music and Fashion Styling
7. Specialties: Rap Making, Rap, Choreography and Dance
8. What he Like: PSP, Clothes, Hat and collecting Shoes
9. Close Celebrities: Battle (TaeHwa), Big Bang (SeungRi), Brown Eyed Girls (KaIn)
10. Next Aim: Work crazy hard and to get familiar by the masses [fans (in a way)] tin order to be a singer
11. Last Words to Fans: Please stand by! I will be the best singer.

-> He was a finalist in "Battle Shinhwa" and was eliminated on the 25th episode. He featured the first group.

Son Ho Jun (leader)

1. Year Born: 1984
2. Family Members: Father, Mother and an Older Brother
3. Area: JunRaDo, KwangJoo
4. Height: 181cm
5. Birthday: June 27th (Solar Calender)
6. Hobbies: Computer Games
7. Specialty: Composing Lyrics
8. Close Celebrities: DBSG Friends, Go Ah Ra, Baek Hyun, Yoo Min Ho, Kim Isak and Yook Hye Seung (Sugar)
10. Star in which you want to resemble: Choi Soo Jong
11. Next Aim: Not to lose my intentions and to show all my effort
12. Last words to fans: I Love You~♡

-> He has been on many KM and KMTV News anchor, also a model (for Andre Kim) , talent and VJ.

You can find their mv Feel Your Breeze (Korean version of Japanese V6's song of same name) here:

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Posted 4/28/07 , edited 4/29/07
I lost all interest and hope when I saw the word "rap".
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Posted 5/23/07 , edited 5/23/07
^^ n0odle, rap isn't that bad..

since im at school i can't watch videos =\ anywho but like i think they look really cute.. esp the one on the left, he look sos adorkable.

Posted 5/23/07 , edited 5/23/07
LOL i was laughing.....

my star trek nerdness came out..

thought this was the tachyon field in star trek.
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Posted 2/18/09 , edited 2/19/09

they're so cute...
and oh he's my favorite... i love him!
son ho jun for me he's the cutest X3
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