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Ok i read this and i dont believe it... and as a dedicated Fan i must get other fans in the know...

First read this, this was posted Nov. 13, 2008:

"it stated that jin was suspected to be involve in keeping drug as the police
found 0.7g of drug in a tennis player and 22yr old ex AV girlfriend’s apartment last wednesday and the tennis player admit that he sniff the drug every night.

jin, pi, ryo, yu and the tennis player like to hang around in one of the bar in tokyo every night and even form a group call “AKANISHI group”, so they had a very good relationship.

now, the tennis player and the AV girlfriend’s friends are listed in the suspect list of having drugs. This made akanishi jin more suspicious. Even Koki who has dated the ex AV girl
is also in the suspect list."

here is the source for the information:

I don't believe the saying "tell me who your friends are, and i'll tell you who you are" is a fair quote... just because you hangout w/ other ppl who do dumb things... doesnt mean your like that too... authorities suspecting Jin and Koki is not fair.
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This was in a singaporian newspaper. It hasnt come to a japanese newspaper i think.

and i think they just try to increase their sales saying that, because that tennis player is not that famous but PinRyoYu are!

I don't believe Jin or Koki are taking drugs. They are not that stupid...Well a little for having such friends.
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