The Movie - HUGE spoilers!
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Posted 11/21/08 , edited 11/22/08
So I checked the threads and I don't think anyone else has started an official discussion on the movie, *YES SOMEONE HAS* ~mod

since it actually came out, so here it is! And I'm warning you, if you haven't seen the movie, this is your final chance to run away before you ruin the movie on yourself! Ruuuuun! Don't do it!


The main thing I can say is that I should not have been comparing it to the book, but I totally was the whole time! Grr! Some of the differences really bugged me, but it's impossible for a movie to be exactly like the book.

At first I didn't like how some of the characters were portrayed, but it is cool that they made the movie ethnically diverse. I didn't like how a lot of the "first meetings" went down (Jacob meeting Bella at the house?! and him not being the one to tell about the "cold ones"?! grr! that's crucial to the love triangle!!) and how the guys didn't seem as obsessed with Bella as they were in the book.

To me, Jasper was absolutely perfect! The expression on his face, loved it! Alice's ballet slippers and her dainty moves were pretty friggen good! I think Jacob was portrayed pretty well too, he is such a cutie! Edward, well I'm addicted to Edward and Rob Pattinson, so yeah ^-^
Jacob, Victoria and Laurent were all portrayed really well too!

Overall though, I need to see it again before I give my final rating! It went by way too fast for me, even though it was 2 hours long! It's probabaly because I had been waiting in line for 6 hours lol

(p.s. how cute was it that stephenie was in it? Love her ^-^)

So let's get this discussion going! Likes, dislikes, characters you loved, hated, indifferent, differences you liked, disliked, music, cinematography; everything!

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I honestly was expecting the movie to be one big cheese-fest and I expected to cringe the whole way through but I'm literally shocked at how much I loved it. SO much better than what I was expecting.

I thought Rob and Kristen played Edward and Bella very well. The awkwardness, carefulness, and desire was lovely. I thought Rob & Kristen did incredible jobs. They managed to turn some of the cheesiest dialogue into magic. And there were so many funny moments between them as E/B that I didn't expect.

The kiss=(holy sh**) A whole lot more intense and sexy than what I imagined.

I loved Charlie surprisingly (loved his 70's porn-shache) and it was exactly how I pictured his relationship with Bella to be. Plus the billy/charlie awkard fight= cute

The humans provided great comedy.

Eric=on crack. hilarious

Mike. Fricken. Newton. I thought he was so much fun in the movie. Plus the thing with the tree and him <3

Taylor's Jacob was much better than I expected.

I loved the introduction of the Cullens.Rosalie was a complete bitch which just made me love how Nikki played her. Ashley really is the perfect Alice. Whenever Kellan was in the background he would do something completely Emmett and made me laugh. Jackson was very good, very much like how i imagined jasper to be. Elizabeth as Esme was pretty good, she played the loving mother bit very well.

Even though he didn't have lots of lines, jackson is jasper. (the same goes for ashley)

This movie was a lot funnier than I thought it would be.

I thought the kitchen scene with the Cullens and Bella was PERFECT. The situation and the awkwardness and everything played out perfectly.

The first time we see Carlisle. *thud* Carlisle=DILF

The baseball scene. SO much fun to watch. Jacksper was looking fine.

The nomads were great.

The Prom=LOVE The glare between Edward and Jacob.The intensity and dislike was just amazing.

Victoria at the end! FIERCE! Can't wait for New Moon
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Posted 11/21/08 , edited 11/22/08
I actually told myself not to think of the book too much, just the plot itself as a whole. So at 10 at night, we grabbed some good seats in the theater and waited (I actually saw some of my old high school batch mates!). We all clapped and yada yada when the opening credits started. Yay!

To me, it was a good movie. You can't exactly please millions of fans of the book, so I think they did a really good job in bringing the characters to life.

The Cullens... Wow!! Ashley and Jackson were the perfect Alice and Jasper! PERFECT!

I was actually pretty scared of Rosalie when she would look at Bella... Nice job Nikki!!!

Emmett was such a teddy bear! Too bad there weren't enough scenes for him to show how entertaining he is (Love you Kelan!!)

Esme (Elizabeth) was gorgeous! Very matronly, especially when she ordered them to clean up the broken bowl... and how protective she was to Bella when the Nomads came... wooohoo!!

Carlisle (Peter)!!! Oh gosh!! When he entered the room, he was gorgeous!! Seriously! Like an angel just popped into the room and was so calm and beautiful!! I can understand Bella's expression of "the wind being knocked out of me" thing... The Cullens did knock the breath out of us...

And EDWARD!! Oh Rob... Great job! He was sooo good when he was saving Bella from the guys in Port Angeles! His emotions and expressions are soo real as if he was really really angry that someone is trying to hurt Kristen (well, I think he has a crush on her...ahahah... that's my view!) I think he did the best job anyone can do while looking mean and hot at the same time. Give him a break guys, he did what he did... Yay Edward!!!

