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Before I leave crunchy, i just wanna finish my business here like promised oneshots and so on. That's why there's an "S" in the fanfics.

Let's start!


Since kawaiipichan / christine-chan told me to post my own version of Ai nante oneshot, well.. here it is!

For kawaii-pichan. yay! Here's my "ai nante" oneshot.

I looked for another translation of Ai nante because the translation you had was a bit hard to understand and I don't want to spend my precious time understanding it. haha! The one I have here is easier to understand. gomen!

And while I was doing this, I should be doing our History homework, but I'd rather finish my business here in CR.

Tegoshi Yuya aka Tegocchi (I invented that name. :)) I don't know the nickname of Tegoshi)
Hamada Momoko
Nishikido Ryo

Orange- Romaji lyrics
Blue- english lyrics
Yellow- tegoshi's thoughts.

This is not a sad oneshot, so... there. :)

Ai Nante (Jally Version)

Dore dake aruite kitan darou?
Furimuitara namida no ato
Kizu tsuke kizu tsuki tadoritsuita basho
Ima koko ni kimi ga iru

How long will I keep going , I wonder
After I turned my weeping face
Being hurt and hurting in return
I reached that place after many struggles
And now you’re here

"Daijoubu yo, momo-chan" Tegoshi comforted Momoko. "But how, tegocchi. I thought It was him! He told me, I was the one for him, I complete him. I'm such a jerk to believe that stupid guy." momoko said and cried harder. "No! You were not the jerk! He was! I already told you not to be with him. I really had a bad feeling about that guy. Tsk. You should've believed my prediction!" Tegoshi said. Momoko sobbed more and Tegoshi realized that he was scolding momoko "Gomen! gomen! I didn't mean to scold you!" Tegoshi apologized but momoko held his hand "It's okay. It's really my fault. I can manage." And she smiled.

Ai nante kimi dake sa
Itsu demo motomesugite
Ai nante kimi nashi ja
Imi nai yo ikirarenai

What’s love
Is only you
Always demanding too much
What’s love
Without you there is no meaning
Without you I can’t live

"Tegocchi!!! Let's go!" Momoko shouted. "Doko? (where?)" "I'll look for my prince charming" Momoko proudly said. Tegoshi laughed. "Why are you laughing?" Momoko asked. "Nandemonai, jaa, ikou?" Tegoshi held her hand and left. Momoko just stared at him while running.
In the mall, Momoko saw her crush (which was her senpai), Nishikido-senpai. "Yo, Momo-chan!" Nishikido greeted him. "Hi!" Momoko greeted back. Momoko was very nervous because Nishikido-senpai had been her crush since middle school (they're in the last year high school now). "Who are you with?" Nishikido asked. "Tegoshi-kun, my classmate." Momoko anwsrered.

"I'm just her classmate, not even her friend, but just her classmate."

"Momo-chan, I'm going." Tegoshi said. "Eh? Why?" "I still have a lot of homeworks to finish. jaa." And he left. "oh... okay.." was the last thing momoko said.

"She didn't even stopped me."

Hontou ni kokoro de ai sete iru no?
Ima demo fuan da yo
Hitorikiri yume no naka tadoritsuita basho
Furueteru kimi ga iru yo

Do you really love me with your heart?
Even now I’m insecure
All alone I reached that place within my dreams
And you were there shivering

Months later Tegoshi just heard from his classmates that Nishikido and momoko broke up. "They were even a couple? Maji de?" He asked his classmates. "You didn't even know? I thought you were his best friend? they've in together for like last last week" one of his classmates asked. "Where is she now?" Tegoshi asked. " I don't know. You look for her, you're his best friend right?" his classmate answered.

"I'm just her classmate."

Tegoshi looked for her, when he reached the rooftop, he saw Momoko, staring at the sky while crying. "What is she doing?" Tegoshi uttered and went near her. "Oy." Tegoshi called her attention. When she saw her attention, more tears fell from her face and she hugged him. "I'm such a jerk, Tegocchi. Why did I trust him? He's a stupid.. senpai! I hate him! *sniffs* All guys are the same. They will make you feel better at first but in the end, they'll just throw you like trash in the garbage bin.Why do I have to suffer like this? I don't understand!" Momoko continued to cry while hugging him.

"You're wrong, I'm different."

"Why are still looking at others?" He asked her. Momoko looked at him, "what do you mean?" " Why are you still looking at others. Why can't it be just me? I've been waiting for you. But still, you're looking at others. It pains me to see you cry just because of some jerk who just broke your heart. I also don't understand!" Tegoshi almost cried but he stopped it. It was his first time confessing to a girl. Momoko was so surprised. "moshikashite... you've liked me since then?" Momoko asked. "Isn't it obvious? I've been at your side since we were little. I protected you from those people who bullied you. I just don understand why you're still looking at others when I'm already here."

"At last, she realized."

Nakanaide hanasanai yo
Subete wo nage sutetemo
Mirai nante kimi nashi ja
Mienai yo iranai yo

Don’t cry
I will never let you go
Even if I would throw away everything
What’s the future?
Without you there is no meaning to it
I don’t need that

It gave them a very awkward atmosphere. Tegoshi wanted to break the silence but Momoko did it first. "I told you, I was the jerk. I was dense, I was so dense." "No, I am the jerk." Tegoshi said. "I should have confessed to you in a proper way," Tegoshi told her. " No, I was the jerk because I was so dense." Momoko said, trying to laugh. Tegoshi also laughed just to shake off the awkward atmosphere. "Hai." Momoko uttered. "Eh? what 'hai'?" tegoshi asked. "You were confessing a while ago, ne? so I just answered it." Momoko said and left.

