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Kyuhyun stared at the computer. It was flashing ‘Game Over’ on the screen. He was left alone for the day as his hyungs went for a performance today. Yesterday he spent his time playing games on the computer, reading a book and spending some time with vocal practice. At night, he waited for his hyungs at the sofa, leaving the television that was showing Super Junior performances switched on. He didn’t want to sleep in the apartment alone. It was not the emptiness that scared him. It was the fear that his hyungs might not return.

This action was something he did often before his debut when he often found himself home alone. He wanted to be reassured that he was not left alone. It was a fear that resulted from his father leaving in the middle of the night that made Kyuhyun bid at least one of his hyungs good night before retreating to his bed. Kyuhyun knew that it was an unreasonable fear, but no one said that fears had to make sense.

Kyuhyun looked around him. The day was still early. It would be at least another four hours before his hyungs would be back. Now he knew how Hankyung-hyung and Heechul-hyung felt whenever they performed without them. Maybe I should do something for them. Anything beats sitting here with nothing to do.

Kyuhyun ventured into the kitchen, wondering if he could make dinner for them. First he needed to check if there was enough food for thirteen people. The fridge was almost empty. Kyuhyun closed the fridge door, pondering on his next step. Should he head for the supermarket down the road or wait for his hyungs to come back? Kyuhyun knew that Eeteuk-hyung would prefer that he stayed and waited for them, instead of venturing out on his own. It was a wonder that Eeteuk-hyung didn’t tell him to stay home and not go out before they left in the morning.

But Kyuhyun wanted to surprise them. Kyuhyun wanted to thank his hyungs for being there with him throughout his recovery, which he knew was not over yet. Spending the days alone had given Kyuhyun a lot of time to think about the things that had occurred to him in his life. He thought about the accident. He thought about the things he remembered in his fevered dreams. He thought about his hyungs who continued to stay by him even when Kyuhyun knew that he made them frustrated with his non-existent answers regarding his past. He remembered all the smiles on his hyungs’ faces over the little things he did, even if Kyuhyun didn’t see the jokes in his actions. Kyuhyun remembered their picnic, his hyungs’ comforting presence that had surrounded him even before the accident. Kyuhyun had refused to believe that those would last in the past.

But now, he finally saw what was in front of him. It had been glaring at his face, and yet time and time again Kyuhyun chose to ignore it. He chose to believe the words of people who should not even matter to him. He had a family, a family complete with Appa and Umma, a family where he would never feel alone or bored with, a family which chose to always be by his side. He was no longer alone in the world. He had a family. Kyuhyun giggled to himself, loving the feel of the word ‘family’ rolling off his tongue.

Making up his mind, Kyuhyun grabbed his favourite cap from his bedroom. He wrote a message and stuck it on the wall, remembering his promise with Eeteuk-hyung and Hankyung-hyung since his unexpected disappearance that day. Looking at where he stuck the note, Kyuhyun thought. Most likely only Siwon-hyung will see the note. Wondering for a moment if he should stick the note somewhere else, Kyuhyun shrugged. Besides, I’m going to message Eeteuk-hyung and Hankyung-hyung. Kyuhyun sent the message to his hyungs and left the house.

Walking down the street to the supermarket, Kyuhyun thought about what he should get from the supermarket for dinner. It was not the first time he was cooking, but it was the first time he was cooking for thirteen people. But there was a smile on his face. He couldn’t wait for his hyungs to come back and see what he had made for them. If he could, Kyuhyun would have bounced down the road. He did not notice all the giggles and pointing around him in the supermarket as he was engrossed in finding the ingredients for dinner tonight. Satisfied with the bags of food that he had bought, Kyuhyun flashed a smile at the cashier lady, glancing at his watch. There’s just enough time for me to get back to the dorm and make dinner.

Kyuhyun exited the supermarket excitedly. Humming a song under his breath, Kyuhyun made his way back to the dorm.
“Watch out!”
A scream echoed in Kyuhyun’s ears. He spun around. He witnessed in slow motion a body getting slammed in the back by a sports car, the bags of food slipping out of his hands. He saw the pain etched to the boy’s face, a boy who couldn’t be older than him. He heard the sickening crunch of the bones as the boy hit the floor. Time froze around him.
No, this can’t be happening again.
Kyuhyun dashed across the road, not caring if there were cars on the road, ignoring the pain in his hips. The cap fell off his head as he kneeled down next to the foreign boy. He vaguely heard someone around him call for an ambulance. The boy was bleeding badly from the open wounds and a serious head injury. Kyuhyun ripped his jacket off, pressing it tight against the head wound.
He’s not going to die. He’s not going to die.

The boy was gasping something. Kyuhyun leaned forward to hear.
“No, don’t tell me. Tell them yourself.”
Kyuhyun choked a little on his words, but he wanted the boy to hold on.
“You…can do it. You will tell them yourself.”
Kyuhyun said again, wanting to put his words across to the boy. He wanted the boy to find the strength in him to survive. Kyuhyun wanted to look around for the ambulance, but he was afraid that if he lifted his gaze off the boy for one moment, the boy would be lost to him forever. It was what happened with Jong Ki.

His jacket was getting soaked with blood. He could feel the warm sticky liquid on his hands.
“Hyung! Don’t die! You can’t leave me alone!”
His voice echoed in his head.
“No, you can’t die. You can’t die.”
Kyuhyun mumbled to the boy as he was being carried up the ambulance. He had followed the boy up the ambulance, holding the bloodied jacket in his hands. The paramedics wanted to make sure that Kyuhyun was not hurt as well, but right now, their priority was the boy.

Kyuhyun was left on a hospital bed, forgotten as the doctors and nurses focused on the boy. Kyuhyun knew that he was going into shock when the world around him turned silent – just like it did when he met with the car accident – but he made no move. Kyuhyun could distinctly remember his terror at being woken up with a sharp pain in his back. He remembered the panic when he couldn’t find any of his hyungs, only seeing the dark sky above him. He wanted to move, but it hurt to even breathe. However, compared to the pain, the fear that something horrible had occurred to his hyungs overwhelmed him.

