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Posted 11/24/08 , edited 11/25/08
Kraven: well...looks like my little dismiss brought joy to this place...(takes off glasses) i guess i can be civilized....for now
begens to walk the villages streets
Posted 11/24/08 , edited 11/25/08
Oh crap someone heard me and not just any someone, Ariel. Luxuria turned around and smiled nervously. She was really going to have to work on the whole shouting out what she was thinking thing. “Uh yeah I do actually but with the ceremony so close to starting I decided domestic blood would be a better choice. But anyway I’m all for having a sleepover with just us girls. It will give me a chance to get to know you better and spin some time with my little sister. We’ve been under attack so much I haven’t been able to spend much time with her. And then there was that time I was sick…” Luxuria froze when she mentioned the time she got sick and wanted to kick herself in the butt. Why didn’t she think before saying?! “Um could you perhaps forget that last part please? I don’t want Rain to know I got sick while we were at the hot springs okay. She already has enough to worry about and I don’t want to add to her plate.” Luxuria then took a step back from Ariel and summoned her white wings. “Well I hate to go but I really do need to at otherwise I might not be able to make it to the slumber party so goodbye for now Ariel. I will see you and the others later.” And like that Luxuria turned around and fly down the hallway. Hopefully she wouldn’t run into anyone else otherwise she might be tempted to make them her next meal.
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Posted 11/24/08 , edited 11/25/08

blackmoon09 wrote:

fallenkitten wrote:
“What?! There is nothing perverted about this outfit Rain and you know it. I admit that this kimono is bit short and one size to small but still it’s not perverted nor does it make me look like a servant.” Luxuria shook her head at both Rain and Ariel then turned her attention toward the jewelry box that was in Ariel’s hands. Hmm I wonder what’s in it. But Luxuria didn’t have to wait long to find out. When Ariel opened the box Luxuria had to take a step closer to get a better look at the amazing black diamond necklace. Was this really for her? “Oh my gosh I don’t know what to say Ariel except for thank you. Thank you so much, the necklace is lovely. Gosh it’s more than lovely. It’s simply dazzling.” Luxuria gave Ariel a quick hug before she took the jewelry box from her and stared at Leo. Was he really serious about that coffin remark? Luxuria sat down next to Aidan and continued to stare at Leo. “Um I’m guessing you’re not around vampires very much are you Leo. We don’t sleep in coffins, at least not in this day and age. So no I don’t have a coffin and I don’t have a date yet for the ceremony. I haven’t really tried to find one. What about you Aidan? Do you have a date to the ceremony?”

freakaga1n wrote:
A low growl rose in Clover's throat as he straightened his cardigan.

Clover: What the hell are you meant to wear at a crowning ceremony?...

Voice in Clover's head: I dunno! *laughs*

The popo sighed and rubbed his temples with his fingers.

Voice in Clover's head: You should take your head bandages off-

Clover: NO.

Voice in Clover's head: Why? Just because this eye's blue and has a scar? What a-

Clover: You can't sense the aura in it? It's the only part of my body besides the seals on my back with an aura other than my own. It's too suspicious.

Voice in Clover's head: *sighs* Fine! Be that way! Hmph! *fades away*

Clover groaned and walked out of his room to the celebration hall.

Aidan: no and are you trying to ask me princess (sitting closer to Lux) and rain i like this kimono it shows that your sister has a nice pair of Tits what you think Leo

Ariel:(punches him into my kick) you might be handsome and rich but your a pig
me:even though she does you didn't have to state the oblivious
Leo: geeez he should have know and sorry about the coffin thing
me:welll isnt this something it our ball and we don't even have dates ohhh maybe ill take clover what do you think Lux
Ariel and Leo: who the hell is a clover
Aidan:it sound like a girl is it
me: he is a popo i ohh you haven't meet him ok ill introduce you
Ariel: ohh Rain your hiding boys now you little goose your just trying to make our little Leo mad huh
me:no if if Leo wants to ask he can
I blocked everyone out and tried to find Clover. Thats when i did
me to clover: hey pup can you come to my room some guest want to meet you wear some nice kay
me: now let chill and wait ohh and Lux we will also be crowning you an official princess
Aidan: man that kick hurt rain im bleeding
me: awww sorry here(reaching into the bowl) candy
Aidan: no but how about a kiss
me: how about you become a missing person

Clover bowed before returning to his room.

