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Mwauhaha<3 Idk o.x I wrote this during skool when I had free time o-o so...yeah. :D
oh oh char infos ~ lol i'll work on this later :D<3

Edit ~ Reread Chaps 1~3, edited.
Edit ~ Added some roses images seeming as thought I forgot about them xD



Hikaru:couldn't find a pic of hikaru D: he has Tai's hair n eyes but but he has longer hair :D


Rainnie: red eyes :3

"These 11 Roses
Will Show You
How Much You Mean To Me
So Know, Til The Last One Is Gone
Is How Long I Love You
But Did You Know
The Last One Is Fake?"

~Day 1~ [3rd Person]

*My First Rose*

Wind whistling through the trees, plants and everyone's hairs. "Why is it so windyyyy!" Madison whined. "Stop being a baby!" Kiki mumbled, her hands stuffed in her pockets. Hats flew around into the sky, students from their school running to get it. Madison holding tightly at her cap. "Come on, we're almost inside the school." Kiki hurried, Madison, already inside the school. By the time they both got to their lockers Madison had lost 2 pins and her cap. "AHHHHHHHHHHH" Girls & boys screamed as they knocked over Madison. Kiki laughed, as she jumped onto the lockers before she got knocked over, looking over to why the girls and boy were screaming. "Oh god, It's them." Kiki growled. "H-H-Help!" Madison called out, still geting trampled on. Kiki laughed and grabbed her up onto the lockers. "Oh, it's the morning rush for Tai, Hikaru, and Rainnie isn't it?" Madison guessed sitting at the edge of the lockers. "You think?" Kiki mumbled crouching to Madison's height. "I bet 2 bucks it's gonna be over in 10 seconds." Madison said. "20 seconds." Kiki mumbled. "1...2...3...4...5...6..7...8...9...10..11...12...13...14...15...16...17....18...19...20!" As soon as Madison said 20 everyone went to their classes. "I still wonder how they do that." Madison mumbled getting off the locker. "I'll wonder too when I actually care" Kiki said then walking casually pasted them. Tai's eyes followed Kiki's trail, for only a moment then walked on. "Wait up!" Madison called, chasing after her sister, ignoring the stare from Hikaru.

"Their strange sisters." Rainnie said to Hikaru and Tai. "Yeah...." Tai answered. Hikaru just smiled and nod. Then they both walked off to their next class.

The day passed by quickly, as Madison and Kiki walked out of the school. "Hey, Kiki, we need to help Maddie with homework." Madison said, taking a right instead of a left to her house. "Got it." Kiki said, trailing behind Madison. 'Why was Tai watching me...?' Kiki thought, then shook her head. Birds chirped, and winds blew. The yellowish orangeish sky was a beautiful sight, as Kiki accidently went to the park instead of Maddie's house. Kiki sighed then flipped her phone telling Madison she decided to skip helping Maddie. She placed her phone away and sat on a bench. Kiki stared at the sunset, smiling at how beautiful it was. "You like watching sunsets too?" A voice said behind her. Kiki jumped looking behind, kind of shocked to see Tai. "Yeah, their beautiful." She said smiling, going back to her spot on the bench. She didn't seem to notice, Tai was on the bench too. Time passed by quickly, and it soon got dark. "Guess I should get going." Kiki mumbled, getting tried too. She looked down to see Tai asleep on her lap. "When was he sleeping on my lap?!" Kiki whispered, looking at the white headed boy. She sighed then shook him. "Wake up....Wake up...WAKE UP GOD DAMNIT!" Kiki shouted pushing him off the bench. "Ughh." Tai groaned getting up, rubbing he's head. "What was that for?" He mumbled. "You wouldn't wake up." Kiki said getting up and walking home. Tai appeared next to her, magically. "You shouldn't be walking home by yourself." Tai stated, looking at Kiki then the stars. Kiki groaned. "I can take care of myself!" Kiki stated. "Maybe you can, maybe you can't." Tai said, as they were almost halfway to Kiki's house. Kiki just sighed and kept walking. "Night I guess." She mumbled opening her door to her house, closing the door not caring if he wasn't there. Kiki sighed, looked up seeing the lights off. "Guess she isn't home yet." She mumbled going to the kitchen, cooking dinner. She left the food on the table and went up to her room. "Huh what's this?" Kiki said walkking over to her desk.

To Kiki, May this rose show you how much I care for you. From, Anonymous.

Kiki's finger trailed the letters on the curled letters, and gently trailed the rose. "Wonder who gave it." She mumbled, then walked into the bathroom to take a shower. "I'm home!"Madison called downstairs as Kiki stepped out of the shower. "Food's on the table!" She shouted back, getting dressed. She wore her blue Pj's with bunnies on it and sat on her desk. She trailed the rose she was given, then sighed. "Hey, Kiki....where's this rose from...?" Madison asked going into Kiki's room. Kiki looked up at Madison, holding the rose, and stared at Madison's. "I don't know." Was her reply. "We should get to bed." Madison mumbled going to her room. "Yeah..." Kiki said, taking the small case and filling it with water. She clicked off the lights, and yelled a good night, to Madison.

