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How To:
You name something random(a location, a scenario, an object, could be anything) and the person after has to make a story with it.

like this:
a forest

while i was walking through a forest, i ran into a huge dragon and he immediatly got furious on me for no reason. while he was burning my butt, i got this great idea, i turned round and sticked out my tongue at him(so it wasn't that brilliant at all, man how big are my brains??) which mad ehim even more furious so he turned me into ashes......XP


ok, i'll start.

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i saw it yesterday, that scary hopping green came towards me....i screamed and ran away.....but then he came and saved me, i hugged him and asked him how i could thank him, he asked one thing.....a i gave him one on his cheek, and the most terrifying thing happened....he turned into a toad!!!!!! XP

well here's the next one:

talk without hearing (yea this one's deep)
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He was moving his mouth but I didn't hear anythin... "I want to get out of here" I screamed but nothing happend just like the other 99 times I've screamed. What was going to happen to me. Hanging in a glass box 10 metres above the ground. Why can't I hear him. "I want to get out of here". 101th time. Suddenly the box began to move to the ground. When it was 3 metres above the ground it suddenly stoped again. What now..... AAAAAAAH the bottom is opening an I can't hold to anything. What do I have to do?!?!?! I'm 3 metres above the ground. I felt... right into his arms XD

next one:
pink cactus
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i saw it in the window of that cute little shop, the ltimate gadget to get my revenge....heh heh.....finally i found I went inside the shop and bought that cute and stingy thing.
when I got back home I immediately put it in my big brothers bed.
later that night everyone in the neigbourhood wakes up because of a loud worked......*maniacal laugh*
my big brother runs into my room shouting angrily: 'WHY did you put this ugly pink cactus in my bed!!!!'
I answered him gently: ' because you said anime is for nerds.'

here's the next word:

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