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F / on earth
Posted 1/6/09 , edited 1/6/09
*kaoru sees her*
Kaoru: HEY!!!!
*he stands in front of tsuki and blocks her*
guy1: whats the big idea!!
*guy2 tries to punch koaru but he dodges and punches back*
guy2: GAH!!! *he falls on the floor and guy1 helps him up*
*kaoru grabs tsuki and runs*
guy3: HEY!! get back here *chases them*
Kaoru thinking: Damn hes catching up to us
guy3: you guys better stop unless you wanna get really hurt!!
*he starts to catch up and almost grabs tsuki but gets hit in the head with a purse*
*kaoru looks back and sees the guy on the floor and looks up to see a laddy*
Woman: Hey is this guy bothering you?
Kaoru: yeah... did you hit him with your purse?
Woman: Yes
Kaoru: thanks. you see these guys were chasing this gir-
*he notices tsuki crying and gives her a big hug*
Tsuki: wh- what a- are you d- do- doing?
Kaoru: im sorry........ ill take you home...
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F / -HomE- ^w^
Posted 1/7/09 , edited 1/7/09
Tsuki: but what about Tomoya then..??
Kaoru: we can look for him later..
Tsuki: but what if he's in trouble??
Kaoru: ok then.. *sigh*
Woman: be careful now..
Kaoru: ok.. thx again.. bye!
Woman: bye!!

they look everywhere.. but don't find him..

Kaoru: Tsuki... let's go home.. we have look for him in a couple hours now.. it's late..
Tsuki: yeaa.. let's go home.. Nagisa has probably find him now..

Kaoru has now left Tsuki to her home now..


Kaoru n Tsuki met Nagisa at the school bus..

Tsuki: hii Nagisa!! have u found Tomoya??
Nagisa: noo.. i thought u have found him..
Kaoru: what??.. but we thought u found him..

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24 / F / ♥backstage at BB'...
Posted 1/7/09 , edited 1/8/09
*in the bus....
all 3: WHAT!?!
tsuki: its all my fault..if we hadnt lost time..then-then we wouldve found him
Kaoru: *hugs her
Tsuki: BLUSHES!!
Nagisa: umm kaoru...when did this happen hehehee
Kaoru:*lets go of tuski.. ummm whatre you talking bout..pshh Nagisa
Nagisa: yeah what?
Kaoru: why dont you try calling him??
Nagisa: I dont have his #
Kaoru: what? dont you like him?! how could you not have his number
Nagisa: WH-WH-WHAT?! i-i- dont l-like him *red face.
*they arrive in the classroom and tomoya is inside

Tomoya: i had some important business (not admiting he got lost)
Nagisa: WHAT important stuff??
Tomoya: not telling
Kaoru whispers in tsuki's ear: hey, you think he has a girlfriend that he was meeting?
Tomoya: what are you saying to tsuki cuz she is all red
Tsuki: *puts her hand where her chest is...thinking: why does my heart hurt so much
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