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Taking Flight

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26 / F / Do you care?
Posted 11/26/08 , edited 11/26/08
I had given her the "dont think about it" look when she licked her fangs.
"Your forgiven, but really why should mine absoloutly smell so good, its really a pain."
I finished my bottle whit blood as i trough about the question.
"Well it can be a bit boring but Im sure there will allways come some men to ask you on the ball, since you are really cute. But if they do somthing perverted then just kick them out of the window or beat them down, thats how I allways do it"
I smiled whit an innocent smile. and I couldnt help but grin at the many times I had pushed someone out of one of the windows beacouse of they touched me in the wrong way.
" Well I dont have any date yet, so Im in the same boat as you. But it can happen that Rai maybe will ask me, but I never really cared for such things really"
I leaned back into the chair and lisned to the noice outside. I couldt help but smile a little
"Really sometimes I really wonder how old they are"
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24 / F / Meh...
Posted 11/26/08 , edited 11/27/08
Clover relaxed a little when the smell of blood in the air went away.

Voice in Clover's head: That's not good enough, Clover! You have to get used to the smell...

Clover: It's a smell that'll never stop bothering me.

Voice in Clover's head: But you'll get used to it, eventually...

Clover: And you know this, how?...

Voice in Clover's head: ... *fades away*...

The popo sighed and shook his head.

Voice in Clover's head: Do you have a date?

Clover: What?!

Voice in Clover's head: I said, "Do you have a"-

Clover: I know what you asked!

Voice in Clover's head: Well... okay then... but do you?

Clover (out loud): No!

The dancers in the room stopped dancing and stared at him in surprise. Clover quickly bowed his apologies before briskly walking away from the room.

Voice in Clover's head: *giggles*... You shouldn't do that, Clover!

Clover: Screw getting accustomed to the scent of blood, I'll never be accustomed to YOU.

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36 / F / hell
Posted 11/27/08 , edited 11/27/08

COming from her coccoon and being awaken from her deep slumber,she woke up with radiant looking nourished skin..
Styx: ahh,atlast, the human feeling i have overcome already..I wonder what happens to everybody.,
She came out in her chamber in Eclipse castle and wondering , "Where is everybody?"
Princess Styx had received from her loyal bat an invitation
Styx: hmmmm,,,coming from Darkon,,,[I wonder what is happening there,,i have slept for ages i dont know what happened,is my brother still alive?/red]

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28 / F / i dont know
Posted 11/27/08 , edited 11/27/08
me: Hey umm ill be right back
she started to talk but i floated quickly to where clover was
me:ok your my accomplice we have to escape from the evil dance teacher lady
I grabbed his hand and flew out the window I missed being off the ground. since so much was going on i could really enjoy it . I flew all the way out the gate and behind the trees so the guards wouldn't see me
me:now let change my outfit
I snapped my fingers and i was back into clothes but my hair was darker and longer. I grabbed Clover and ran into town
me:we made it now lets go this is punishment for loosing control you have to go shopping with me
He had a concerned look on his face.
me: dont worry i do it all the time but soon the wont scene my presence so let hurry up and shop
I grabbed his hand and we walked to the shopping district

me: now lets go find you something to wear to the ball
we enter the store which had a very nice sent and very colorful
me:old man i need you
old man: well well looks who back it been a long time ahh and i see you brought your boyfriend
me:wrong he is my new bogy guard in the castle and for tonight ball i want him to look as good as me
old man: well that will be very hard but come here son so i can get you measured and things
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28 / F / under your bed an...
Posted 11/27/08 , edited 11/27/08
Ariel: *stops beating up the boys for a sec*

Leo: have we been spared?

Aiden: i don't know but let's make a run for it *tries to get up and run*

Ariel: *grabs Aiden's shirt* and where do you think your going?

Aiden: somewhere safe

Ariel: *annoyed* grr

Leo: now now let's stop fighting, don't you think Rain's classes are already over

Ariel: *drops Aiden* your right,

Leo: I-I am?

Ariel: why do i have to put up with this dimwit if i can just be with Rain

Aiden: what did you say!?

Ariel: oh so now your deaf?

Leo: well let's just go see if Rain's done yet

Aiden/Ariel: Fine

*they go to Rain's class room*

Teacher: your looking for rain?

Ariel: yes isn't she here?

Teacher: she escaped during class, when she gets back i'm going to make her dance twice as hard

Aiden: okay, anyway thanks for telling us

Leo: so what are we going to do now?

Ariel: oh! let's go to town and buy some clothes for the ball tonight!!

Aiden: don't you already have enough clothes?

Ariel: not for me, you two *smile*

Leo: you kidding right?

