Post Reply Why do u like sonic?
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Posted 12/7/07 , edited 12/8/07
i like him cuz hes UBER fast!!

Posted 12/8/07 , edited 12/8/07
Hehe, Because I watch it every morning before I go to school
lol, What can I say, the show is awesome
Posted 12/16/07 , edited 12/17/07
I hate SONIC THE HEDGEHOG!!!!! becaues he kill me into nothing but darkness
Posted 12/17/07 , edited 12/17/07
I like sonic because the He so fast but shadow is better T_T
Posted 12/28/07 , edited 12/28/07
I like Sonic because he the fastest hedgehog in the world(BTW i give up on Sonic but some how i like sonc again)
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Posted 12/29/07 , edited 12/30/07
cause hes sonic. enough said
Posted 1/14/08 , edited 1/14/08
I don't know realy I have always liked sonic (and i have playd every game and watched every episode)
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Posted 9/25/08 , edited 9/26/08
I have nown sonic eversince chiled hood and its not just the speed
that huck me it was his ego the way he saved the day and how at
peace and happy he was wine danger was nere thats why i like sonic.
Posted 11/12/08 , edited 11/12/08
He`s the fastest creature in the Universe!!! But I like Shadow more than Sonic
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Posted 3/19/09 , edited 3/19/09
because hes cool and runs fast and turns gold when he get all the chaos emeralds
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