Kyuhyun did not pay attention to the doctor and nurse that were tending to him. The jacket was removed from his hands and the blood was washed off his hands. They wanted to make sure that he was not injured. After checking, the doctor found no wounds on him and proceeded to sign him as an out-patient. Although the doctor knew that Kyuhyun was in shock, not knowing his past, the doctor decided to just let the shock wear off.

Kyuhyun followed the nurse stoically to the waiting area where a family sat. Kyuhyun spared no glance at them, still absorbed in his own world. He did not hear his phone ringing in his jacket, which was handed back to him by the nurse.
The nurse was worried at the boy in front of her. She didn’t feel comfortable leaving him alone when he was unresponsive to the world around him.
“Sir, your phone is ringing.”
The nurse said, although cell phones were not allowed in that area of the hospital. They had gotten his name, the only time he spoke to them. Looking at his condition, the nurse answered the phone call, hoping that it was someone – preferably his emergency contact – who could come over to the hospital straight away.

Kibum, Siwon, Donghae and Eunhyuk ran straight to the counter once they had paid the driver.
“Excuse me, where can I find Cho Kyuhyun?”
Siwon asked the nurse behind the counter, while the other three looked around the emergency department trying to find their magnae.
Eunhyuk exclaimed, pointing to a figure sitting on the plastic chairs.

Kyuhyun was leaning on the chair, staring at the white wall in front of him, but not seeing it at all. They dashed towards Kyuhyun, wondering what exactly happened. The police only told them that one boy was critically injured from the accident while two boys were sent to the hospital.
Kibum and Donghae shouted, ignoring the fact that they were in the hospital.

Kyuhyun was stuck in the position on the floor, staring at the sky. He wanted so much to move and find his hyungs, but he couldn’t. As he was about to panic, a shout pierced through his mind.

Kyuhyun snapped his head up in the direction of the voice. He saw four figures running towards him.
Kyuhyun sprang up from the seat, wanting to dash to his hyungs as he did not want to be trapped in the silent world again. But his body was not ready for the sudden movement and his hips could not support the sudden weight. Kyuhyun fell forward, losing his balance. Siwon ran faster, seeing Kyuhyun fall. He managed to reach Kyuhyun, lifting him up in his arms.
“Are you okay?”
Siwon asked worriedly, setting Kyuhyun back on the ground. He held Kyuhyun by the shoulders, holding him at a distance and scanning his dongsaeng for any injuries.

Siwon registered the blood on Kyuhyun’s shirt. Siwon was scared by the large amount of blood that was soaked in the pale blue shirt. By then, the other three have reached the two, surrounding them. Kyuhyun got over the sudden shock of falling to register that four of his hyungs were standing in front of him.
Kyuhyun turned his head around to see Donghae, Kibum and Eunhyuk.
Before Siwon could comment on the blood, Kyuhyun pounced onto Eunhyuk, the remnants of the accident still fresh in his mind.
Eunhyuk was not prepared for Kyuhyun to jump on him that suddenly. Donghae stabled him from the back. Eunhyuk wrapped his arms around Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun hugged Eunhyuk and was reassured that that was simply his memory and that things were alright now.

It was then that Kyuhyun let the events that occurred tonight occupy his mind. He could still see the body flying through the air after being hit by the car. Kyuhyun shut his eyes, burying his head in Eunhyuk’s shoulders. Eunhyuk tightened his hold on Kyuhyun, feeling the trembling going through his dongsaeng’s body. Kibum flashed a worried look to Eunhyuk as he patted Kyuhyun on his back. They didn’t know what was going on. They had no details about the accident or Kyuhyun’s involvement.

Siwon looked around for a nurse or someone who could give him some insight about what had happened, choosing to focus his attention on something that he could do then. Siwon had concluded then that the blood did not belong to his dongsaeng, making him sigh mentally in relief. The nurse who was tending to Kyuhyun previously had returned from attending to her duties. Siwon talked to her, finding out that Kyuhyun had been at the scene of the accident and learning that his dongsaeng had helped to keep the injured boy alive to the hospital. The nurse told Siwon that Kyuhyun was in shock, but it would most likely wear off soon, seeing that he was finally reacting to his surroundings. Siwon returned to the group, after thanking the nurse. He repeated what the nurse had told him, stunning the three with the similarity of this accident with the one that had killed Kyuhyun’s best friend. It was no wonder that Kyuhyun went into shock.

Kibum said, wanting Kyuhyun to lift his head from Eunhyuk’s shoulders. But before Kibum could say more, the light from the surgery room went off. The family that had been sitting at the other chairs stood up.
For some reason, Kibum found his attention being drawn towards them. Kibum watched as the doctor spoke to the family. The mother – or who Kibum assumed was the mother – collapsed into her husband’s arms with the devastating news from the doctor. The family disappeared into the room. Kibum continued to stare at the flapping door long after the family had entered the room.
Donghae called, wondering why Kibum was staring at the door.
“Your phone is ringing.”
Kibum looked down, and indeed his phone was ringing and vibrating in his pocket. Eeteuk-hyung. Kibum answered the call.

“Hello, Teukie-hyung?”
“Kibum, did you find him?”
“We’ve found him at the hospital. He’s uninjured.”
Kibum wondered if he should explain what happened through the phone.
Kibum decided to not tell Eeteuk that although Kyuhyun had no visible injury, his mental state was something they had to watch out for. Kibum could hear Eeteuk telling the other members that they had found Kyuhyun.
“Hyung, is it possible to send someone with the van over to the hospital? We won’t be able to fit in to one taxi as there are five of us here.”
“Sure. Just wait at the hospital. Someone will be there to fetch you all.”
Kibum hung up the call, turning back to the rest.

Kyuhyun was still buried in Eunhyuk’s embrace with Siwon hovering around. Donghae was behind Eunhyuk where he had been trying to make Kyuhyun lift his head and speak to them before he turned his attention to Kibum.
“Was it Teukie-Umma?”
Kibum nodded, telling them that they had to wait for a while for someone to pick them. Siwon and Eunhyuk nodded their heads while Kyuhyun did not appear to have heard him at all. Donghae turned to Kibum, pulling him closer to them. Donghae wondered if he should say something to Kyuhyun, instead of just letting Kyuhyun stay in Eunhyuk’s embrace. But he didn’t know what to say. All he knew was that he was thankful that their magnae was not hurt.

