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Posted 12/8/07 , edited 12/9/07
I am the same too. U were lucky than me, when i was born, my family doesn't ever cares much about me because i am the most playful guy in my whole family comparing to my cousin. So they think i am a naughty kid dat doesn't like to study,

When i am in my kindergarden, everything is still the same, all kids love me.

BUT when i starting my primary school, all of the studen started to think i am annoying. I am a shorty, so they think i am a little kiddo. All the comments i gave them they just ignore it. They just leave me aside, and when i shout to them, they said: "SHUT UP LAR! U THINK WE CAN'T HEAR U ISSIT?!". This hurt me, but sooner or later like about the half day gone, and when i gave my comment, u know what they say? "COOL! GREAT IDEA!" this really hurt me alot. They just steal my idea and doesn't let me join with them. I am really down.

Things are going much more better when i go secondary school(high school). But at the beggining, they hate me. One of my classmates say, "u so short, u are not qualified to talk to us." A lot of people bully me coz i am the shorty(and skinny), so i try to be nice to them. Making my self respect go to the lower ranking, and be nice with them. Is painful, but still finally they accept and respect me more. The bullies no longer bully me and we are now best friends.

but still, more challenge is waiting for me. others class(especially the proudy at class A and B genius and those "lala" freak) still thinks i am the same annoying freak, i don't really like them, because they are far worst than the previous bully. I try not to mix with them dat much because trouble might come to me.

I just hope everyone in the school can accept me.
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Posted 12/9/07 , edited 12/9/07
i think this is turning into a life story forum topic
i don't think that i can really relate to naruto except for that he counts on himself and is always persistent, caring, and that he trusts himself in whatever he does
that's the only thing that i can relate to him about
otherwise then nothing
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Posted 12/12/07 , edited 12/12/07
i have trouble too i am very weak but watching NARUTO i got some inspairment that i should never give up i been training every day hiting the wall 200 or more times it realy hurts by watching NARUTO i learned never to give up even in the worst situations now i know when you think it is hoples you still have a chance if you believe in yourself.
Posted 2/7/08 , edited 2/8/08
I also hit the wall 2000 times, and if i can't do that i kick the wall 2000 times...
I am strongest boy in Khazakstan
People in Khazakstan dont think that i am qualified to speak to them
One of them say "You no good nuff for us! GOSH! You leave us alone now!"
so i kicked them 2000 times
they went to Khazakstan hospital for 5 days
that tort me 2 neva giv up and to kick bullies ass
that why me luv Naruto
one time i got a Khazacstan cosplay festival and i came dressed as Neji

This isa me nice ! ^^^

I hopa you enjoya mya was NICE
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Posted 9/21/08 , edited 9/21/08
thanks to naruto i have made new friends
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Posted 12/14/08 , edited 12/14/08
Some of the characters remind me of me. Like Hinata who is shy. Sakura with her temper.

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Posted 12/29/08 , edited 12/30/08
Well, me and Naruto are the same. I have no friends in my early childhood and yes, I'm a complete loner!!! It also have to do with me having a double-sided personality.. It hurts me when I think of it until, During my High Scholl years, Two of my classmates befriends with me. You see, I was kinda rescued from my loneliness... Now, I'm the Happy of a person can be. Inow have friends even in the lower years..
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