Do you really know Smallville?
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Posted 11/21/08 , edited 11/21/08
Q1 What is Clark's Jersey number in the pilot episode?

1) 7
2) 8
3) 9
4) 3
5) 5

Q2 What was Lana Lang's real father's name?

1) Richard Lang
2) John Smith
3) Lewis Lang
4) Henry Small
5) Dan Lang

Q3 Pete's Mom did what for a living?

1) An Attorney
2) A detective
3) A Judge
4) A doctor
5) A Real estate

Q4 Who killed Genevieve Teague? (Trick question)

1) Lana Lang
2) Chloe Sullivan
3) Isabelle
4) Lois Lane
5) Lex Luthor

Q5 Where did the name 'Clark' come from?

1) Jonathon's uncle
2) Jonathon's brother
3) from Jor El
4) Martha's maiden name
5) Martha's cousin

Q6 In which order did Clark get his powers?

1) Heat Vision, Hearing, X-ray, Breath
2) Hearing, Heat Vision, X-ray, Breath
3) X-ray, Hearing, Heat Vision, and Breath
4) X-ray, Heat Vision, Hearing, and Breath
5) Breath, X-ray, Heat Vision, Hearing

Q7 What song is playing the three viewpoints of Promise, the wedding episode occurs?

1) You Could be Happy- Snow Patrol
2) Boston-Augustana
3) Don't Dream It's Over- Six Penence None the Richer
4) Opaline- Dishwalla
5) Whatever it Takes- Lifehouse

Q8 What did Lionel and then Lex give to each of their romantic conquest after the fact?

1) A sapphire ring
2) Opal necklace
3) A Kryptonite rock
4) A gold watch
5) Diamond Earrings

Q9 True or False: In some versions of the Superman mythology, Clark married Lana, not Lois.

1) True
2) False
3) or dont know

Q10 During the season 2 commentary on Red, who do Tom, Kristin, and Michael all accuse of dropping F-bombs?

1) Greg Beeman
2) Steven DeKnight
3) Michael Rosenbaum
4) Tom Welling
5) James Marshal

Q11 What do Tom and Michael do between takes according to the commentairies from Season 2?

1) Have water balloon fights
2) play prank on the Smallville Cast and Smallville Guest Cast
3) Do dueling Walkens (Impersonations of Christopher Walken)
4) Ride Motorcycles
5) Play pool

Q12 What cereal is Clark eating in the Pilot episode?

1) Honeycombs
2) Fruit Loops
3) Wheaties
4) Corn Flakes
5) Captain crunch
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