"Good night, Kiki."

"Good night, Madison."

~End of Day 1, The First Rose~


"Why you following me you stalker?!"

"Yeah, I need more time to get info on them, sir."

"...You know I cant love someone again."

~Day 2~ [3rd Person]

"The 2nd Rose"

~Dream mode [so it seems]~

Madison's eyes opened, seeing....Rainnie...? "Yeah, I need more time to get info on them, sir." She said into a phone, saying okay a couple times then placed the phone back into her pocket. Rainnie looked straight through Madison's eyes, then transformed into a DeviAngel. Fangs grew in her mouth and pitch black wings sprouted from her back. "Sorry Madison, seems like you need to die for knowing this secret." Rainnie said smirking looking at Madison. Madison's eyes widen as she tried to run. Rainnie appeared in front of her blocked her way, about to bite her on the neck. Instead to be pushed away by....Hikaru...? Events fashed before Madison's eyes, next thing she knew, Rainnie was unconsious on the ground, Hikaru walking over to her. "I'm sorry, Madison. That you had to experience that." Hikaru whispered, kissing her forehead. She felt blood drip down, her back, realizing a wound on her back. Hikaru's hand lit and healed the wound, still leaving a scar. "Madison....go to sleep." He whispered calmly in her ear, Madison's eyes began closing. "You guys...are...." Madison mumbled, then fell foward, never hitting the ground.

"AHH!" Madison shouted, rising from her head, Kiki running into her room worried. "What's wrong?" Kiki asked. Madison shook her head then replied. "Nightmare." She mumbled. Kiki hugged Madison, then ruffled her hair. "Come on, school starts in an half n' hour." Kiki said smiling. "Kay!" Madison said, going into the bathroom. As she was about to step into the shower, she noticed something in the mirror. "A....scar...?" Sh whispered replaying her dream. "It's...true then...?" She mumbled. Madison sighed and decided to ignore it for now.

During school, Madison was quiet during her classes in the halls even during lunch. She didn't dare speak a word, afraid she'd start talking about her dream....and how scared she was.

"Rainnie you son of-!" Hikaru didn't finish he's sentance only to get a strong grip on he's neck. "Like I care, if it weren't for you Madison would be dead by now!" She shouted. Tai gripped on Rainnie's hand that was on Hikaru's neck and threw her against a building. "Why would you lie to us?" Tai asked strictly. "Why shouldn't I?! You guys never told me I was adopted!" She shouted in her defense. Tai gripped on he's hand, then sighed. "If you want to take the bad side, go ahead. But leave Madison and Kiki alone!" Tai shouted then turned around walking away. Hikaru glared at Rainnie then trailed behind Tai.

"Maybe you guys are stupid enough to not know the real reason...."

Kiki seemed to have noticed Madison's change in mood. She bit her lip, then glanced at Tai and Hikaru. 'Is it their fault she's so quiet....?' She thought. "C-Can I g-go h-h-home, K-Ki-Kiki?" Madison stuttered. Kiki looked at her then nod, bringing her to the nurse, still glancing at Tai and Hikaru.

'Wait a minute....where's Rainnie...?' Kiki thought as she and Madison were almost home. Kiki shook her head, then walked Madison to her room, stroking her hair gently. "What's wrong?" Kiki asked. "I had....this was real...I was standing near a alley...and I saw Rainnie talking on a phone...then she turned into this...Fallen Angel, Vampire thing....She was about to kill me, if it weren't...for Hikaru...But I had a wound....on my back,....Hikaru healed it....still leaving a scar....and...the back..." Madison said, afraid. "Fallen Angels...? Vampires....? Their real....?" Kiki mumbled. "Argh! We'll ask them about it tomorrow kay?" Kiki finally said, frustrated. Madison nod, then went to sleep. Kiki wandered out of Madison's room and into her room. She walked onto her balcony, thinking. "I'm guessing you know our secret now?" A voice said behind her. Kiki turned around, not suprised. "Yep." She answered, leaning on the rail. "What are you going to do about it?" Tai asked, leaning against the railing next to her. She turned around and faced the setting sun, against the sea. [Did I mention they live near a beach? o_o''] "I don't know really, but I suspect that Rainnie is the bad guy...or girl in this case." Kiki said. "Amazing, your right." He mumbled. "This....isn't going to turn out right isn't it...?" Kiki asked. "Yeah." He answered, staring at the ocean, the waves going back and forth. "Oh, I forgot to say something." Kiki said looking at Tai. "Hmm?" He said turning he's attention to her. "WHY YOU FOLLOWING ME YOU STALKER?!" She shouted whacking him on the head. Tai laughed, and soon enough Kiki laughed too. "I needa go cook dinner." Kiki mumbled turning back to her room. "Talk to you later, stalker." She said giggling lightly, then shutting the door to her balcony. There stood Madison, smiling. "Kiki likes Tai! Kiki likes Tai!" Madison chanted as Kiki went downstairs. "Ugh! I dont like him! You already know....You know I cant love someone again." Kiki said to her, biting her lips, then sighing. Madison decided to drop the subject and finished her dinner. "Night!" Madison said then ran upstairs. "Night." Kiki answered then went to her room. Only to find another rose on her desk and the same note from yesterday. Kiki eyed the rose for a minute then placed it in the vase along with the first rose. "Oh anonymous person, SHOW UP ALREADY!" Kiki shouted in her room.