Voice in Clover's head: See! You should wear something really nice! [blue/]

Clover: I got the idea when Her Majesty told me...

Voice in Clover's head: Open the closet and see what's in there!

The popo did as the voice told him to.

Voice in Clover's head: I say... Hhmmm... lets see... I know that you have something for light blue...

Clover: I do now?...

Voice in Clover's head: Oh, hush! Lets see... Ah ha! How about that light blue crisp shirt and... those black slacks?...

Clover changed into what the voice told him to. Surprisingly enough, he didn't look bad at all.

Voice in Clover's head: You should take that ear piercing out!

Clover: No.

The popo scratched the back of his head before walking out of his room to find Rain.

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Posted 11/25/08 , edited 11/25/08
me: come on let go to the garden
Ariel: yeah i missed swiming in the pond ooh let go swimming
me: yeah ill get m swim suit and we can go
Aidan: yes let see some----
Ariel slapped him dead in the mouth. me and Leo laughed as me and Ariel got our swim suits and left my room and walked to the main entrance As we walked i was talking to Aidan about all the attack
Man: now we will Like to welcome prince Kraven from Scarlet
As he walked in i gave him a look like please dont fuck this up for me. and he gave a smile so i gave one back
Ariel: hey he is pretty hot for a demon he is a demon right
me: yeah i said the same thing and his brother is pretty good looking too
Ariel: oh look at the boy in the light blue shirt.
I looked over to see well Clover
me:hey clover over here
As he came Aidan went to talk to Kraven
me:yo Clover you look really nice
Ariel: hell yeah he do
me: this is my cousin Ariel and a general at her castle Leo so wan to hang out with us i guess Aidan went to ask Kraven hey Aidan catch up at the pond and hello Kraven
Aidan: yeah i got to get my trunks anyway
We waved bye and Ariel grabbed clover and we eaded for the black rose garden. when we got there me and Airel headed for the changing room. When we stepped out we notice yamira didnt change
Ariel: come on gloom and doom get it it feels so good a bet

me: hey i wonder what Aidan is talking about with kraven
I didn't receive and answer and when i looked back that when Ariel pushed me in

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Posted 11/25/08 , edited 11/25/08
"Gloom and doom? where did that come from"
i shiged softly I knew I should just do it since I wasnt in the mood to argu to somthing like this.
I got into the changing room and changed. When I walked out I just got the wonderfull sight of ariel pushing Rain into the water.
I loughed a little before I walked over and got into the water.
"its coold.. well it isnt really the hot spings so what did I await really"
I let my body get used to the cold water, and then I finally feelt my bodey realex.
"It actually feells good"
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Posted 11/25/08 , edited 11/25/08
me:Hey Ariel that is not funny
Ariel: really i thought so
She laughed as she gently got in the pool. She sat and let out a light giggle. LEo jumped in to the water and stayed under for a long time. then he came up with a shell
Leo:pretty huh
me: yeah can i have it
Leo: sure here
Ariel: aw a little lover thing
Leo: wont you die
We Laughed and played in the water til my dance instructor came storming down by the pool
instructor: Rain its tomorrow come come lets practice
me: Awww fine hey girls ill meet you all for dinner ohh and Yamira dont forget about Fate and
I got out and toweled down. As we walked up i seen Kraven and Aidan walking down
me: yall getting along right
Instructor: (pulling me) no talking time to dance
As we came to the dance room two more girls were in there. I changed and stood in the front of them
Instructor: ok now 1 2 3 and go
As we dance i sent a message to yamira to check on the case with Fate