Kyuhyun was not crying. He only wanted to seek comfort from his hyungs, something that he did not have when Jong Ki died in the car accident. The door opened and the lady walked out of it. She seemed upset, yet comforted. She headed towards the group with Donghae and Kibum immediately forming a wall in front of Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun as they remembered what happened to Kyuhyun previously with his best friend’s family.
Kyuhyun shifted his head out a little at the foreign voice.
“I would just like to thank you for letting us have a chance to bid our child goodbye.”
The lady bowed at them and left, leaving them bewildered at her actions.

Kyuhyun buried his head into Eunhyuk’s shoulders again, upset at the news that the boy had passed away. He had failed. He had failed Jong-hyung. And now, he had failed the boy as well. He could never do anything right. The rest did not understand Kyuhyun’s reaction as they thought that the lady was merely praising Kyuhyun for his actions. Eunhyuk looked at Kyuhyun, worried about the trembling boy in his arms.
“Kyuhyun, are you okay?”
A slight shake of his head from Kyuhyun increased the worries in the other four, as well as created conflicting emotions. They were shocked that Kyuhyun admitted that he was not fine, but they were also worried that he was not fine.
“Let’s head out to wait for the van.”
Siwon said, not wanting to remain in the dreary atmosphere of the hospital any more.

Eunhyuk tried to move, but found it impossible with Kyuhyun hanging so tightly to him. Not once had Kyuhyun relinquished his hold on Eunhyuk since he clung onto Eunhyuk when he first saw him.
“Kyu, we need to move.”
Kyuhyun shook his head, refusing to let go.
“Don’t leave me Hyung.”
Kyuhyun didn’t want to leave the comforting embrace that chased the fears away from his mind even if it sill lingered a little in his heart.
“We’re not leaving you. We’re heading home with you.”
Kibum said from Eunhyuk’s side, remembering Kyuhyun’s reaction to the word ‘home’ the previous time.
Kyuhyun lifted his head, looking at Kibum as if to confirm his words. Slowly, Kyuhyun released his grip on Eunhyuk, turning out to face the rest.

It was then that Kibum, Donghae and Eunhyuk saw the blood on Kyuhyun’s shirt. It had dried by then but some had managed to transfer onto Eunhyuk’s shirt.
“Kyuhyun! Are you injured?”
Eunhyuk exclaimed, terrified by the blood. Kyuhyun looked down and gently shook his head.
“They’re not mine.”
Kyuhyun refused to elaborate further, but Eunhyuk deduced that it belonged to the boy. He kept his silence, knowing that Kyuhyun was not ready to say anything yet to anyone.
“Alright, let’s head home.”
Donghae stood in front of Kyuhyun, placing his beanie on top of Kyuhyun’s head. He smiled at Kyuhyun, wanting to alleviate the fear in Kyuhyun. Siwon wrapped his jacket around Kyuhyun – one to cover the blood and two to offer some comfort to Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun nodded, taking a tentative step forward.

Kyuhyun gripped onto Eunhyuk’s arm tightly as he walked, his body protesting against the movement. Kibum hung back, picking up Kyuhyun’s jacket from the floor where it had fallen when Kyuhyun stood up. He wondered if Kyuhyun still wanted the jacket as it was soaked – although the blood had dried – but Kibum just took it with him just in case. He turned, about to leave when he felt someone staring at him. He spun around, but there was no one.
Am I being paranoid?
“Bummie, what are you doing?”
Donghae had noticed the absence of their other magnae. Kibum turned to Donghae, shaking his head as he ran to catch up.
I need more sleep. I’m starting to imagine things.

Unknown to the rest and Kibum, someone was staring at them.
How could I forget about you?
The dark figure hidden at a corner turned away, answering another person.
You will be the one to help me.

Kangin kept staring at the rear view mirror, wanting to ask if Kyuhyun was really okay, but not daring to voice out his words. Kyuhyun remained wrapped in Siwon’s jacket as they made their way up the lift to their dorm.
Everyone had been waiting anxiously ever since Eeteuk called them to tell them to come home as Kyuhyun was found. They returned back to the dorm thinking that Kyuhyun would be at the dorm, only to find Eeteuk and Heechul sitting restlessly by the phone. Upon further clarification, they learned that Kyuhyun had been caught up with another accident and was now at the hospital.

Before Hankyung could rush out of the house, Heechul said that Kyuhyun was fine and was being released. Hankyung still wanted to dash out and find his dongsaeng to wrap him in his arms. He had not been there when it had first happened to Kyuhyun. He had not understood Kyuhyun when Kyuhyun had been upset on the anniversary of Jong Ki’s death. But he would be there for him now. Kyuhyun would not be alone.

Just then, Eeteuk shouted at them that the four had found Kyuhyun and that he was uninjured. The subdued atmosphere in the dorm was lifted, but for some, they had caught the use of the word ‘uninjured’. It meant to them that Kyuhyun was still hurt, just not in the physical way. All of them fought to be the one to drive to the hospital to pick the five up, but Kangin won out in the end because everyone trusted his driving skills. Hankyung went into the kitchen to cook, as it was the only way he thought of to relieve the tension in him.

Kyuhyun continued to latch on Eunhyuk as they entered the dorm with the rest immediately clamouring around them. Heechul hushed all of them, making them make way for the six to enter. It was only when they had made it about halfway into the dorm that Kyuhyun let go of Eunhyuk, finding himself back in familiar grounds.
“Kyuhyun, do you need anything?”
Eunhyuk asked Kyuhyun.
“Can I go and bathe?”
Kyuhyun asked, as if it was an embarrassing question. Eunhyuk looked around. The rest didn’t seem willing to let Kyuhyun out of their sight as yet.
“Go ahead, Kyu. We’ll be here.”
Kibum answered the question, knowing that Kyuhyun must feel uncomfortable in his bloodied shirt. It was lucky that the rest had not caught sight of it yet. Kyuhyun threw a grateful look at Kibum and stumbled away. Donghae ran after him, supporting him. It was the simple action that did not occur – the act of rejecting the help – that alarmed the rest.