Madison stared at the rose in her room, as she walked towards it. Gently picking it up, then placing it next to the other rose. She picked up the note, noticing much more writing on it.

To; Madison

Everytime I see you
My heart skips a beat
Everytime you smile
It brightens up my day
Everytime your sad
It makes me want to ask 'Why?'
Everytime I see you with another guy
I cant help but feel...Jealous
But I'll still love you
til you know who I am
From, Anonymous

Madison smiled a bit, then placed the note next to the 2nd rose. "2nd day, 2nd rose, 2nd time I wish I know who you were." Madison said, then sighed. "Oh anonymous person, SHOW UP ALREADY!" Madison heard Kiki shouted. She laughed, then went to bed.

"Good night, my love, Madison."

"Good night, dear, Kiki."

~End Of Day 2, The 2nd Rose~


"What the freak...."

"Angels! They do exist!"

"Im a...what....?"

~Day 3~

"The 3rd Rose & Secrets Revealed!"

[Oh yeah ima start doing this in 1st person xD i'll switch between ppl everyonce in awhile >w< Kiki's POV]

I groaned and turned around.
I turned again to the finger who was poking me and bit it. "OWWWW!" The person yelled as I opened my eyes, to see Madison sucking her finger. "Who told you to start poking me?" I groaned at her getting up. "Tai and Hikaru!" She said still sucking her thumb. "And why are they here...?" I asked o.O. "To tell us something." She answered. "Ah." I said then walked downstairs to see them eating toast. I grew an anime sweatdrop. "Where'd you get the toast...?" I asked. "Your fridge." Hikaru said. I grew an even bigger anime sweatdrop. "What did you want to tell us?" I asked, grabbing an apple from the counter, taking a bite on it. " both already know we're angels...andn that Rainnie is a DeviAngel and Vampire, right?" Tai said. "Yep." I said. "Angels! They do exist!" Madison said with a sparkle in her eye. Hikaru, Tai, and I grew an anime sweatdrop as we stared at her. "Anyway, we need to tell you a story." Tai said to us, motioning us to sit. Madison and I sat down, waiting for the story. "When Hikaru and I were little, our parents adopted a little girl, Rainnie. They didn't know she was part Vampire, they didn't know the evils she could do. As time pasted Rainnie would start doing horrible things to us, like break important vases my mother owned, and would blame it on us. We tried telling our parents how evil she was, they didn't believe such a cute, innocent little girl could be so vile. -says it like its a horrible word- As time passed, we could care less about her, but every since we entered this school...she's been acting...unusually nice. Til now, we found the reason why she was being so nice. To find out who were the past Angels we fell in love with. Once she found out who it was....she planned to kill them. That was the mission she was assigned. And once that mission is complete, there's a chance Angels will disappear forever. Leaving darkness to rue the world." Tai finished. Madison and I stared at him blankly. "And your telling us this...why...?" Madison asked. "Your those Angels that we fell in love with." Hikaru answered. "What the freak...?" I said not believing him. "Im a....what....?" Madison managed to say. I looked at Madison for a second. "So that means....Your the one who has been giving us the roses...?" I asked. "No, it's not us." They lied. I gave them a suspicious looked then shrugged it off. "Now what." Madison asked. "Try to get you into your Angels form." Hikaru stated. I groaned. 