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Posted 11/20/08 , edited 11/20/08
INTERVIEW : Ikuta Toma-san (acting the role as Takemoto Yuuta)
translated by Yanie

Q. The filming started with the "first meet" scene, ne.
When I saw Narumi Riko-chan during that "first meet" scene filming, I thought, "A~! It's Hagu-chan!". My heart was beating faster (laughs). It was so wonderful, she really suits the sakura image.

Q. Ikuta-san, you also looked great in short pants.
When I entered the make-up room, everyone was laughing at me, y'know. They said stuff like, "You're wearing short pants..." (laughs)

Q. So what do you think yourself on your looks in short pants?
Dou desu ka ne[I'm not sure] (laughs). Well, it's winter, of course it feels cold. Recently, I just bought a leg warmer, so I've been using that (laughs). However, though it's cold, the air is really clean and fresh, so we managed to film beautiful scenes. Therefore, even in this cold weather, I feel I have to do my very best.

Q. Is there any trouble in acting the role?
Actually, I'm the type who always in high spirit in the filming location. This time's filming style, unusually, we do rehearsals in the same day as the filming day, so we start filming scenes right after the rehearsals. I guess, with this style of filming, we'd be in our characters-mode all the time. Other than that, the director, Tanimura, is a very detailed person. He pays attention to every little details, so about 80% of the filmed scenes are results of his direction. The other 20% is something like, "In any case, let's just try it first...".

Q. Are you good in that? I heard there will be many monologues too...

Sou desu ne (laughs). Well, I'll just work hard on it, if they say, "Dame!(no, not like that)", then I'll stop immediately. And since this is different than HanaKimi, if people starts to think, "You're doing the same gesture/thing again,"... I'd feel upset myself (laughs). I really want to give out something new.

Q. What do you think of Narumi Riko-chan?
She looks mature, so I kept thinking, "Is she an adult already? Or is she really still 15?". I mean, she's really serious in doing her job, she also has high conscious in being a professional... but then, when I started to talk to her, apparently there are still parts of her that shows she IS 15 years old. Riko-chan sometimes laughs out of the blue, when she remembers something (laughs). Suddenly, she laughs by herself, so I asked, "What's wrong?"...she said, "No, it's just... 3 days ago..." (laughs). "You're laughing at something happened 3 days ago??".

Q. During filming breaks, what do you talk about with Riko-chan?
At first, we talked about foods. Our favorite foods, and foods we hate. Also, getemono [exotic, weird foods] (laughs). Riko-chan was reading a book, then I wonder, "What book is she reading?", turn out its a getemono book (laughs). She said to me, "Today I bring getemono book, let's take a look at it together, later," (laughs). I feel impressed, "So you read things like that too?? What a wide knowledge you have," (laughs).

Q. Ikuta-san and Riko-chan, both of you actually get along really well with Harada Natsuki-san, Mukai Osamu-san and Narimiya Hiroki-san, ne.
Well yeah, during filming breaks, before we know it, we're already hanging out together. "Wait a minute, isn't this "HachiKuro" for real?!!"... it was that kind of feel, and it happened naturally.

Q. I heard that Riko-chan loves Morita character from the original manga.
She said that to me before, too. And I also saw her in a recent TV interview saying, "I really love Hachimitsu to Clover, I've always read it. Morita-kun, also Mayama-kun, they're really great guys, aren't they?". Not even the character "Ta" of "Takemoto" come out (laughs).

Q. This time, your role's love will also be unrequited...
Sabishii desu ne[I feel lonesome]...(laughs). However, somehow Takemoto's love has surpassed it. He'll manage to say "Suki da! (I love you)", and even though his feelings is not returned, he doesn't regret it. I think, for men, and women, there are different things for them depend on the kind of love they experience. So I think it'll be great if I can express that part successfully.

Q. What does the word "unrequited" reminds you of?

Unrequited... that's difficult, ne. I guess, later on, it is something that will remind you of the song or the scenery on that very moment. Also... I think, "winter" might suit "unrequited" image very well.

Q. Which part of "Hachimitsu to Clover" do you think is the most interesting part?
It is such a beautiful story, in my opinion. "HachiKuro" is a world in it's own that you cannot find anywhere else. The silly parts and the touching parts are in good balance, too. It'll be great if the drama can also treasure that balance. During the acting, we move alot, and even when we stop to talk, rather than that, it's more of like, creating stuff in detail. When all the 3 directors gather, FYI they're all men... rather than increasing the number of scenes filming, it's more of increasing the attraction quality of the scenes. I hope we can keep this group atmosphere always like this.

from : http://hikki3.multiply.com/journal/item/219
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