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*SPOILER* How does Kaien Cross knows Yuki's mother?
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Posted 3/24/09 , edited 3/24/09
dont you think thats just a simple question??
kaien is the lagendary vampire hunter,, of course he know the pureblood like yuki`s mother. also.. maybe kaname had told something about their family too kaien because he believe in kaien to raise yuuki..

ermm.. i think soo...
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Posted 4/6/09 , edited 4/6/09

shampoo09 wrote:


I just had a thought.
how does he know about Juri (yuki's mother) and how did they met?

wud be v interesting if VKG does a flashback on how yuki's parents and Kaien first met and made that promise (to bring peace to humans and vampires, and hopeful live together peacefully)
do u think they use to be lovers?? or somehow related with the Kuran murder?

also about Shizuka Hio:

whats your opinions??

"He knew both of Kaname's parents, who founded the Cross Academy peace treaty before their deaths, and feels indebted to them, in particular Juri Kuran, who had spared his life sixteen years ago after he had attempted to take away her life, not knowing then that she was pregnant with Yuki. So, Cross has always known that Yuki was a pureblood vampire, but chose not to reveal it."
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