“What happened at the hospital?”
Heechul turned to the five.
“We weren’t really sure what had occurred during the accident when we arrived at the hospital. But Siwon managed to find out some details from a nurse.”
Eyes turned from Eunhyuk to Siwon.
“She said that…”

Siwon’s explanation captured their attention, some of them shocked at the similarity of this accident with Jong Ki’s one just like how the others had been. He even explained the mother’s actions to them, stating that Kyuhyun looked even more upset hearing those words. Sungmin frowned at those words.
“So it means that the boy didn’t survive?”
His words came out as a whisper, though they were heard by all.

Eunhyuk turned towards him, with eyes opened wide. He had not considered that. His mind had only registered the fact that Kyuhyun had helped the boy to survive to the hospital.
“And knowing him, he would probably be wondering why he couldn’t save the boy.”
Hankyung mumbled the strangled words out.

Sungmin looked up to the ceiling. Why does this always happen to him?

Kyuhyun stood in the shower, scrubbing his body. He wanted to get rid of the sticky feeling on his body. He scrubbed and scrubbed, not caring that his body was turning red, or that his hips were getting painful. He knew that he didn’t have to face it alone, but he was still not used to the fact that there were people around him who cared for him. Water rolled down his face as he scrubbed, tears mixing in between as well. The water allowed Kyuhyun to believe that he was not crying.

“Kyuhyunnie, are you done?”
Donghae’s voice travelled through the door, snapping Kyuhyun out of his cleaning obsession.
“Coming, Hyung.”
He quickly answered, not wanting Donghae to dash into the bathroom, and not wanting to worry his hyungs even more. He turned off the water, resisting the urge to remain in the shower.

Kyuhyun quickly dried himself and dressed. More than once, he wanted to step back into the shower. He still didn’t feel clean enough. The blood was vaguely visible in his eyes. As he turned to pick up the clothes, he hesitated when he saw the blood. He backed away from the clothes, hitting the door.
He composed himself and opened the door. Donghae scanned Kyuhyun, noting the long sleeve shirt and pants that Kyuhyun was wearing and more importantly, the pale face of his dongsaeng. Kyuhyun forced a smile at Donghae, letting Donghae lead him back to the living room. Donghae spared a glance at the abandoned clothes on the ground. He would deal with those later.

Kyuhyun didn’t want to be alone right now. He was placed on the sofa, squashed between Eeteuk and Heechul. Hankyung came into the room, with the help of the others, and served dinner. Kyuhyun shook his head at the food, not having the energy in him to swallow. But with Heechul's wide eyes staring at him, Kyuhyun accepted a bowl of porridge from Heechul.

He knew that his hyungs were all worried about him, but he simply had no energy in him to lay their worries to rest. Kyuhyun took a few bites before setting the bowl back on the table. It was not that Hankyung's cooking today was horrible. It was just tasteless in his mouth. He was supposed to be the one who was cooking dinner for them tonight, and instead, he was the one who was making all of them wear that frown on their faces right now. I never do anything right.

Kyuhyun wanted to curl up in his bed and forget everything that had happened today.
Kyuhyun shook his head, indicating that he did not want to say anything now. He knew that his hyungs were there for him, but he didn’t know how to accept the help.
If he's not going to make the first move, then I will.
Heechul pulled him into his arms, allowing Kyuhyun to bury his face in his chest. Kyuhyun did not protest to that embrace; willingly bury himself in Heechul's arms.
I'm not alone.
The tears that he kept back at the hospital flowed as the fears from witnessing the accident came back on full force. No one had the appetite to eat that night, watching and guarding their youngest as he closed himself from the world.

"Hello? Get me the address of this woman."
A gruff voice spoke into the cell phone. The person nodded and hung up the phone.
"So, she's still living in that house. I would have thought that she moved out with all her success with her company. Well, it's time to pay her a visit."

Kyuhyun woke up in the middle of the night, his eyes snapping open from shock. There was a body flying through the air in his mind as he fell further from the body.
His mind was replaying the scene from that fateful day, the day which made him close the doors to his heart. The despair at not being able to do anything except cry, the knowledge that he was not enough to save his one and only friend – these feelings swarmed Kyuhyun, drowning him.

He looked down at his hands, feeling the wet, sticky – even warm – liquid on them. It was dark, but Kyuhyun could almost see it dripping from his hands. He scrabbled off the bed – not even bothering to wonder how he got there in the first place – and ran to the bathroom.

Hankyung felt someone move around and sleepily opened his eyes. He had claimed the place to be next to Kyuhyun for the night besides Heechul. He saw Kyuhyun staring at his hands, which puzzled him as there was nothing in Kyuhyun's hand.
Hankyung called out, but Kyuhyun did not seem to have heard him. Instead, Kyuhyun climbed off the bed, away from Heechul's embrace and ran out of the room. Hankyung wondered how Kyuhyun managed in the darkness to move so quickly as he tried to chase after him.

Heechul was shaken awake by Kyuhyun's actions and looked around him. The room was empty. The drowsiness forgotten, Heechul got out of the room to look for Hankyung and Kyuhyun, turning on the lights as he moved down the corridor.
"Kyuhyun! What are you doing?"
Hankyung found Kyuhyun in the bathroom, frantically washing his hands.
"Getting rid of the blood."
Kyuhyun answered without looking up from the sink.
Blood? What blood?
Hankyung took a step forward to be next to Kyuhyun.
There was nothing red in the sink. Only bubbles of soap flowing down the pipe and his dongsaeng's hands that were turning red from all the washing.