I think they should have given the Cullens more time and lines in there... yeah...

The baseball scene looked really fun! Rose was scary when she looked at Bella... but pretty! Alice's ballet throw was really graceful! Jasper was awesome! Ugh... so fun to watch!

The ballet studio scene was the bomb! Smashing and throwing and burning and blood... weeee! Kristen was actually very good acting in pain without looking and sounding stupid. I was feeling her pain while she was screaming... It was so sad to see that, but we all know what happens right!... Hehehe.. Carlisle was very calm and when he asked Alice for her belt, he's a doctor alright! So beautiful! Alice was a beast (sorry for the use of that word)... but she just snapped it off!... Yeah Alice!!

Charlie and Renee were awesome! Billy Burke really portrayed Charlie really well in my taste... Really... And when he and Billy were horsing around while Jake meets Bella... wahaha... I payed attention to them, not to Jake and Bells... And he was really in pain when Bella ran out... awww!! But they were all funny too! I like Charlie's little moments!

Hmm, Jake... hmm... He was ok...Still childish... Could have had more lines... but great job Taylor!

The flashbacks were awesome! I felt sad at how pained Carlisle was when he was changing Edward... DId you guys see what they (Cullens) were wearing during Jacob's story? They were wearing such cute old outfits while hunting! And Edward as a vampire biting a human while Bella was "Googling" the cold ones... Rob was hot there! Ooh!

I had an inkling as to which songs were going to be used and at what scene it will be heard... And as I watched the movie, I was right!...ahahhaha...

The humans were cool... Nice Jessica and Angela... Eric needs to calm down and awww, Mike... poor Mike...

Nomads were scary! Sorry Victoria!

Oh! The funny lines were put in at the right times, like how Edward needed to be calmed down after Port Angeles.... seatbelt!...ahahaha... A clutsy Bella was funny too! Jokes were sweet!!

As you can see, I enjoyed the movie. I would like to see it a second time or perhaps wait for the DVD to come out so I can see things that I could have missed or would like to see again... The movie was good, really good, but keep in mind that a 500+ paged book made into a movie is not easy while keeping the fan base in check. I think the production was well made (although it looks rather 'cheap').

Let's all just enjoy the movie, ok! If you're not satisfied, then I'm sorry to hear that... Sorry for the long comment!
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Posted 11/21/08 , edited 11/22/08
-The ending hospital scene and the prom scene jsut made me cry like a baby.
-When Eddie is biting Bella and she is having memory flashbacks was so intese and sweet!
-Sparkle, can i say more DAZZLE
-Baseball scene most awesome scene ever in my opinion way better then what i imagined
Overall i loved it so much!
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Posted 11/21/08 , edited 11/22/08
One word- Amazing.

The book was better but the movie..just wow.

It was intense, funny, and really romantic.
The chemistry between Rob and Kristen made the love between Edward and Bella really believable.

It's pretty slow-paced in the very beginning but once Edward comes into the picture, totally worth it.

I couldn't stop smiling and giggling and it was pretty suspenseful too even if you read the book[:


Totally amazing <3

In pictures, the characters look hot.

But in the movie, they are sooooo dazzling!


Favorite parts-

Baseball scene! Way better than what I imagined!
The kiss! God damn that's hot!
The fight scene in the ballet studio!
Sparkle--need I say more?
Edward's crooked smile<3
Edward's room <33
Port Angeles!
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Posted 11/21/08 , edited 11/22/08
I think the movie was AMAZING!
(Of course, it can't compare to the book!)
I think the characters were protraited very well!
(I think Jasper and Alice was PERFECT!!)

Today when we watched the movie, me and my friends screamed when Edward came in:D
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Posted 11/21/08 , edited 11/22/08
i loved the movie and yes, i agree that it was a little to rushed but then again - it's a movie can't be perfect! i thought rob's acting was superb! everyone was really great too the movie had soo many details to look at - rob's many expressions towards kristen, kristen's breathing, carlisle &esme looking up before bella even talked - gosh! it was GREAT! :]

and when stephenie meyer came in! everyone in the theater : OMGG! STEPHHHENIEEE! :D

the end was. so. cool. THERE MUST BE NEW MOOON!! xD

and when mike was shaking his butt. ROFL.
Posted 11/21/08 , edited 11/22/08
The end was FUCKING SICK . i loved it !! it was ... okay so when i first watched the movie , it felt too rushed , too ... quick . and then when i watched the ending , it just made me change my whole mind and i was like , it was good . it was awesome.

and people were like , going WILD at the midnight premiere , it was mad . the screaming was like , LOUD , when rob came on . like , really loud :3

AND THE HUMANS ARE SO COOL ! like really . eric , mike , jess , they`re all hilarious !
- jessica and her boob thing ,
- eric in general ("bella , the worm ! ")
- mike , and yes , his butt shaking thing .
- BILLY AND CHARLIE ! they are the most funny shit ever ! i LOVE THEM ! charlie with his pepper spray obsession , and billy with the whole "i`m down with the kids" and all that speak . :D

and the BASEBALL SCENE , i LOVED supermassive black hole ! like , at first i was wondering how it would fit with twilight , but OME , it was perfect . it made it seem so wild , and awesome ... god . i loved it .