'Starlight, Starbright make me into the Angel of light.' I thought, as yellow bright wings sprouted from my back, my eye and hair color went yellow/blonde, and my skin went into a creamy color. Tai stared at me with a 'wtf' look. "How did you know how to turn back into an Angel?" Madison asked. "When I was little I was one of those 'Wishing upon a star' kind of girl. Who loved to wish on a star. One day, I was wishing upon a star and this happened." I said laughing a bit. Hikaru looked at Madison. "Say, Darkness here, Darkness there, Make me into the Angel of Dark." Hikaru said to her. "Uhm, okay...Darkness here, Darkness there, Make me into the Angel of Dark." Madison said, pitch black wings sprouted and her hair turned into a pitch black color, and coal black eyes."Why am I the Dark Angel?" Madison whined. "Because...i dont know." Hikaru said laughing a bit. "I know Kiki's the light Angel because of her love of stars." Tai said, laughing. Kiki smiled. "Okay, anyway, do you guys know how to use your powers?" Hikaru asked. "Nope!" Madison answered happily. "Yeah kind of." Kiki answered. "How so?" Tai asked. 'Hoshi kai.[Star cut]' I thought slashing the wall to the side of me. 'Chiyu Hikari. [Healing Light]' I thought as everyone in the room, that I was friends with/know, were covered in a yellow light, then faded. "That's all I know." I said smiling. Hikaru, Madison, and Tai stared at me with a 'wtf' look. I blinked at them. "What?" I asked. "NOTHING!" They shouted. "Righhht." I growled, sitting on the couch again. "Alright, Madison, think of any kind of for an attack." Hikaru said to her. "Uhm...." She said thinking. 'Kuro kokoro.[Black Heart]' She thought, a black light forming in her hand. A dark purpleish color in the middle mixing with it, shaping into a heart. Hikaru stared at her. "That's exactly...." He began, not able to finish he's sentance. Madison stared at him for a bit, then shook it off. I glanced at the clock, gasping it was already 5pm. "It's that late in the afternoon already?!" I shouted by accident. Hikaru and Tai laughed at me. "Let's go outside and let you guys learn one more attack, kay?" Tai said sliding the sliding door [ROFLMAO]. "Haiii!" Madison and I answered walking outside, Hikaru behind us. "Alright, let's see if you guys can do a combination attack." Hikaru said, leaning against a tree. Madison and I both looked at eachother, and nod. "Darkness rise beneath the ground.." Madison began. "Light fall upon the frozen sky..." I continued. "Combined together to create..." "The power of which." "Could destroy the most." "Horrifing[SPPPP] monsters." "Even those.That could be so vile." We ended together, a light and dark ball forming in front of them, getting bigger and bigger as they continued saying their lines. Til after they finished their last line, when it was sent towards the sea. Creating a huge wave. They both gasped in amazement. "Sugoiii!" Madison and I shouted happily. They looked at eachother then Tai and Hikaru, smiling. "Kakkoi!" Madison shouted. Hikaru and Tai smiled. Then disappeared, knowing they have finished their day's lesson. Madison and I shook off the fact that they disappeared out of nowhere, and went inside the house, not noticing it was nearly 8pm [wewt fast time change :D] They quickly ate dinner and went to bed. Only to find the 3rd rose.
To Madison;
You looked amazing
Knowin that you could do that
Powers that could be so powerful
Powers that could be so amazing
Just thoought I'd tell you that
From, Anonymous.
"What does this person mean...?" Madison thought, then shook her head and placed the rose in the vase, crawling into bed.
To Kiki;
Light brightens the earth
Light will brighten everything
Shining everywhere
Brighting up my day
So just know
Your the light inside my heart (:
From Anonymous
"The hell....why does this poem talk about light?" Kiki thought, then shook it off, and went to bed after putting the rose away.

~End Day 3 "The 3rd Rose"~[Sorrie its a little rush needed to end this chap XD]

~Quotes~ [I'll think of some later]



"I dont want to help you guys! It's just going to cost me my life! And also -------!"

~Day 4~ Madison's POV

"Am I Going To Die? The 4th Rose."