But Kyuhyun was rubbing vigorously at his hands, as if trying to scrap off some invisible blood from his hands. Hankyung grabbed his hands, stopping him from causing injury to himself.
"Hyung, what are you doing? Let me go. I need to wash it off."
Kyuhyun struggled against his hold, the faint feeling of the blood still on his hands.
"Kyu, there's nothing on your hands! Nothing at all! You're just going to rub your skin off if you continue like that!"
"Can't you see it Hyung? It's there on my hands!"
Kyuhyun nodded his head towards his hands hysterically.
I need to wash it off. I need to wash it off. It's his blood. It's his blood. It's Jong-hyung's blood. No. Come off. Why doesn’t it come off?

Kyuhyun kept squirming, using his fingers to try and scrap off the remnants of the dried blood. He dug so hard that his skin tore, leaving streaks of blood forming on his hands, but Kyuhyun did not notice. All he wanted was to get rid of the constricting feeling on his hands.

Hankyung was shocked. He immediately slammed Kyuhyun's hands up against the wall separately. It hurt Hankyung to slam his dongsaeng's still weak body against the wall, knowing that it would hurt him. But that was the only thing he could do then to stop his dongsaeng from scratching himself further.

Heechul reached the bathroom, wondering what the two could be doing in the bathroom.
"Hannie? Kyu? What are you…"
Heechul called out as he turned into the bathroom. He stopped.

Hankyung had pinned Kyuhyun against the wall with Kyuhyun's arms stretched out above him and Kyuhyun was struggling.


The dark figure stared at his phone.

I still have his number. It’s time for a meeting. A reunion after all these years. They will definitely come.

“Appa, what are you doing there?”

“Oh, nothing. Just thinking about something.”

“Come sit next to me and read me a story?”


The figure walked closer to the child, sitting down on the chair next to the child and began reading the story.

“Once upon a time...”

A voice echoed in the quiet dorm of Super Junior where ten of the thirteen members were soundly asleep. Kibum jerked awake. He had always been a light sleeper. His motions shook his sleeping partner – Siwon – awake as well.


“I thought I heard Heechul-hyung scream.”

Siwon was confused. Why would Heechul-hyung be screaming in the middle of the night? Isn’t he sleeping with Kyu now?

Then Siwon really woke up.

“Could something have happened to Kyuhyun?”

They looked at each other and scrambled off the blankets they were sleeping on. Because they were in a hurry and it was so dark, both of them tripped over some of the other members on their way.



“Sorry Hyung!” Kibum said as he continued on his way.

“What’s happening?”

Donghae sat up, with a questioning look on his face. He was sleeping near the edge of the living room and was woken up by the chaos occurring next to him. No one answered him because everyone was puzzled, and the two who had any inkling were gone. Ryeowook sat up from his place, rubbing his eyes. He had no idea why he was awake in the middle of the night.

“Hannie, what are you doing to him?”

Now, they all heard Heechul’s voice loud and clear. They jumped up from their positions on the floor. By the time they got there, the scene was already a disaster.
“Hannie, what are you doing to him?”

Heechul shouted as he got over the shock of seeing Kyuhyun pinned under Hankyung.

“Hyung, it’s not what it seems like! Help me! I’ll explain everything later!”

Hankyung could not stop Kyuhyun from panicking under his arms. But he was afraid that if he let go of Kyuhyun, Kyuhyun would return to his scratching. Heechul was confused as it really didn’t seem like Hankyung needed any help and the position really made people’s – his – imagination run wild.

But Heechul saw the panicked look on Hankyung’s face and chose to believe his dongsaeng’s words, especially since he knew that Hankyung would never hurt anyone he loves willingly. Kyuhyun was still struggling vigorously against Hankyung’s hold, even though it hurt him to move. When Hankyung first slammed him against the wall, he accidentally hit his injury.

“Hyung, help me convince him that there’s no blood on his hand.”

Hankyung pleaded, knowing that in his state of panic, he would most likely start spouting in Chinese, which would do nothing to calm Kyuhyun down.

It was a weird sight that Eeteuk and Kangin arrived at. Eeteuk had been the first to react to the scream, as he was not sleeping soundly. He was too worried about Kyuhyun to allow his body to rest completely. With Eeteuk came Kangin who had appointed himself as the keeper of their residential Umma. Both of them dashed towards the bathroom after hearing Heechul’s scream, correctly pinpointing the area Heechul was at.

Hankyung still had Kyuhyun pinned against the wall and Heechul was on the left side of Kyuhyun, saying something to him.

“What’s going on?”

Eeteuk asked but received no answer.

“Kyuhyun ah, there really is nothing on your hands.”

Kyuhyun shook his head, mumbling.

“Let me go. Let me go. Please just let me go.”

He had not caught a single word that Heechul was telling him.

“No, please just let me go.”

Hankyung was so shocked by the words that he immediately obeyed Kyuhyun’s request. Kyuhyun would have fallen to the ground as he was not ready to be released so suddenly if not for Heechul catching him as he fell. But Kyuhyun reacted strongly to the touch. He pushed Heechul off him instantaneously. Heechul was stunned. He did not resist the push at all.

This was the scene that the rest had arrived at. All were shocked to see their magnae push Heechul. Pushing Heechul was not something anyone in their right mind would do and no one had ever attempted to do so, let alone their quiet and timid magnae. But Siwon reacted in time to break Heechul’s fall.

“Hyung, are you okay?”

Heechul nodded his head, although he was still trying to comprehend what happened. Did he just push me?

“No! Don’t hurt me!”

Kyuhyun shouted out as he huddled on the floor, pulling his legs close to him.

Hankyung backed away, taking small steps until he hit the sink. He really didn’t expect that from Kyuhyun. He didn’t know that his actions would cause Kyuhyun to be so scared. Hankyung’s knuckles turned white with his tight grip on the sink. Kibum and Ryeowook ran to their magnae, though they were careful when they got closer to him. Heechul continued to stay in Siwon’s embrace as the memory of being pushed away is still fresh in his mind.

“Kyu, we’re not going to hurt you.”

Kibum kneeled down beside Kyuhyun.

“Bummie is right. We’re your hyungs. We’re not going to hurt you.”