THE CULLENS WERE AWESOME TOO . nikki reed was so fierce , it was awesome , and even though i didn`t like her at first , elizabeth did REALLY well ! and , oh god , JACKSON . he had like , 2 lines , but the whole time , HE WAS AWESOME SHIT . i swear , during the movie , we just randomly started laughing at things that were NOT meant to be funny , and jasper was one of them . AND KELLAN ! oh god , his butcher knife ?! awesome ! and then the dance he did before the baseball game . OH , AND I LOVED HOW JACKSON TWIRLED THE BAT AROUND AT THE BASEBALL GAME . that was sick !

the sparkling was .. a bit iffy . like , it didn`t look like sparkling to me . so really , it looked like .. he had this really short layer of fur around his whole body . and it was just sparkling ... AND DID ANYONE ELSE HEAR LIKE , WINDCHIMES ? like , as if the sparkles in his body made sounds .

the nomads were AWESOME . like really . especially rachelle , i love her as victoria .

and rob+kristen are awesome , that goes without saying .

oh , and did anyone else think taylor looked like he was out of harry potter at the prom scene ? not that he looks like any of the actors , but how he was dressed ? well , i definitely thought so .

and once again , i loved the ending .
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Posted 11/22/08 , edited 11/22/08
Haha I totally agree with you! I tought the movie was like...beyond AWESOME! At first I was like, ugh, it mightnot be that good cuz they're leaving out a bit of parts, like the ones you mentioned. Then, when I saw it, I'm like WOAH! what was I thinking!? this movie is GREAT! haha but I couldn't help and squeel, laugh, scream, shout & yell during the funny, cute (edward & bella parts), and jacob parts. I didn't like jacob. Not just in the movie, but ever since I read New moon lol. Although, he wasn't that bad in the movie, I still wish he would just leave Bella alone lol. But ohter then that, I think pretty much all of the characters played their roles excellently, and actually portrayed them quite well. It's probably the closest they could've got from my image of them. However, overall I think the movie was great. I waited 6 months for it, ever since I heard it was coming out, and it was ALL WORTH IT!! Edward was.....well.Amazing, cute & hot. Lol.. From my point of view. I would give this movie a 5-star ranking. After all, I think from all of the movies I've seen, this one was the closest from the book. LOVED It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. I loved Jasper's face. ''The one in pain''
Lmfao!!! Everyone was cracking up when they saw his face. But it as cute. ^-^ he's adorable lol.

******************************************Love Twilight Saga. <3***********************************************
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Posted 11/22/08 , edited 11/22/08
i thought that the movie was gonna suck, but i was surprised by how good it actually was! i absolutely loved it!
the movie was really funny too and i just enjoyed the whole thing! i loved it at the beginning when bella accidentally hit jacob with the car door! that was really funny, just what i expected from bella. and the baseball scene was totally awesome!!! really cool, i loved it!
but i thought that edward was a little bit akward during the movie and not as smooth as he was in the book. but thats ok cuz he was totally hot! when this movie comes out on dvd im totally buying it lol. and i really cant wait for the rest of the movies either! once again, i really LOVED the movie!!!!!!!
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Posted 11/22/08 , edited 11/22/08
oh and one more thing...... stephanie meyer was in the movie? i dont remember seeing her. can someone pls tell me who she was playing and when she was in there
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Posted 11/22/08 , edited 11/22/08
OMG, you people HAVE TO see this! >=O

The advertisement:

It's SO funny!

WARNING: Twilight obsessed fans might not like this but if you can keep it down, you're cool.

And yeah, the movie was okay. I watched it after school because I'm not like those people who ditches school for a freakin' movie, and/or, wait at midnight outside the theater 'till the Twilight Movie is up.
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Posted 11/22/08 , edited 11/22/08
i thot it was a REALLLLLY good movie
but theyy were a lot of scenes they left out that i realllly wanted to see.
the good thingg is that they didnt leave tooo many crucial scenes out but i thinkk that the movie was to short.
but i think that the baseball scene was really goood.
it was deff better than i thot it would be.
andd some parts in the movie edward seemed like a creeper...
but other than that it was REALLLLLy good.
another thingg that bothered me was the SPECIAL EFFECTS!!
like the part when he was running was soooooo stupid.
that kinda ruinedd it.
i really liked who theyy chose for alice. she was good.
without the wig :)
the cullens were really good except for carlisle
he look kinda weird.
hahah he lookedd so manly
i <3333 it.

i cannottt wait for the other movies to come out :DDDD
Posted 11/22/08 , edited 11/22/08
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