'Sunday...The most boringest day ever.' I thought turning to the side, falling off the bed. Thud! "Owwww." I groaned slowly getting up, A fourth rose catching my eye. "A 4th rose eh? Where's a note?" I asked laughing a bit. A confused looked soon formed on my face. "No...Note?" I asked in a low whisper voice. "Strange." I mumbled then went to shower.
"I'm in the shower!" I called out.
"IM IN THE FREAKIN' SHOWER!" I screamed, turning off the shower, wrapping a tower on me. I growled loudly opening the door. Twitching I glared at Kiki. "What?" I mumbled. "Tai and Hikaru wants to tell us another story." Kiki answered. "I THOUGHT WE HAD ENOUGH WITH THE STORIES ALREADY!" I shouted loudly. I sighed loudly, quickly getting changed and walked downstairs. "Morning, grumpy." Hikaru said laughing. I growled at him, causing him to take a step back behind Tai. "Woah, calm down Madison." Tai said, calmly. I closed my eyes, and sighed.
So your their next victum. 'W-Who are you?' I thought. No one you need to know, except maybe that your going to die, if you don't do as I say. I bit my lip, not seeing Kiki's, Tai's, and Hikaru's worried looks. 'W-What do you want me to do?' I stuttered/thought. Ditch them.No,kill them. My eyes widen. 'W-Who's...them...?' I managed to think. Tai, Hikaru, and Kiki. I froze. "Madison...?" Hikaru's voice caused me to snap out of it. I shook my head. "I'm okay." I said with a fake smile, fooling Kiki and Tai. Hikaru gave me a suspicious look, and sighed pulling me outside. "Rainnie was talking to you wasn't she?" He asked, he's back towards me. I bit my lip. "I think it was her...but she sounded so...wicked..vile..."I told him. "We told you the story didn't we? She was evil. Way evil then you can ever think." He said, clutching he's hand. "What did she say to you?" He asked, turning towards me. He's eyes blood red eyes scared me a bit. "To kill you guys." I whispered. He bit he's lip. "Will you do it?" He asked, shakily holding a hand to my cheek. "...Im not sure...but I have a question in mind." I whispered, staring at he's blood red eyes. "Yes?" He whispered calmly. "Am I going to die?" I asked scared. "Tai and I will make sure you both live." He whispered in my ear, hugging me. "I dont want to help you guys! Its just going to cost me my life! And also Madison's!" I heard Kiki shout inside the house. I bit my lip, wondering what Tai said to her. "Kiki doesn't want to risk her life." Hikaru answered for me. "Try talking to her in your mind, she wouldn't talk to Tai." Hikaru whispered, letting me go. I took in a deep breath and let it out slowly. "Concentrate." He whispered. 'Kiki...' I thought. 'How are you talking in my mind?' Kiki asked. 'Hikaru showed me.' I answered. 'Dont do anything with them anymore!' Kiki screamed. I flinched. 'I cant, Kiki! Dont you understand?! They need us to help them! God damnit Kiki! Why dont you ever want my opinion!' I shouted towards her. '...Because, I dont want you to get hurt again! Ever since Mom and Dad died you've been a wreck! I was happy when I could make you be happy, be excited again!' Kiki shouted, as I could hear her softly sobbing. I bit my lip, looking at Hikaru. 'Tai....Tai loves you don't you know?' I told her. She froze. 'He couldn't be able to love me, he only loves me because im he's formal lover.' She growled back. 'But do you look like he's formal lover?' I asked. '...No..' She whispered. 'Then how would you know?' I said to her. '...' The quietness from her gave me the idea that Tai came and reasoned with her. "Everything worked out?" Hikaru asked. "Yep." I said smiling. Hikaru looked up to me, he's eyes back to normal, a nice light shade of red. I looked down blushing a bit. 'Heh, im not the only one then.' I heard Kiki said to laughing. I glanced at her window to see Tai and her, smiling. I rolled my eyes at them, and looked at Hikaru. A flash back came into my mind. "Madison?" He whispered. "I'm sorry!" I shouted, and ran towards the beach, going paralle line from the waves coming to shore, tears sliding down her face. "Darkness here, Darkness there, Make me into the Angel of Dark." I sobbed, as black wings sprouted and I flew off, into my secret meadow. I stood there, staring at the lake at my reflection. Black hair barely touching the ground as my coal black eyes filled with tears. "Madison, what happened back there?" I heard Kiki's voice ask behind me. "I remembered him! I remembered him! I told myself I wouldnt remember him but I still did!" I shouted crying into her chest. "Shh, it's okay Madison..Its okay." She whispered into my ear, gently combing my hair. "Release the form of Darkness and Light." She whispered, as their Angel powers disappeared and she placed Madison on her back. A light snore came from me as she got home and placed me on her bed. "She'll be okay." I heard her whispered to someone. "...what happened back there?" I heard Hikaru's voice. "Maybe you should ask her tomorrow." Kiki said then closed the door. I heard a window open, and something carelessing my cheek. "I love you, Madison." He's voice soft, as I heard a note being placed on my desk, and the window closing. I opened my eyes to see a note, I picked it up and read it.
Dear Madison,
Seems like you can already guess who this is
But please do know
i dont love you just because your my formal reincarnation of my love!
I started loving you before I knew you were her!
I loved you when I first saw you.
I love you, Madison.
From, Anonymous
I gripped on the note for a bit, then closed my eyes. "I love you too, past memories are keeping me away from loving you." I whispered sadly, and went back to bed.

~End of Day 4, The 4th Rose~


"I really do hate, how much I love you."

"Love you so."

"No one will keep you from loving someone else!"