Ryeowook reinforced Kibum’s statement on the other side. They held their breaths as Kyuhyun slowly lifted his head as if it was the first time he was registering their voices in his head. How come their voices got through to Kyuhyun when Hankyung’s and Heechul’s couldn’t, no one had a clue. But it was a question that could be figured out later.

“Ki-hyung? Wookie-hyung?”

Recognition appeared in Kyuhyun’s eyes as he realised that they were not who he believed they were in his mind. His eyes wandered around seeing his hyungs around him for the first time.

“Yes, Kyu. Let’s get you off the ground okay?”

Kibum said, while reaching out slowly to Kyuhyun. Kibum knew that he could not make any sudden movement and that he should allow Kyuhyun to make the first move to touch him. Both could tell that Kyuhyun was scared, but they were proud of him for making the move to reach out to Kibum’s hand tentatively. This was something that Kyuhyun would have never attempted before.

Everyone else seemed to be frozen in time. The only ones who were moving were the three magnaes. Kyuhyun winced as he stood up, his back hurting from the hit on the wall. He grinded his teeth together, determined to make it out of the bathroom by himself.

Then time seemed to regain its motion again. The rest unfroze as they shifted to make space for Kyuhyun to exit with Kibum and Ryeowook by his side. The two led Kyuhyun back to his room as Yesung followed behind them, leaving the rest to figure out what exactly happened.

Eeteuk turned to Hankyung and Heechul, demanding to know what was going on. Hankyung was still in shock. Heechul, after Siwon made sure that he was fine, answered.

“I don’t know. I woke up and couldn’t find Hankyung and Kyuhyun. So I wondered around looking for them. I found them in the bathroom with Kyuhyun pinned under Hankyung.”

There were gasps from everyone around the bathroom but Heechul pretended that he did not hear anything.

“Hankyung asked me to help convince Kyuhyun that there was nothing on his hands.”

Huh? No one understood Heechul’s statement. But Donghae and Sungmin were seethed at the thought of what Hankyung had just done.

“Hyung, how could you do that?”

Sungmin turned to Hankyung, demanding an answer.

“That was what he did to Kyuhyun that time!”

Donghae nodded empathically beside Sungmin. Both of them could still remember that scene fresh in their minds even if it happened quite a while ago. Sungmin still regretted not doing more besides punching that guy.

Horror dawned on Hankyung and Heechul.

Oh my goodness! Heechul buried himself further into Siwon’s arms, unbelievingly. Hankyung brought a shaking hand up, covering his wide-opened mouth. His head shook as this time, he slid to the ground.

“No, I did not just do that. No I did not.”

No one understood what Hankyung was saying as he spoke in Chinese. But everyone could guess the meaning.

Eeteuk walked towards Hankyung, bending down in front of him. Hankyung grew silent at his presence.

“Tell us what happened.”

Eeteuk spoke in his soft tones, showing Hankyung that he did not blame Hankyung. Hankyung was in a dilemma. He wanted to tell the rest what happened, but he also did not want to worry Eeteuk.

“Han Geng!”

Kangin’s loud voice boomed through the bathroom, causing Hankyung to flinch at it. Kangin couldn’t believe that Hankyung refused to say anything even when all of them knew that something was wrong. Eeteuk threw a glare at Kangin, stating that he was not helping in the situation.

Turning back to Hankyung, Eeteuk placed a hand on Hankyung’s hands.

“It’s okay. Just tell us what happened.”

Everyone held their breaths waiting.

“I woke up to see Kyuhyun staring at his hands. He didn’t answer me when I called him. Instead he ran off here. He was washing his hands hard. I tried to get him to stop. But he told me that he needed... that he needed to get rid of all the blood on his hands. But there was nothing. Nothing at all.”

Hankyung curled his fingers tighter around Eeteuk’s hand.

“I tried to get him to stop. But he continued. I grabbed his hands. Then he scratched himself. Like there’s something there. So I pinned him on the wall.”

Hankyung’s sentences were getting shorter and choppier as he panicked.

“I really didn’t mean it. To slam him against the wall. I didn’t mean to hurt him. I really didn’t! It’s the truth! Zhen de!” Really!

Hankyung digressed into Chinese as the hysteria took over his brain. He looked up at Eeteuk, the agony showing in his eyes. It was Kangin’s turn to flinch back as he realised that Hankyung was really upset at the whole situation.

“It’s okay. We know that you will never hurt Kyuhyun.”

Eeteuk said as he drew Hankyung into a hug, trying to soothe the trembling dongsaeng.

“So he was trying to get rid of the imaginary blood on his hand?”

Eunhyuk clarified, trying to make sure that he got the correct idea of what had happened. Hankyung nodded into Eeteuk’s shoulders.

“He even started scratching himself. Wo zhi shi xiang rang ta ting er yi.”

Hankyung buried his face into Eeteuk’s shoulders, still shocked over what he had just done.

“He only wanted to Kyuhyun to stop.” Siwon translated for the rest.

Siwon, Donghae and Eunhyuk knew that the blood must have been on Kyuhyun’s hands from the accident, judging by his bloodied jacket which was hidden away from sight. They didn’t know if Kyuhyun still wanted his clothes, so they left them at one corner. They could not imagine how traumatising it must have been for Kyuhyun.

“Let’s go check on them.”

Eunhyuk said, concerned. None of them had seriously considered the aftermath of the accident. They were not prepared for the situation at all. Kangin wanted to stay behind to apologise, but Shindong shook his head, pushing Kangin out the door. It was not the time to be doing that now. Hankyung composed himself, gently untangling himself from Eeteuk’s embrace. He would not allow himself to breakdown now when his dongsaeng needed him. Eeteuk stared at him, trying to see if he was really fine. Hankyung just gave a small smile and shook his head. Eeteuk was about to offer a hand when two stuck out in front of him.

They belonged to Sungmin and Donghae. They were upset at what they had said before understanding the whole situation. Hankyung looked up, shocked.


Hankyung placed both his hands into Sungmin’s and Donghae’s, allowing them to pull him up. It was a sign that things were fine between them. Siwon gently nudged Heechul towards the door, his hyung having looked on at the situation with a smile. Heechul gently gripped Siwon’s hand, thanking him for his support.
Kyuhyun collapsed on the bed when they reached it, the pain getting too unbearable for him to continue walking or standing.

