GuiLun Fanfiction 8
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Posted 11/21/08 , edited 11/21/08
Time flies really fast and soon Aaron was back from Hong Kong.

GuiGui , Aaron, XiaoGui and FanFan were all promoting MIT...GuiGui and Aaron were the only ones in the backstage room resting.

GuiGui:(Pokes his arm) Yalun, you seem to have slim down quite a bit you know?

Aaron: Oh really? Well it can't be helped.My schedule has gotten really packed.

GuiGui:(walks away, thinks a while and replies) I am very scared.

Aaron:(gets up from his resting position and walks towards GuiGui) Scared? Why?

GuiGui:After promoting of MIT ends, i think i won't get to see you very often...Yalun...I don't want that to happen..

GuiGui sulks and stares at the floor while Aaron walks right behind her and wraps his arms around her waist.He moves his mouth closer to GuiGui's ears, smiles and whispers.

Aaron:Don't be scared.Don't fear.I will always always be here for you.Always accompanying you...

GuiGui turns around to face Aaron, only to realise that both of their faces were so close.She blushed and leaned her forehead against Aaron's.

GuiGui:You mean we can always go on dates?

Aaron:(smiling and staring into GuiGui eyes) Hmmhmph!And Gui...

GuiGui shifts her head away from Aaron's and tilits her head to one side and questioned Aaron

GuiGui: (Sulking) But...but it won't be fun...We got to hide from public...Away from reporters..and..and..

Aaron cuts in.

Aaron:(Hugs her tighter)GuiGui...I was thinking...Perhaps...We should annouce our relationship to the public?Then we won't have to hide from reporters or anyone...

GuiGui:(surprised) Can we?!

Aaron: (softly) Of course...As long as we...

He didn't complete his sentence but inches his lips towards GuiGui's with his arms still wrapped around her waist.GuiGui shuts her eyes and she feels his breath coming closer.His comforting presence made her smile...Their lips were about to touch when....

XiaoGui:WOW!There are so many fans~~MIT is famous!

Aaron and GuiGui jumped in shock as they moved away from one another blushing furiously.

XiaoGui and FanFan enters the room and sees both of them,cheeks redder than ever.

Xiao Gui walks over to both and them and points at GuiGui cheeks.

XiaoGui:(Studying her face carefully) Eh? Gui Mei, your cheeks....A little too red today! You didn't put to much blush did you?

FanFan walks over to and laughing really loud,she says

FanFan:Hah! XiaoGui, are you an idiot?Look at Aaron's face...It's red too!Hmm....Were your two....

GuiGui+Aaron: No we were not!

FanFan and XiaoGui were taken aback by the duo's response.FanFan laughs even louder as she plops into the chair.

FanFan: Then...Care to explain why both of your cheeks are soo soo soo red?

By now, Aaron's and GuiGui's ears were also very red.

GuiGui: Aiyo! FanFan Jie! We...We were...

Aaron:(interupts) Pinching each other cheeks!

GuiGui: (stops, then starts nodding furiously) Yea! Ya! Yup! We were pinching each other cheeks really hard~

XiaoGui:(starts laughing and nods) Yeah...Pinching each other's ears too?

GuiGui: GUI GE!

FanFan: Come on! Out with it! Could your two....Possibly be...Dating?

GuiGui+Aaron: DATING?!?!

The duo glared at each other.

GuiGui: Hah! FanFan Jie, are you kidding me? I?(points at Aaron) Like Him?

Aaron:(Frowns and turn to GuiGui) Hey hey hey, What do you mean by that?

GuiGui: I...(singals to Aaron she was just acting)

Aaron doesn't get her singal.He was too angry with GuiGui.What did she mean by a guy like him?

Aaron: Oi! Wu GuiGui! Let me tell you this! I am the bestest guy any girl can find alright? And I...

By now GuiGui was getting impatient.She didn't want FanFan and XiaoGui to know about their relationship.Well..At least not so soon.Being agitated, GuiGui blabbered all sorts of nonsense just to cover up Aaron's loopholes.

GuiGui: Hah! Aaron! Who do you think you are?! WangZi should be the best for me and Hebe should be the best for you!And...Stop your nonsense!

XiaoGui and FanFan watches in delight.This was definitely unlike the other arguements GuiGui and Aaron always had...This round...It seemed to be...A little bit more...couple-liked?

Aaron:(Angry)I...Who am I? WHO AM I?!?!OH LET ME SHOW YOU WHO I AM!

Before GuiGui could reply, Aaron's lips touches her.She struggles, but he is too strong.Holding her too tightly for her to escape.Then, she struggles less.And soon the struggling stops as GuiGui gives in...

The both were too engrossed in their kiss to notice or to actually remember that FanFan and XiaoGui were still present.The both of them stared at the couple in shock.They seriously didn't expect this scene..

XiaoGui:(whispering) Eh....FanFan Jie...I think we are like...In the wrong place?

FanFan:(Eyes not leaving the couple, and nodding and whispering) Yeah...Yeah...Lets go...

To Be Continued

Haha...I really didn't know how to continue the story...So i just came up with this.Anyway, I think i will be coming up with another Fanfiction...hehe.=)
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Posted 11/21/08 , edited 11/21/08
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i luv this!!! plz continue to write!!!
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omg! this is so ecstatic! especially the kiss!!!!
love the story!!!! keep up the good work!!!
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oh I read this in that is me if it's dai Kodocha2007 then it me
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yay this is the nicest soo far--keep writing!
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wow~ they were kissing in front of fan fan n xiao gui!hahahahahaha..update soon^^
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they kissing

plz update soon
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haha lol!~
rofl xiao gui n fanfan pops in. haha~

wana see guilun getting

enjoyed myself reading~
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