Aiden: HELL NO!!

Ariel: well too bad your coming *ties the 2 up and drags them to town*

Aiden: *while being dragged* let me go!!

Leo: *while being dragged* *sob* please just put us out of our misery already!!

*in town*

Ariel: come on what's so bad about shopping?


Leo: especially when your with a girl

Aiden: they take FOREVER

Leo: *imitating Ariel* how does this look? what about this one? i think this one really make my eyes show? does my butt look big?

Ariel: *hits Leo*

Leo: ow!

Ariel: come on i'm doing this for you two!! * drags them into a shop*

old man: welcome please browse around if you need anything please fell free to ask

Ariel: *looks through the suits as one falls to the floor* * leans down to pick it up, gets back up and turns around, and bumps into someone* ow i'm so sorry i wasn't looking where i was going *gets up*

*the stranger sits on the floor for a while*

Ariel: are you okay~~ *realizes* RAIN!? WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!?!?!?!?!?!?

Aiden/Leo: Rain's here!?

*clover rushes out of the back room*
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24 / F / Meh...
Posted 11/27/08 , edited 11/27/08
Clover: And who are they?...

The old man rushed out after Clover, waving his measuring tape around.

Old man: Hey! You! Body guard boy! I didn't get your measurements!

The popo stopped in the fear of the elderly man falling over and snapping something any second.

Clover (out loud): Is this... really... necessary?...

Posted 11/27/08 , edited 11/28/08
Maid 1: “My lady? My lady where are you? We need you so we can finish altering he dress. Please my lady will you not come out?”

Luxuria cringed at the sound of one of her maids getting near. One of the kitchen maids must have alerted hers that she was in here. “Um Yamira I hate to cut our conversation short but I’m not ready to play stand still for hours while my maids finish up my dress. So I’m going to poof myself out of here before she finds me. If she comes in here and ask where I am tell her you haven’t seen me okay.” Luxuria got up from her seat and hugged Yamira then vanished only to reappear next to everyone. She was going to hide out in the garden but when she felt everyone’s presence she decided to see what was going on. Plus she wanted to see Clover again. “Rain? Aren’t you suppose to be at your dance lessons and Ariel, Leo, and Aidan why are you guys here in town? Also hello Clover how have you been and let me guess my sister kidnapped you.” Luxuria smiled warmly at Clover before she glanced over at the old man holding a measuring tape. “Oh so that’s why you are here. You’re getting measured for a suit and Rain is playing hooky.”
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24 / F / Meh...
Posted 11/27/08 , edited 11/28/08
Clover quickly turned away to cover the blush on his face.

Old man: *waves measuring tape around* I need to measure him!!!!

Clover (out loud): Is it really necessary though? For me to... have a suit?... I'll probably just end up keeping watch on everyone at the party so... really...

Old man: *rushes towards Clover and turns him around* YES!!!!!

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28 / F / under your bed an...
Posted 11/28/08 , edited 11/28/08
Leo: are you saying that we can't be in town?

Aiden: come on baby just relax what are you getting so worked up for? *puts his arm around Lux*

Ariel: *kicks Aiden in the stomach* now now don't be rude, by the way we were here to pick out suits for the dimwit and Leo *smile*

Aiden: *cough cough* *takes arm off of Lux's shoulder*

Ariel: i'm so sorry for his impudence, he's so dumb he doesn't even know your out of his league *smile*

Aiden: i'm not dumb! and what do you mean "out of my league!?" we're all royalty right!? well except for clover he's just a bodyguard..........

*suddenly a power surge went through the town and everyone sensed it*

Leo: What was that!?

Aiden: i don't know but it felt dangerous

Ariel: i'm going to check outside *goes outside*

Leo: hey could this be an attack from Yoru?

Aiden: maybe, with the winging ceremony coming near who knows what he could do

Leo: but why would he interfere he knows that without the ceremony he won't be free

Aiden: then maybe it's not Yoru, maybe it's someone that's hates Yoru enough to try and stop the ceremony just so he won't become free

Leo: by the way why are we having the winging ceremony early?

Aiden: that's true that would only speed up Yoru's revival we can only point this question to you Rain

*everyone looked at Rain*

*Rain just stood there not saying anything*

Ariel: *rushes back in and holds the door open* Hey you guys! you better take a look at this

*everyone came out side*

Ariel: *points to the demon infested sky* look

Leo: where did all these demons come from!?

Aiden: it's probably from that third party that i mention

Ariel: oh so you can be smart

Leo: you knew?

Ariel: no i could hear you guys talking from outside *puts hands on hips*

*bunch of monsters appear on the ground*

Ariel: KYAHHHHH!!!!

Aiden: oh shut up!