Posted 11/25/08 , edited 11/26/08
Luxuria was just about to join the group in the garden when the dance instructor from hell appeared. That woman was crazy and loved to whack her with her cane, a cane she didn’t even need to use. Backing away slowly as to not to be seen Luxuria took off for the inside of the castle and decided to just walk around until one of her maids found her. “Hmm maybe I should just go back to my room and let them finish the dress?” Luxuria thought that over then shook her head no. She much rather walk around and explore the castle. Plus she needed more blood. "I hope Rain is doing okay." She said as she headed toward the kitchen.
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Posted 11/25/08 , edited 11/26/08
Clover watched the others dancing from the hallway as a scowl made its way to his face.

Voice in Clover's head: What's wrong, Clover? I think you should dance too...

Clover: I already know how...

Voice in Clover's head: Is that what's bothering you?...

Clover: No... it's just that... how would I know how to dance if I never danced before?... Or... I don't remember dancing, at least...

Voice in Clover's head: Well, there's nothing wrong with that!

Clover: Whatever... I'm still not dancing...

Voice in Clover's head: Fine! Mr... Mr- Mr Grumpy!

Clover: What?...

Voice in Clover's head: ...

The popo shook his head and went back to watching the others learn how to dance.

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Posted 11/26/08 , edited 11/26/08
I just watched as Rain got dragged away to her dance lesson.
"One of the few persons who actually get her to class."
I said to myself.
I got out of the water and got dressed in my clothes agein, just as I was done I got the massage from Rain.
and I answeared her back
"Yes yes I havent forgotten do you thing I forgott such important things? "
When I was done sending it I started to walk a little, and started to get contact whit one of the vampires I had send to get Fate. when I was doing that I found myself being hungry again and I made my way to the kichen.
Miku: What is it?
I couldt help but smirk a little at the irritated voice of the younger vampire. She was allways irritated when I talked whit her since I had beaten her many times, she was strong but childish sometimes.
Me: Now now Miku be a little more happy will you? I just wanted to hear how its going over there"
Miku: I will be happy when I finally get you begging for mercy. And really give us some time will ya?! it isnt that easy to get into the Nightmare realm and get out alive!
Me: Dont complain Miku you wanted the mission after all I told you it would be hard didnt I?
I heard a angry mumbling on the other side and I knew she was saying that I was right and all that .
Miku: Anyway we have been lucky to find out where Fate is, but it wont really be easy to get to her but we will try our best.
Me: good... then I leave it too you but if it gets to dangearous than get out of there undeartand.
Miku: Hmpf! as you wish miss Yamira.
I broke the telepathy and fund myself standing infronth of the kitchen. I was worried to tell the truth and I was really hoping everything would go okey.
maid: what can I help you whit miss Yamira
me: "Pleas bring me some blood"
the maid bowed and diseapered, I satt down on one of teh chairs aroudn the dinning table, and waited. I then saw Luxuria come in trough the door.
" Shouldnt you be having dancing lessons right now?"
I looked at her but I wasnt really intressted in her lessons.
"How are you wings doing?"
Posted 11/26/08 , edited 11/26/08
Luxuria froze when she heard Yamira’s voice, wasn’t she suppose to be with Rain or something? Crap I hope she isn’t here to take me to my dance lessons. I already know how to dance and everything but the instructor thinks oth…oh never mind! Luxuria walked into the kitchen and glanced over at one of the maids and smiled. “A bottle of O negative please.” The maid nodded and left Yamira and Luxuria alone. “Yes I should be at dance lesson but I’m not. I already know how to do dance so there is no real reason for me to be there. You’re not going to make me go are you Yamira?” Luxuria sat down next to the vampires still unaware that Yamira had no intention of forcing her to go to her lesson. “On another note though my wings are doing fine. I still bump into things and the maids aren’t happy about that. I’m still not comfortable with flying long distances but a little more practice should fix that. What about you? Are you glad to be a vampire again instead of being human?” Both maids came back in and hand Yamira and Luxuria their bottle of blood. Luxuria told the maid thank you before she took a drink from the bottle.
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I nodded my head to the maid and she left me and luxuria alone.
I took a drink of the bottle before started to talk.
"No that was not what i wanted to do and beside that teacher is send from hell if you ask me, since I had her myself"
I made a face when I reamebered all the things she put me trough, when I started to live in the castle.
"But its good to hear that you are getting a used to the wings. And the thing whit being human yes Im glad it was really irritating allways when I got here to report about somthing everyone wanted to eitcher drink my blood or eat me"
I took another sip from from the bottle and looked at it.
"So I have given some of them a lesson but even so I still have some of the human blood in me it going really slow whit getting back to my real form, and that is why I need to get enough pure blood in me"
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Posted 11/26/08 , edited 11/26/08
(hey guys i not writting right now go to go to work but i wanted to let you know that yall all can use Ariel Aidan and Leo how you want)
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Posted 11/26/08 , edited 11/26/08
Clover lifted his head when he smelled the scent of another vampire. Or vampiress.

