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i'll start

once upon a time there was a girl called hinamori amu...
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she had 3 chara's

she was walking to school when she seen this boy

boy: hi my name is ikuto what is ur name??
amu: my name is hinamori amu but everyone calls me amu
ikuto: oh right *kisses amu suddenly*
amu: *blushes
ikuto: sorry about that maybe it was love at first sight
amu:it's okay

ikuto walk away when amu just stands there
oh i forgot i ahve school
amu ran to the school and met up with tadase
tadase: what is wrong amu?
tadase: okay
after school fineshed amu ran home ran to her room and jumped on her bed thinking about ikuto
someone knocked at the window it was ikuto
ikuto: hey let me in plz^^
amu let ikuto in then ikuto pushed her against the wall and looked into her eyes..
ikuto: you look very cute today amu
amu: *blushes*

someone plz carry on otherwise i'll be doing the whole story =_='''
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amu:umm........what do you need?
ikuto:well.....i just wanna give this to you....
ikuto gives amu a plastic.
amu:whats this?
ikuto:maybe it will be better if you will check it out your self.......
amu opened it facing her back to ikuto.
when she look at ikuto he was gone.
amu:that was weird...well better keep them in the fridge.....ill eat them tomorrow..
when she woke up she was in a hurry.
amu:mom,dad ill be going now...
mom:ok....bye bye amu!!
dad:take care!!
amu:i will..
when she was outside she remembered the chocolates....
amu:oh no.......i forgot...
she rushed inside and got the chocolates....
when she was in school she saw ikuto.
amu:hey why did you leave last night?i didnt even had i chance to say thank you. that the real reason?
amu:*blushes*of course it is...
ikuto:then why are you holding my hand?and why are you blushing?
amu:stares at his hand then let it go......well..........
then suddenly the bell rang.
amu:sorry i gotta go.........bye.....

ok this is my share of the story.i wish you would like it amuto!!
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amu ran inside and bump in to tadase
tadase:wats wrong amu
amu:nothing and srry
amu:see u
she was thinkin about ikuto in class
then her teacher hit her head wit the book and said stop daydreaming
after skool ikuto asked amu if they kould walk home together
while they walk no one was out and gettin late
then suddenly ikuto push amu to the wall and kiss her in the lips
amu blush and klosed her eyes
then suddenly one off ikuto's krusher kame and saw she was angry and pushed amu away and kisss ikuto
ikuto was shocked and push miyu(crusher's name) away
ikuto:wat r u doin

hope u like my story plz comment
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