GuiLun Fanfiction 7
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Posted 11/20/08 , edited 11/20/08
Aaron and GuiGui walk silently hand in hand and headed to Aaron's house.GuiGui was grinning from ear to ear as she kept recalling the kiss.Then, suddenly, an upsetting thought wiped her smile away..

GuiGui: (stops walking and stands in front of him) Yalun! You are going to Hong Kong tomorrow.Does that mean I won't be able to see you for a few days?

Aaron:(Nodds) Yup.2 days.

GuiGui:(acts cute and clings onto Aaron's arm) Huh...I don't want la(啦)...I want to see my Ah Bu everyday...

Aaron:It's only 2 days.It will be quite fast.You won't miss me too much.

GuiGui:(Frowns, does not hold aaron anymore,stands still) Hey! Are you trying to imply that you are not going to miss me too much?!

Aaron:(Smiles really wide) Hmm....Let me think...

GuiGui:(Puts her hands on her hips and purses her lips) Aaron Yan YaLun! You better give me a sweet answer!

Aaron:(Pauses) I will miss you very very much.When I close my eyes i will only see your face...When i look at Wu Zun, his face will become yours...And i will say....Wow! What a muscular body my girlfriend has.

GuiGui gets ready to argue back but suddenly realised that it was already 2am in the morning.

GuiGui: Aiya! It's 2am already!! And you have a flight to Hong Kong tomorrow , you better catch some sleep. (Pushes aaron towards his front door to his house) Don't offer to send me home, i have legs to go home myself.(pauses) Besides,If you go out with your pyjamas...(bursts out laughing)You will be on the headlines tomorrow!

Aaron: Of course i will hit the headline tomorrow...For being so cute with my pyjamas on!

GuiGui just laughs and Aaron leans forward and kissed her forehead...

Aaron: I will miss you...

The next day, GuiGui dragged herself to school.She dreaded going to school again because she didn't know how she should face WangZi...

GuiGui:(frowning) What am i going to tell him? Say i no longer like him? Say that i have fallen for Aaron?But i don't exactly owe him an explanation right? I mean...we were never really together....

Then, as she was busy pondering about coming up with an excuse, someone tapped on her shoulder lightly.

WangZi: Ahem...GuiGui.(smiling sweetly) I think we should pretend nothing ever happened okay?(Grabs her hand) Come, let's go to class now.

GuiGui was shocked.She couldn't believe it! WangZi chose to give in.To forgive her,to continue liking her.But....little did he know, GuiGui was once again going to break his heart.

GuiGui:(Muttering,frowning) Aiya...should i just tell him? Or just play along...I don't want to hurt him...But...

Before she knew it, she had already started blabbering explanations.

GuiGui: (Stops walking) WangZi...(Pauses) I...I...It won't work out.

WangZi was confused.He raises his eyebrows and walks nearer to her.

WangZi: Won't work out? Huh?(scratches his head)

GuiGui pulls WangZi tothe school blacony which is rather deserted.She doesn't look at him for a long time.Then, she draws in a deep breath,turns to look at him and started...

GuiGui: WangZi, remember how i suddenly hug Yalun in the lift? Remember how I keep neglecting you when he's around? Remember how I love to be around him when I am down? Remember...(stops and takes in a deep breath again)...I...He,Aaron Yan Ya Lun has swept me right off my feet.

And she stops talking, hoping that WangZi digests what she had just said.

WangZi doesn't talk.He doesn't move.He couldn't undeerstand.Why? Why did GuiGui fall for Aaron? She doesn't get to see Aaron as often as she gets to see him.But in the end, she falls for Aaron...

WangZi: (talks softly) Then...What about me? Didn't i sweep you off your feet too? (Gets agitated, holds GuiGui's shoulders and demands for an answer)

GuiGui: (Shouts) WANGZI! That's what I am trying to explain....You did sweep me off...But it wasn't my feet.It was my foot...

WangZi:(Nods) So...I didn't sweep you off your feet completely...

Then, there was an awkward silence.GuiGui stared at WangZi, her eyes filled with sorrow.Sh really really didn't want to her this boy.But, this time, for Aaron, she has to.

GuiGui:(Sadly) WangZi....

WangZi suddenly looks at her and smiles widely.

WangZi: Haha! I understand.So, which foot did i sweep you off? The right or the left?

Despite the bright smile on WangZi's face, GuiGui could see the sorrow in his eyes.He was very hurt.He was trying to cover up his wound...

GuiGui: WangZi..

WangZi: Haha! Just joking.The answer is really simple yeah? I just didn't managed to sweep you off your feet completely.(starts walking) Okay, class is starting.Bye~

GuiGui just smiled.A forceful one.

GuiGui:(Whispers*Hurt*) WangZi,sorry.Forgive me this time.This round i am not going to try heal your wound.This round, be a brave knight, heal the wound yourself....I am sure you will be able to do it.

To be continued
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Posted 11/20/08 , edited 11/20/08 nice...upload soon...happy birthday to aaron it today in us
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Posted 11/20/08 , edited 11/20/08
wah.u finally upload again^^ keep updating kay??hehe..hpy bdae to aaron too..
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Posted 11/20/08 , edited 11/20/08
yay, finally itz up lol. i tot i miss it.

aha!! Aaron with his cute pyjamas again. hehe!!

oh lol, need to read back (6)... 4gt y this "Aaron and GuiGui walk silently hand in hand and headed to Aaron's house.GuiGui was grinning from ear to ear as she kept recalling the kiss." happened...............

awww, wang zi muz be real hurt, but juz doesnt want to say out.
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23 / F / my own dreamland....
Posted 11/20/08 , edited 11/21/08
this story is soo nice
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24 / F / lalaland
Posted 11/21/08 , edited 11/21/08
awww how nice and so sorry for wangzi !!!!!
btw it ws good!!
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23 / F / CA
Posted 11/21/08 , edited 11/22/08
omg i love it! but not when wang zi got his heart broken though....that was sad but! i still wanna noe wat happens though!
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