"I did it!"

Weeks later, Tegoshi and Momoko went to the mall, enjoying their moments together as lovers. He promised her that he will never hurt Momoko no matter what. Momoko believed him and trusted him since she knew Tegoshi since they were a little kid.
"Don't you think, it's awkward for us to be together?" Momoko asked. "why? I think it's just okay." Tegoshi said. "well... we've been friends since we were still kids, and now, we've reached this stage. I think it's kind of unexpected." Momoko told tegoshi. Tegoshi suddenly stopped. "Nande?" momoko asked. When Momoko saw what Tegoshi is looking at, she saw Nishikido, in a maid dress. (those costumes used in Maid cafes)Asa no hizashi ni kimi no negao to
Tereta egao de ureshiku nareru kara
Sonna hibi wo kanjitai yo eien ni

In the morning sunlight
Seeing your sleeping face and your shy smile
Gives me happiness
That’s the love I believe in
For eternity

Tegoshi :Oh.
Tegoshi and Momoko: gosh? *looks at each other*
Nishikido: yabai! *hides with a tray*

Momoko laughed hard. "What are you doing with Maid's dress?" She asked. "shut up. Just go." Nishikido said and forced them to go. "Hahahaha! Matte! I'll get my phone. I'll be taking a picture of you, ne?" Tegoshi teased him while getting his phone. "Momo-chan! Stop your classmate!" Nishikido said. Tegoshi suddenly stopped. Momoko noticed him and she blurted out, "He's not just my classmate, he's my ATARASHII KARESHI! (new boyfriend)" Tegoshi and Nishikido got shocked, "Gomen nasai" Nishikido apologized with a surprised look. "Jaa. We'll be going. :P" Momoko said and they left.

"I'm her boyfriend now. ureshii naa."

Ai nante kimi dake sa
Itsu demo motomesugite
Ai nante kimi nashi ja
Imi nai yo ikirarenai

What’s love
Is only you
Always demanding too much
What’s love
Without you there is no meaning
Without you I can’t live

In school, they were voted the cutest couple during their Valentine's day Party a.k.a Prom. Momoko and Tegoshi was the all time favorite couple, at the same time, they're love for each other got deeper and deeper. Their classmate was very supportive for them. They felt like they'll never be separated. Both of their parents approved their relationship since their parents are very aware of their friendship since they were still small.

It was almost half a year since they've been together, so they decided to celebrate. They wanted to celebrate in the place where Tegoshi confessed to her. It was the fireworks festival that day, and Momoko got there in the rooftop first. "eh?! He's not yet here? " She thought and sat in the exact place where Tegoshi confessed. After sometime, she heard her phone ring. she answered the phone and asked who it was. "Nishikido desu." Nishikido said. "Oh... yo." Momoko replied. "Something happened to Tegoshi." "Eh? What happened to him?" She asked. "Just go here in Ootori medical Hospital. He's confined here.

Ai shitemo ai shikirenai
Mirai nante kimi nashi ja
Mienai yo iranai yo

Although I love you, love is impossible
What is the future
Without you I can’t imagine it
Without you I don’t need

"Tegocchi!" Momoko saw Tegoshi in the Emergency Room. "Doctor, please do everything for him." she demanded. "Yes, we are already doing everything! Please stay calm." The doctor said.
Momoko waited outside the ER. She couldn't feel calm though Nishikido comforted her. She can't stay relaxed. She was tensed all that time. After the long wait, the doctor came. "How is he? he's alive right?"Momoko asked him repeatedly. "Miss, we did our best. But he wasn't able to survive." The doctor said sadly. "WHY?! I thought you did your best? That can't be! He should survive!" Momoko cried auntil she lost her strength and fainted. "Doctor! We have good NewS!" the nurse called for the doctor. The doctor returnedto the emergency immediately. "Matte!" Nishikido ran to the doctor. "What will I do to her?" He asked. "Baka! bring her to any room here for now." the doctor said and left. "Me? Baka?" Nishikido said and carried Momoko away.

Tegoshi's heart was beating according to the monitor. The doctor was very thankful and he visited Momoko. When he arrived, Momoko was awake and lying in the bed while Nishikido was by his side. "Miss, we have good NewS." the doctor said. "What is it?" Momoko asked. "Tegoshi-san is still alive." Momoko's eyes suddenly got bigger. "Really? uso janai ka, ne? (It isn't a lie, ne?)" She asked. "Hai!" The doctor said with a big smile.


"TEGOCCHI!!!!!!!" Momoko screamed. "Nani yo?" he asked. "nandemonai (nothing)!!! :D" Momoko said and grabbed him. She hugged him tightly that tegoshi can't breathe already. Tegoshi didn't mind if he can't breathe because he know that that's how Momoko loves. "ne, tegocchi, do you love me?" she asked. "no, i don't." Tegoshi said. Momoko released her hug. She looked at him and they both said, "But I love you sososososososososososososo MUCH!" and they hugged each other again.

okay, this is kinda ugly since I didn't think much about this since I was cramming for my history homework.

one down! :D


Van-chan told me to make a SP for my first fanfic, which is the hey! say! jump fanfic, I'll be posting it as soon as I'm finished with it.

I'll be finishing my "the last game" fanfic. :D

I'm still looking for more unfinished business here in CR, so remind me if I forgot anything.

My deadline for those is on DECEMBER 1 ,2008. 12:00 am GMT +8:00

haha! So for short, I'll be leaving crunchy on december 1.

sayonara, minna!
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waaa's good too!! i love it!! it's not ugly!! happy for them!!!
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hey~ what do you meant by leaving??
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