Clover: Yamira... maybe I should pay her and Luxuria a visit...

He then slightly scrunched his nose when the smell of blood filled the air. It wasn't much. Most likely just drinking blood but still, something about it seemed to bother the popo. His scowl deepened and he resumed watching the lesson from the hallway.

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Posted 11/26/08 , edited 11/26/08
(okay then i'll use them)

Leo: hey who do you think that "Fate" person was?

Aiden: i don't know but anyone of Rain's friend's must be hot

Ariel: *kicks Aiden into the pool*

Aiden: Hey! what was that for!?

Ariel: for being a perv! duh, but anyway who ever this "Fate" person is she must be in trouble if Rain and the others a worrying about her

Leo: well other then that.........

Aiden: *crawls out of pool* let's not try and ruin the mood

*Leo grabs Ariel's arms and Aiden grabs her legs and lift her up*

Ariel: H-Hey! what are y- *gets cut off*

Leo and Aiden: so let's have some fun!!*throws Ariel in the pool* hahahahahaha!!!

Ariel: *floats to the surface* You bastards!!!

Leo: uh-oh she's mad

Aiden *sarcastic* what shall we do?

Ariel: *gets out of pool and chases after them* Come back here and let me kill you!!!!

*Ariel chases Leo and Aiden around the pool as Kraven stands by and watches them*

Aiden: *sneaks up behind Kraven and pushes him in the pool* oops my bad *sarcastic*

Ariel: *runs to the side of the pool where Kraven is* are you okay? *to Aiden whose running away* Hey come back here and say your sorry!! *chases*

Aiden: now way!! *sticks tongue at her*

Leo: hey Ariel!!

Ariel: what is it now!? *turns around*

Leo: *sprays her with garden hose* ahahahahaha!!

Ariel: *is soaking wet* you guys better hope your immortal

Leo: ahaha-ha *laughing dies down*

Aiden: uh-oh she's really pissed off this time

Leo: oh crap!! run for your lives!!!

Ariel: *takes out a giant scythe* this time your not getting away he-he-he

*Ariel drags them around the corner*

Leo: h-help!!

*a bunch on screams*
Posted 11/26/08 , edited 11/26/08
“Well at least you don’t smell human anymore Yamira. You’re my friend and all and I would never do anything to hurt you but when you’re human you smell so delicious. I mean really delicious.” Luxuria licked her fangs just at the thought of Yamira’s human blood. “Uh excuse me I didn’t mean…you know…um anyway do you have a date to the ceremony Yamira? I was going to ask that Aidan guy but he is to perverted for me, so I’m back to being dateless. But that shouldn’t be o bad right?”
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