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Post Reply The Good dramas of Kimura Takuya???
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Posted 7/2/09 , edited 7/3/09
My Fav Kimura Takuyas dramas:
A sleeping Forest - Amazing mistery drama. He is really cool and weird. Superb acting.
Karei Naru Ichizoku. About a famour family. It's really good.
Mr. Brain: fun.

Didn't like Change and Pride.

Beautiful life: is the kind of dramas I'm not interested in.
Change: comical. don't like it. Exaggeration.
Pride: the female char bores me.

In the future:
Want to watch 2046.
I come with the rain.

And all his dramas.

Love the fact that he is the voice in Howl's moving castle.

Why do I like him?
He has a "cool" aura. I can't help but feel attracted to him.
That's why I don't like to call him "KimuTaku". That "kawaii" name doesn't resemble him.
And he doesn't like to be called like that.

Well. that's it.

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Posted 8/10/09 , edited 8/10/09
everything I've seen him in has been good.
Beautiful Life, Pride, Engine, Hero, CHANGE, and MR. BRAIN
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Posted 11/5/09 , edited 11/5/09
first of all, most of his films and drama series are good!!!! but i like his 'NON-loveydovey- dorama' better...he is too interesting to watch by himself!

but my top 3 has got to be:
he is seriously charming here! (but of course he's always charming). no seriously, the series are damn good!
love love love his character here!

2. engine
heartfelt kinda drama yet so natural, love it! kimura takuya with a bunch of kids <3

3. gift
this is kinda old, but it's such a fun series! very comical.
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Posted 6/29/10 , edited 6/30/10
He is very good and famous actor. I like his dramas, most of all I like the drama "Pride", he was perfect in it. Almost I think that he is a very handsome men, and I love him ... He has a very beautiful smile, nice one. And the sweet faces that he made is so funny
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Posted 8/28/15 , edited 8/29/15
I loooooooooove him in Hero, I wish that show had many more seasons.
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