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Ichigo's Moves Are Getting Old!?!?!?
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Posted 7/5/13 , edited 7/5/13
cba to read the thread but judging by the title its all about ichigos abilities

the thing your forgetting is ichigo is a soul reaper. a soul reaper has basic fighting abilities and kido ichigo doesnt seem to use kido (no training in kido) once again though he is a soul reaper a soul reaper has a few attacks - shikai the released zanpakto for a lieutenent class soul reaper... the bankai for a captain class soul reaper.. and then ichigo has 1 extra ability with his hollow mask..

in other words ichigo is a soul reaper soul reapers only have a few abilities.. therefore ichigo should not just randomly develop random moves..

sorry for bad spelling
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Posted 6/20/15 , edited 6/20/15
and naruto moves isent? he basically do the rasigon or whatever for like everything.......giant rasigon 9 tail fox rasingon all the same move but diff color and got bigger ichigo is cooler
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