“Kyu, what’s wrong?”

Ryeowook asked immediately, panicking as Kyuhyun had dropped on the bed so suddenly.

Kyuhyun had his face buried in his pillow in an attempt to conceal his pain. But the way his fingers curled around the cloth of his pillow gave away what he was feeling.


Kibum’s voice came from behind, almost pleading for him to say what was wrong, though Kyuhyun’s only reaction was to tighten his grip on his pillow. Ryeowook was about to ask again when Kyuhyun spoke up.

“It hurts.”

That caused eyebrows to be raised.

“What hurts?”

Yesung asked without delay, taking his role as the oldest in the room.

“Is it your hip?”

A slight shake from Kyuhyun was the answer.

“Your back?”

When Kyuhyun did not answer, Yesung knew that he had hit the jackpot. He strode to the bed, standing where Kyuhyun’s back was while Kibum and Ryeowook gave way to him.

“Can I lift your shirt?” Yesung asked, knowing that he needed to get permission from Kyuhyun beforehand.

A slight nod from Kyuhyun let Yesung lift the back of Kyuhyun’s shirt. There was a small darkened spot just above Kyuhyun’s hip, on the side that was fractured during the accident.

“Is this where it hurts?” Yesung asked, gently pressing on the bruise.

It caused a pained gasp to escape from Kyuhyun.

I hope it’s not serious.

“Wookie, go get his painkillers from the kitchen. And a bag of ice.”

Ryeowook nodded and dashed out of the room. Yesung placed Kyuhyun’s shirt properly after making sure that there was no other injury.

“Kyu, does it hurt anywhere else?”

Kibum sat down on the bed, next to Kyuhyun, turning Kyuhyun’s head towards him. Kyuhyun wanted to answer that it hurt everywhere, especially his heart but he didn’t. All he did was shake his head because he knew that his hyungs would insist that he head for the hospital if it was any worse.

Yesung and Kibum did not quite believe Kyuhyun, but knew that he would most likely not want to go to the hospital so soon after he had came home from it. If the painkiller does not work, I’m going to drag him to the hospital, regardless.

“It’s okay. You don’t have to be brave.”

Kibum whispered to Kyuhyun, telling him that they were there for him. Kyuhyun looked at Kibum with concerned eyes.

“Don’t blame Hankyung-hyung. It’s not his fault.”

Although Kyuhyun was in pain, he knew that the situation they stumbled upon must have been weird. But the pain did one thing good. It distracted Kyuhyun’s mind from what exactly happened the time he was in that position. Only his body reacted to it.

Ryeowook ran into his hyungs on his way to the kitchen. They were heading to Kyuhyun’s room.

“Where are you going?”


Ryeowook spared no extra time in answering Shindong’s question as he continued on his way to get the painkillers. His hyungs were all confused as to why he was going to the kitchen, but they shrugged and continued on their way. Entering the room, they saw Kibum gently stroking Kyuhyun’s hair.

“What’s wrong?”

Kangin asked as he saw the way Kyuhyun was lying on the bed. Yesung answered.

“His back hurts.”

Hankyung felt his face turn pale, knowing it must have been his fault. Eeteuk immediately rushed forward, wanting to fuss over the magnae. Just then, Ryeowook came back into the room with the painkillers and ice.

“Kyuhyun ah, can you sit up?” Eeteuk asked.

Kyuhyun didn’t answer. Instead he began pushing himself off the bed, the pain clearly showing on his face. Kibum and Eeteuk scrambled to make him a comfortable position on the bed.

“Here, Kyu, the pills.”

Ryeowook handed the pills over to Kyuhyun as well as a glass of water. They all watched on as Kyuhyun swallowed the pills.

“Are you better?” Kibum asked as he took the glass away.

Kyuhyun nodded, leaning onto his pillow. They all wanted to find out what happened in the bathroom, but Eeteuk stopped them with a glare. It was obvious that Kyuhyun was tired and hurt. It would not be a good time to disturb him, even if Eeteuk himself wanted to know.

“Why not you rest Kyuhyun? You had a long day.”

Kyuhyun turned his head to Eeteuk, who was holding his hands tenderly. Kyuhyun nodded, the painkillers taking effect. As he lay back down on the bed, Kyuhyun reached out a hand in Hankyung’s direction.

It was as if someone pressed the slow button on the player. One could almost see the confusion forming on everyone’s face as they turned their head towards the person in question. Except for one which an understanding smile formed on his face.

Kibum took a few steps towards Hankyung, pulling him towards the bed, as Hankyung wondered why Kyuhyun wanted to do anything to him. Hankyung was about to open his mouth to apologise, when Kyuhyun spoke first.

“Hyung, it’s not your fault. You were just trying to stop me.”

Hankyung wanted to protest but a gentle shake of the head by Kyuhyun stopped him. Hankyung took a step forward to hug him, but settled for a kiss on Kyuhyun’s forehead instead when he remembered that Kyuhyun’s back hurt.

Although there seemed to be no backlash from him being pinned against the wall, in fact Kyuhyun had to bite back a flinch when Hankyung came too close to him. If Hankyung had hugged him, Kyuhyun did not know what he would have done. Kyuhyun hoped that he had managed to ease the guilt in his hyung because he knew in his mind that all this happened because of him.

The painkillers were taking effect and Kyuhyun’s eyes drifted shut as the rest watched on. Unlike before where Kyuhyun would automatically search for the nearest source of warmth, Kyuhyun shifted away from the people sitting on his bed towards the wall. It was a subtle action, but it told a lot to Hankyung, Eeteuk, Kibum and Ryeowook who were standing the closest to Kyuhyun then.

With a heavy heart, Eeteuk pulled the blanket over Kyuhyun, careful not to touch his dongsaeng. He resisted the urge to cup his hands around Kyuhyun’s face, to ease the furrowed brows that should not be there. Seeing that Eeteuk did not have the heart to send all of them back to bed, Kangin took over.