~Day 5~ 3rd Person [No one's POV]

"Hate that I love you. The 5th Rose"

Madison woke up to a small thud, she frowned as she remembered what had happened yesterday. " much...I you." [NOTE; NOT THE QUOTE D:,NOTE AGAIN; IT IS NOW THE QUOTE LOL] Madison mumbled, getting up, trailing the note placed on her desk. "Madison?" A voice behind her door asked. "Yes, Kiki?" Madison answered. "You going to be okay to go to school?" Kiki asked. "Yes." Madison replied. "Kay, see you at school." Kiki said. Madison heard a door shut, as she got up and changed. "Madison?" Another voice whispered quietly. She groaned. "What do you want?" She said coldly to him. "What's wrong?" He asked. "Nothings wrong Hikaru. Now leave." She said turning her back towards him, closing her bedroom door. "How come, you cant understand why...I love you much." He mumbled, jumping out of her window. During school, Madison completely blocked everyone out of her view. She didn't talk to anyone. She never felt so distance to anyone, not since her parents died. Kiki and Hikaru glanced at her everyonce in awhile, worried. As for Tai, he wasnt there at school that day. Even when Kiki and Madison got home, Madison just laid lifelessly on her bed, her eyes blank. More and more memories flew through her mind. From remembering him to remembering her parents. "Madison, I have enough of this quiet crap! Tell me what the heck is wrong!" Madison heard Hikaru shout at her, standing right next to her bed side. Her blank eyes looked at him for a bit, then looked back down. "Please, Madison. Kiki's been worried...I've been worried! And if Tai was here he'd be worried too!" Hikaru whispered, biting he's lip slightly. "I hate that I love you." Madison whispered, quietly. Hikaru didn't hear her almost. "Is this what it's all about?" He asked. Madison managed to nod. "...You know, if someone is keeping you from loving me, just know, no one will keep you from loving someone else." He whispered quietly, caressing her cheek. He kissed her on the cheek, and turned away. "I don't really care if something or someone is keeping you from loving me, but you need to know, its not that someone, something's choice, its yours." He said, placing something on her desk, then left out the window. Madison's blank eyes, slowly returned to normal. She stared at the rose and a note on her desk. "That wasnt there when I first came into my room." She mumbled, picking up the note.
Dear Madison,
Even when you down
I'll help you through
Even when your sad
I'll be there to comfort you
Even when your gone
I'll still be thinking about you
Even when you dont love me anymore
I'll still love you!
And never will love another person!
From, Anonymous.
"Hikaru..." She mumbled, picking up the rose. "The 5th rose." She whispered, placing the rose in the vase. "Guess I better ask just to make sure it's him." She said smiling, getting into bed.

"Good night, Madison."

"Good night, Kiki."

~End Day 5 "Hate that I love you. The 5th rose"~ [NOTE; SHORTEST CHAP EVER<3]


"So your-"

"So now what."


~Day 6~ Kiki's POV

"Anonymous person revealed! The 6th Rose!" [HAAHHA im lazy w ith this chapter o.x, so ima be this like...3 paragraphs long? Or less]

"WHY THE HELL ARE YOU GUYS HERE AGAIN?!" I shouted twitching horriblely. "Cause we're walking you to school." Tai answered. I twitched. "WE DONT NEED ANYONE TO WA-" I was cut off by Madison. "Kiki, your too loud!" She shouted from upstairs. "I DONT CARE, I HAVE THE RIGHT TO YELL!" I shouted upstairs to her. "ASDKJASL;DJLAKFJSDLKFJ!" Madison yelled, a bunch of words no one understood and came stomping down the stairs next to me. "Why are you guys here?" She asked combing her curly brown hair. "Walking you to school." Hikaru answered, as I twitched. I sighed, then went to get my backpack. "Let's go." I groaned walking out the door, Madison and Hikaru trailing behind & Tai right next to me. "Hikaru and I need to tell you something." Tai said, stopping, turning to I then Hikaru and Madison. "Yes?" Madison and I asked. "We're actually the two people who have been giving you roses. We really did love you guys BEFORE we found out you were our past loves." Tai said smiling alittle. "I already figured that out." Madison said, grinning, leaning her head on Hikaru's shoulder. "So your-" I began. "Yep." Tai said. I smiled and kissed him on the cheek. "I kind of guessed it was you." I said with a grin. He smiled. "So now what?" Madison asked. "We ditch school." I joked. "Actually...that's not a bad idea." Hikaru said, grabbing Madison's hand and ran to the nearest park. "HEY! WAIT UP!" Tai and I shouted chasing after them, laughing. All of us got to the park, tired, and panting. A smiled plasted on our face. "IM BOREDDDDDDDD!" Madison whined, as she sat on the swing boredly. "Same here." I said sitting on the other swing. Out of no where Tai and Hikaru, popped up, pushing Madison and I off the swings. "HEY!" We shouted, chasing after them, tackling them. Suddenly we all tensed up, and stood up and looked behind us. Glaring at the person there. Madison and Kiki's head turned slightly, as a rose gently flew away from their heads.

~End Day 6 "Anonymous person revealed! the 6th Rose!"


"Grr, how was this happening?!"

"I cant believe this."

"For the last time, WHY?!"

