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VEOH – Episode 27 (105) RAW -

YOUTUBE - EP 27 (105) - RAW - 1/3
YOUTUBE - EP 27 (105) - RAW - 2/3
YOUTUBE - EP 27 (105) - RAW - 3/3

SUMMARY : written by _miyuchan_ ( Kyou Kara Maou chat session project on Livejournal )

Dai Shimaron.
Yuuri and the others are walking through the city, Yuuri, Murata and Wolfram are covered with cloaks.
They are brought in a small house where they meet again Keenan and the old friends.
Adelbert tells them that it seems Ranjiru wants to give problems to the White crow.


We see Arazon with the sword on her hand, she wants to give it to Shouri and explains him all the story.

That sword is magic, its power is comparable only to the one of the Gods, this sword is able to support a full country with its power.
Then she asks Shouri if he knows what Seisakoku is, he says he heard it's a country 2000 years old and its people are called Shinzoku, Arazon says she is the queen of Seisakoku.
In Seisakoku they are all born with a great horyoku that's why they were targeted a lot.
But that Shinzoku race was always able to be untouched by them and live in peace.
The sword she has in her hand is the sword who gave everyone happiness and power. Until they had it eveything went well, but few years before, the sword was stolen.
They still don't know who did it, the sword disappeared and Seisakoku after this event started to decline, also the food itself became less and less, plants died and so on.
People too started to lose everything they had, that's why she decided to leave and look for the Shinken.
For a long time she looked for the sword, and now finally she has it again.
Shouri says, well now that you have it why don't you go back to Seisakoku? She says she can't, the sword being passed hand by hand lost its power, it wouldn't be useful like that.
The sword must be used by someone who has a strong power and in this way it will get back its own.
Arazon said she wouldn't mind to lose her own life if she could give the sword its power back but her horyoku is not enough, the sword, to gain the power back, needs a deeper power, the one that only someone born from an human and a mazoku can have.
This is why when they heard about El they wanted him, but now she thinks Shouri fits the role perfectly.
Arazon begs Shouri to help them, she will do anything, she will even destroy Dai Shimaron in order to help Yuuri, if Shouri wants she can make him the ruler of Seisakoku.
She is ready to do anything to help Seisakoku.
Shouri thinks she is impressive, live every other ruler she is able to put her country before her own life, would he be able to do the same? He is going to become the Earth maou, would he be able to put his country before himself?
Arazon continues saying that Shouri doesn't have to answer right now, he can think about it.

Back to Yuuri and the others, Adalbert explains what happened and updates Yuuri about the others.
The important thing is that they have someone inside the group of White crow that can help them getting infos.(Velma)

Shouri is in his room and is reflecting about what he found out.
He decides to try his maryoku but it seems that he is unable to use it there.
He goes out realizing his door is not checked, actually Arazon is checking him using a special mirror.
Shouri gets into the room where Jeneus is..."recovering"
Shouri is worried for him but Jeneus says he got the recharging power he needed and is fine now.
That room is the room where he was born, Jeneus explains, he is a copy and was created there.


We see Arazon giving life to Jeneus from mud, she used the houseki that the real Jeneus used to preserve his memories and created Jeneus.
Jeneus is grateful to Arazon for creating him, then he tells Shouri to leave, if he remains he will be used too.
But then, Jeneus adds, he knows Shouri won't leave even if in the end he'll risk to become a victim too.

Back to Yuuri's place.

*like I did last week for the ConYuu scene this week I'm doing it for the WolfYuu, also because I got some requests for it^^;If you have any request for dialogues and so on tell me, also in the future episodes, and I'll pay attention and translate them more accurately like I did for these parts.

Yuuri and Wolfram are on the table, Yuuri starts with an apology, Wolfram asks why, Yuuri explains that he decided to go to Dai Shimaron again, it must be hard for Wolfram (since a mazoku suffers in human territories). Wolfram says he is now used to it, then when Yuuri tries to act normal he says to not overdo it, there is not need to act as if everything is ok, it's obvious that Yuuri is worried for his brother!
That's why- Wolfram says- they will definitely save him! At Yuuri's thanks Wolfram gets embarrassed and says that there is no need to thank him, after all Yuuri's brother is also Wolfram's brother so it's obvious that he wants to save him.
Yuuri makes his usual face and says that following this logic first it was about their daughter and now...but he stops and smiles saying "you're right!"
Then he continues: "we will save him!"

Murata enters with Conrad and they say they got infos from Velma.
We see now a lot of Dai Shimaron military forces approaching to the place where the white crow are staying. Even Ranjiru is with them.

Yuuri and the others are approaching too to the entry and they meet there Velma.
Yuuri asks how is Shouri, Velma says he is ok, it seems he is treated as a guest.
They quietly continues while Velma says that she wasn't actually able to meet the head of the White crow.
This gets their interest, so Jeneus was not the only one behind this? Apparently, Velma says, Jeneus is just the one who deals with everything but there is someone who moves and controls even Jeneus.

Murata, hearing this, decides to go to another route, he has to check on something. At the beginning the others are against it but then he is of course able to convince them and takes Jozak with him.
Arazon meanwhile is checking on everything and then tells Shouri to wait there, she will let him meet Yuuri pretty soon.

The others realized that there is commotion as if someone discovered them so Wolfram tells Yuuri to go save Shouri he has to think only about that, Wolfram is able to face those people alone, Yuuri is not sure at all, Adelbert comments that he will remain too with Velma.
Wolfram insists and finally Yuuri decides to go.
Adelbert tells Wolfram that now they'll be able to see if it weren't just words and if he is really able to deal with what is approaching them.

Dai Shimaron army is ready to attack, meanwhile Murata and Jozak get into the room where Jeneus was created and with the help of Jozak, Murata destroys The houseki with Jeneus memories.

While running Yuuri is worried that all the noise is because Wolfram and the others were having problems but Conrad says it comes from outside as if the place was being attacked.

Then they enter in the throne room as if they were called, Arazon appears in front of them, with Shouri.
Yuuri runs to him and tells him to come, everybody is worried for him.
After being called few times Shouri answers saying that he is not going to go back with Yuuri. he will go with Arazon.

To be continued.

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Just Saw it! First Condard now shori oh my. lol I got quote something

" this how its supose to be rpg"

There the magic sword
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