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Posted 11/19/08 , edited 11/20/08
Top 3 picks out of this batch: Toradora, Skip Beat!, Chaos;Head!

- Toradora

I loveeee Toradora!! omg this is so lovely. That male protagonist is such a great guy it's hard to not like this anime! The girl is kinda jerk-ish, but she's got a sensible heart at times. To know what the heck i meant, check the series out! School theme.

- Dogtato-kun

OMG this saved me when i was stressed. 3min 30 seconds of yay joy and simple japanese for japanese learners to comfort their hearts with I loved every single short but funny episode of it! Looks better than Damekko too.

- Chaos Head

Ohhhhhh!!!! Great show to watch, a bit taxing with all the protagonist mind trip delusions and all, the characters are weird, and the storyline is really school days/higurashi inspired, based on another graphic novel. Enough said, visit and watch the anime.

- Skip Beat!

Ooooooooooooooohhh I'm sooo excited to introduce this to you all! This is just awesome. Watch this. Must. (Ren is awesome!)

- Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae

Enma Ai is back. Apparently she can't die. Another Jigoku series, third in line. Not the best nor the worst. First ep stars a kind guy who dies. What the. The series was predictable to begin with, but i added this to my collection with a collector's mindset!

- Michiko to Hatchin

This is a little indie, alternative. Drawing style, Hana --> not my favorite. But for Michiko, it reminds me of disney animation style. You get some weird mix of western, mexican, african, chinese who try to speak japanese. Lots of motorcycle, fierce woman, mother child (maybe) action.

- Clannad

Probably not something you wouldn't have already known! Gomen, so long for the add. but it's great! Yay for school and supernatural!

- Kuroshitsuji

Another butler series (see Hayato, Something master and something else ahah forgot), but with considerably darker themes. A little vampire knightish feel.

- Switch - OVA

Have I told you I love mystery? The summary reminded me so much of Ryoko's Case File, which I am a fan of, definitely sukidesu!

- Yozakura Quartet

Probably a not so good anime compared to some others here in my opinion, but definitely worth watching, esp if you like supernatural stuff. A bit like Shakugan no Shana, cept the girl in Shakugan is a jerk, and those in Yozakura aren't that bad.
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Posted 11/21/08 , edited 11/21/08
I hella love toradora and skip beat too!!!
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Posted 2/5/09 , edited 2/6/09
Man A lot of these arnt available on CR T_T
O well.. I'll have to move around being non-anime membership and find them seomwhere else,
Cuz Faeleias' Picks are worth it~ :3
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