~Day 7~ Hikaru's POV

"Rainnie appears! [o_O well...she went 'pewf' after Madison had that dream >w<] The fight begins! The 7th Rose"

"Why are you here?!" Tai's voice scared Kiki as she stepped back. "Why did you come back?" I asked calmly. "Because its my mission to kill them." Rainnie said smirking. "Like we'd even let you come near them!" I shouted, pushing Madison behind me gently. "Psh, how cute." Rainnie said emphazing [sp<3] the word 'cute'. "It disgusts me." She growled feeling like throwing up. "Get the hell out of here." Tai growled, causing Kiki to move back alittle more. Fear shown brightly in her eyes as well as Madison's. I took a deep breath, blowing some of my white hair strans out of my way, then calmly summoned "Shiro". [Shiro=snowy]. The sword placed in my hands, as I got in a ready stance. Just as I was about to charge, Tai beat me to it. Throwing a punch at Rainnie. She easily blocked it, as Tai threw a kick. Quickly she did a backwards flip and smirked. "Impatient now aren't we?" She said laughing evily. Tai growled at her. "Madison, Kiki, get back." I told them, as they slowly backed away towards behind a tree. "Protective, Hikaru, and impatient, Tai. How will this go?" Rainnie said smirking, pulling out a dark colored sword. "The stars shines bright, but what consumes light, is darkness." "Darkness consumes light, but what comsumes darkness, is light." All three of us heard. "Kukari!"[Some made up word o-o combination of kuro and hikari >w<] Madison and Kiki shouted, their hands locked tight, in a prayer stance. Within seconds Rainnie was surrounded by a bright yellow and coal black color. "What?! What is this?!" Rainnie shouted shocked. "Suiki." [ANother made up word i will now make this word mean "Die, devil."] We heard again, with Rainnie's scream echo-ing. "Is she dead?" Tai asked, looking at the smoke. "No." I heard Kiki reply. I bit my lip, the my eyes widen. Just as Madison was about to be hit by a sword, Tai pushed her away, getting a slash across he's arm. "TAI!" Kiki, and I shouted, as Madison laid on the ground shocked. "Hmm, took a shot for Hikaru's lover eh? How about we make a deal. I kill you, the rest lives." Rainnie said smirking. My eyes widen. "Dont do it Tai!" I cried out. "Deal." Tai answered closing he's eyes. "Perfect." Rainnie said smirking, as Madison, Kiki, and I gasped. The rose that was left in Tai's pocket flew away from the wind.

~End Day 7 "Rainnie Appears! The fight begins! The 7th Rose."


"I loved you."

"So my life was not so perfect."

"You helped us complete ourselves."

~Day 8~ Tai's POV

"My last words. The 8th Rose."

"Before you kill me Rainnie." I said to her. "May I alteast say some words?" I asked. "Fine." She answered. I turned around to Kiki and Madison. "I know Hikaru and I have put you through all this trouble and pain. We're sorry about that. And if my life is going to end like this. I'd love to say I loved you, Kiki. I once did, and now I would regret. So to cause me to not regret. I don't want to do this. I hate you, Kiki. Always have, Always will. I know, I know, Hikaru, my life wasn't so perfect. I dealt with that. I also know, Hikaru, they, you helped us complete ourselves. Through everything, hardship, fear, and sometimes pain. I thank you for that. But I am so sorry, that I would leave you like this." I closed my eyes, then turned to Rainnie. "Kill me." I ordered, as she smirked, throwing her sword straight at my head. "NO!" Kiki cried, as Hikaru, suddenly, tackled Rainnie to the ground. Kiki in front of me, a spinning star reflecting the sword towards the tree, near Hikaru and I. "W-What are you guys doing?!" I cried out. "Helping you." Madison said smiling. "Kuro, devouer[SP]" Madison said grinning, as a black blanket covered up Rainnie, causing her to disappear right there. "She's gone." Hikaru, said smiling lightly. "Don't be so stupid next time!" Kiki shouted with a bit a anger in her voice, hitting me playfully on the arm. "I will stay stupid." I said laughing lightly, then hugged her. "Aww! GROUP HUG!" Madison shouted, happily, dragging Hikaru and hugged us. I smiled, but the moment was ruined by Hikaru's cellphone. "Hello...yes...yes...okay..WHAT?!...fine.." Hikaru mumbled into the phone. "Dad arranged a marriage between us." Hikaru said. "WHAT?!" All three of us shouted, a rose passing by us.

~End Day 8 "My Last Words. The 8th Rose."


"So...I need to pick out a bridesmaid?"



~Day 9~ Madison's POV

"Arranged marriage. The 9th Rose."