Ariel: i'll scream when i want!!

*the monsters run towards them*
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24 / F / Meh...
Posted 11/28/08 , edited 11/28/08
Clover cursed beneath his breath as he quickly pushed the man back into the building and ordered him to lock all the doors. He quickly sprinted towards Ariel, Aiden and Leo.

Clover (out loud): What's going on here?

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28 / F / under your bed an...
Posted 11/28/08 , edited 11/29/08
Leo: how the hell should we know!?

Aiden: weren't any of you listening to my explanation before!?

Ariel: no..... not really

Aiden: *sigh* okay to put it plainly there are 2 parties right now Rain and Yoru, and what i believe is there is a third party who is responsible for this attack. now the only reason why they would attack is to interfere with the winging ceremony and there are only 2 reasons for that. 1 to stop Yoru from being freed or 2 stopping Rain from becoming immortal, now what i think is that they're planing is if they kill Rain there would be no winging ceremony thus Yoru won't be freed, also Rain won't gain immortality. now that's killing 2 birds with one stone, so they issued this attack

Ariel: wow.............. so you can be smart

Aiden: that's an insult

Ariel: i know

Leo: so basically a third party other then Yoru or Rain is having this attack

Aiden: well duh..... Yoru's not going to try and stop the ceremony cause then he won't be able to get out and why would Rain have an attack on her self? so the answer is simple there's one other person involved

Ariel: yeah but who could it be?

Leo: maybe it's that Fate person everyone's talking about

Ariel: yeah she could be a traitor

Aiden: who is she anyway? *directing the question to everyone else*
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24 / F / Meh...
Posted 11/28/08 , edited 11/29/08
Clover growled when he saw the demons charging towards them.

Clover (out loud): Well, that shouldn't matter now when an army of unknown demons are here to devour anything in their sight! Your majesty (Rain)! I need permission!
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26 / F / Do you care?
Posted 11/29/08 , edited 11/29/08
I looked up from the scrolls I was reading and looked out one of the windows in the hall.
I could feel a unknown energy coming from the town, and I didnt quit like it at all. I summoned NIghtmare to my side.
"I want you too go and check out was going on in town, you shall be mine eyes and I will speak trough you. pleas dont fail me"
I smiled at the demon dog as it nodded its head and then he diseapered. I conected my mind whit his before I countinued down the hallway.

*With Nightmare*
He found himself outside town and he cold smell demons from inside there. But he could also smell smthing more.
"Misstres, it seems as if the prinsses and her friends are there too"
"I can guess that Rain got away from her lesson, go too them"
He nodded his head before he made his way to the others. There where many demons there when he started to get closer.
He started to get ready to attack the demons but then I stoped him.
"Wait Nightmare dont attack"
"Why arent they our enemys"
"Maybe and maybe not, but I thing that it is the first that is right. But dont give them an anything that can make you a target."
"You know Im imortal so why shouldt I try it out?"
" *loughs* I know that, but even so there are other peoples there, so dont make anything go to hell"
Nightmare used his dark magic to make himself into a shadow so that he could pass trough anyting even the demons.
I finally could see the others and he stoped when he reatched them. He looked at them and then my voice came from him.
"And what is happning here if I may ask?"

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24 / F / Meh...
Posted 11/29/08 , edited 11/29/08
Clover cursed when he didn't get a reply.

Clover: She must be busy protecting the others... For now, I'll just...

The popo raised a hand and muttered a few enchantments under his breath. A pack of rabid wolves emerged from the forest and leapt onto the creatures. They all howled in synchronisation, eyes glowing the darkest of red, drastically constrasted with their midnight black fur. Clover's lip twisted in a smirk as he pulled out a set of knives from a leather strap on his belt.

Clover: This should be fun...

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28 / F / i dont know
Posted 11/29/08 , edited 11/29/08
i was still inside the tailors store trying on dress when he was locked in by clover.
me: what going on sir sorry clover is a little___
old man: hide princess im putting a barrier up but it might not be that strong so hide
old man: in matter of fact i think i should change your appearance

me: why
old man: yes thats it ill do that
old man: no need to scream not enter this dressing room

i went into the dressing room and there was a mirror
old man: touch it and make it quick
I did as he said and a bright light circled me. and when it was done i looked in the mirror and screamed
me:old man what the hell you do to me
old man: now now a child shouldnt speak like that
and that what happen i was a little girl again . He walked me to the door and opened it

I walked over to clover and Ariel
me:umm excuse me sir
Ariel: aww what cute little girl are you lost well find you a safe place to hide(bending down to me) hey she looks alot like rain when she was that age
me:it is rain dumb ass clover whats going on
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