"....YOUR DAD DID WHAT?!" I shouted, twitching. "Ehehe, it's not our fault." Hikaru said with an anime sweatdrop. "RIGHHHHTT!" I shouted scarcastily. "I'M SERIOUSLY! IT'S NOT OUR FAULT!" Hikaru shouted growing a bigger anime sweatdrop. "Riiighhhhhhhhtttttttttt." I said smirking, as Hikaru groaned. "I get to atleast pick the dress right?" I said with a biggy eyes. "Yes." Hikaru answered. "WHAT?! I DONT WANT TO WEAR A DRESS!" Kiki cried, hiding behind Tai. Tai and Hikaru chuckled, as I smiled happily, Kiki still afraid behind Tai.
"Oh my goddd, that dress is pretttyyyy!" I stated looking at a simple blue dress, bows at the edges of the dress. "But that one is pretty tooo!" I cheered looking at a red dress, bows at the edge of the dress, at the waist was a white sash, a rose on the corner of the sash, and it was a sleeveless/strapless dress. [YAY FOR HORIRBLE DESCRIPTION<3] "SAVE.ME.FROM.THIS.TORTURE!" Kiki cried, as she tried running to the door, only to get caught by her best friend Rike [Rey-keh Girl btw] "Your not going any where til we pick out a dress." Rike ordered smirking. "NOOOOOOOO!" Kiki whined quietly, knowing if she yelled she'd be kicked outta the store along with Rike and Madison. "How about this one?" I asked, holding up a light pink one. A rose placed at the edges, with a red sash across the waist. "Simple enough, and cute ish." Kiki said sighing a bit. "Mkay, found my dress, now Kiki's!" I cheered with an evil grin. "Oh no...NONONONONO!" Kiki cried as she was pushed into the dressing room. Within seconds Kiki was drowned in the dresser with about 982734982734028734902837 dresses, trying on and getting them out. "STOP!" I cried out, grinning. "WHAT NOW?!" Kiki groaned quietly. "That dress it perfecttt~!" I sang, at the dark blue dress. The blackish, blueish rose petals trailed across the rim of the dress, and a black slash across the waist. "Ooo, its wayy perfectt~!" Rike sang giggling, as she pushed Kiki in the dresser, making her get out of the dress, and quickly back into her clothes. "Come on! Let's pay!" Rike and I said grabbing my dress and Kiki's dress towards the check out.

[Lazy FtW :D, ima try to find a pic of th dress tey chose later ^^]

~End Day 9 "Arranged Marriage. The 9th Rose."~


~Day 10~ No one's POV

"Happily ever after? I think not! The 10th Rose." {Preview}

"I never heard of a 'Happily Ever After' You know, that's only in books." Madison said laughing lightly. "How would you know! For all you know Happily ever after could happen!" Hikaru said pouting as everyone laughed.

~End Day 10 "Happily ever after? I think not! The 10th rose."


~Day 11~ No one's POV


"Lost of loved ones. The last Rose." {Preview}

"T-...Tai...?" Kiki's voice quivered as she stared in front of her. "Y-You C-C-Cant be..." She whispered, tears falling down.

~End day 11 "Lost of loved ones. The Last Rose."


~Epilouge~ Switches between POVS

"My Final Words. The 12th Rose." {Preview}

"Im sorry! Im sorry! Im sorry! Im sorry! Im sorry! Im sorry! Im sorry! Im sorry! Im sorry! Im sorry! Im Sorry! Im sorry! Im sorry!" Rainnie said repeating it over and over again. "I GET IT! WE FORGIVE YOU!" Kiki shouted with an anime sweatdrop.

~End Epilouge "My Final Words. The 12th Rose."

HAHAHAHAHAH I needed that cuz i keep misplacing my notebook that had the chap names o_o''' BACK TO BEING LAZY -runs off-
[lazyy right now LOL, also notice how kiki's and madison's personalitys chang in each chap >w<]
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i cant waittttttt D:
right now ima gonna go WRITE meh new storiii : )
on a peice of paper then type it no heree =}
that's meh idea!<3 :=D
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YAYYAYAyayAYYAYAY imma checking everyday on yuu so u bettah do ur job AND YUU KNOOOOO WAT IT ISH >:3

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everytimmee yu work on yur storiiiee I WILL WORK ON MINE TOOOO!
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ay_bay_bay wrote:

everytimmee yu work on yur storiiiee I WILL WORK ON MINE TOOOO!

lol DEAL >=D
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kintsuchl wrote:

ay_bay_bay wrote:

everytimmee yu work on yur storiiiee I WILL WORK ON MINE TOOOO!

lol DEAL >=D

OKAYY goood! c(:
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keep going.................xD
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o.o -LOST IT-


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WHHAAA! This story is so intimidating because of it's length O.o I just now started to read it xD I gathered the courage to conquer it!! >:D
I only read the first day though ^^'
I shall read the rest of it soon though =D
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wait ish it bout vampires? xD
roses......from.......a...vampire? o_o
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