“Okay, let’s sleep now. Don’t disturb Kyuhyun. And we still have a schedule tomorrow.”

Kangin started to gently push Shindong, Sungmin, Donghae and Eunhyuk out. Eeteuk turned to Kangin, giving him a grateful look for taking charge when he could not. No matter how tough the going was, Eeteuk would always be grateful to be part of Super Junior, because he had found such a wonderful family in them.

Eeteuk turned to the other two magnaes, wrapping his arms around their waists.

“Come on. He wouldn’t want us to all lose sleep over him.”

Eeteuk started to move with the two, as they leaned their heads on his shoulders. Kibum and Ryeowook let themselves seek comfort from their Umma, seeking the pillar that always helped them when they were down. Yesung followed behind, but not before throwing a last look at Kyuhyun. Kangin too left the room, leaving Siwon, Heechul and Hankyung still there.

Heechul knew that there was no way that any of them would be able to get Hankyung to leave the room that night – or whatever that was left for the night. Even Eeteuk had not bothered to try sending Hankyung to bed, understanding well that Hankyung needed to sort out his own feelings. Heechul got out of Siwon’s embrace, gently pulling Siwon with him as he walked towards Hankyung. Actually, even without his pulling, Siwon would have followed. Hankyung was still at the position next to Kyuhyun’s bed, not daring to touch him after witnessing Kyuhyun shift away from them.

“Kyungie...” Heechul called out as he touched Hankyung on the shoulders.

Hankyung turned around, silent tears rolling slowly down his face.


Heechul spread out his hands, inviting Hankyung into his embrace. Hankyung took a few steps into Heechul’s arms, wrapping his around Heechul. Siwon engulfed the two from behind, sandwiching Hankyung in the centre.

“Hyung, did I destroy all the progress we made with Kyuhyun?”

“I don’t know Kyungie.” Heechul had no words to comfort Hankyung.

“I really didn’t mean it, Hyung.”

“It’s okay. It’s okay. Kyu forgave you already right? All that’s left is for you to forgive yourself.”

Hankyung knew that even without Heechul saying it but that was the hardest thing to do.

“Hyung, Heechul-hyung is right. No one blames you. It was the only thing that you could have done then.”

Siwon said, his arms tightening around his two hyungs. Hankyung rest his head on Heechul’s shoulders, allowing himself some moment of weakness. They stood there for a while. Each of them would enjoy the hug if it was not for the situation that made them stand in Kyuhyun’s room in the middle of the night.

“Alright, I know that you will stay here with Kyuhyun no matter what I say. Just make sure you get some sleep. Don’t stay up all night.”

Heechul said, as they entangled themselves from the impromptu hug. He planted a kiss on Hankyung’s forehead as Siwon pulled Hankyung towards the chair situated next to Kyuhyun’s bed.

“Rest well, Hyung. Kyu will be alright.” Siwon whispered into Hankyung’s ears.

Hankyung nodded his head, wiping the tears away. Heechul leaned forward towards Kyuhyun, wanting to wish his dongsaeng good night. But he saw what made the four so upset previously. Even in his sleep, Kyuhyun subconsciously shifted away from Heechul’s touch. Heechul did not let it show that the action disturbed him, because he knew how it would upset Hankyung, but deep in Heechul, he wondered if the previous incident with Jong Ki’s brother was the only issue that caused such a reaction. Heechul settled for placing Kyuhyun’s elephant next to him.

“Remember to get so sleep k, Kyungie.” Heechul said one last time before leaving the room with Siwon.

Hankyung sat down by the bed, his hands twitching to hold Kyuhyun’s hands in his, to check if he left any other bruises on Kyuhyun. But he did not. Instead, Hankyung placed his hands on the blanket, as he stared at his dongsaeng. I’m sorry, Kyu. I really am.

The ice was left on the table, forgotten and melting. If only the barriers could melt away that easily.
All of them had a hard time sleeping for the rest of the night. When Eeteuk entered the room before they left on their schedule, Hankyung was awake and staring at Kyuhyun.

“Did you get any sleep?” Eeteuk asked, concerned.

Hankyung shook his head because his mind could not stop worrying about Kyuhyun. Eeteuk squeezed his shoulders.

“Don’t worry too much. He will be fine.”

Eeteuk looked at Kyuhyun who was still wearing the frown on his face.

“We’ll be back as soon as possible.”

Eeteuk knew that their schedule was filled for the whole day, only Hankyung and Kyuhyun would not be joining them in their performance that day. Hankyung nodded, never taking his eyes off Kyuhyun. Eeteuk gave another squeeze before quietly leaving the room.

“How are they?” Donghae asked as Eeteuk exited the room.

“Kyuhyun’s still asleep. And Hankyung is not dealing with it very well.”

The rest threw worried looks into the room, all unwilling to leave the two alone. Eeteuk gently pushed them out the front door, knowing that they would all carry a heavy heart at work today.
Kyuhyun woke up to see Hankyung staring at him. Kyuhyun had slept for most of the morning, only waking up near lunch time. Kyuhyun pushed himself to a sitting position on the bed, flinching slightly when Hankyung reached out to help him. Hankyung withdrew his hands, dropping his head to face the floor.

As Kyuhyun got up, his mind travelled to what happened the night before. He knew that he woke up from a nightmare, dreaming of Jong-hyung’s death – something he had not done in a long time. The suddenness of the accident the previous day had brought back the unwanted memories that had haunted him for months after the accident.

Kyuhyun knew that he had never dealt with the guilt he had over Jong Ki’s death. He had only expressed his despair at being left alone in the world, at the broken promises made by his hyung. Kyuhyun looked at Hankyung. The discovery he made before all that happened return to his mind.

We are a family.

Kyuhyun too wanted to get better. He did not want to live his life every day with the guilt weighing down on him. He wanted to be able to lead a life that his hyung had wanted him to before things came crashing down on them. He wanted to live the life his hyung and that boy could not. It was time to deal with his guilt, because Kyuhyun knew that if he continued to harbour the guilt it would only serve to harm his family – his hyungs – even more. And I am not alone anymore.

What Kyuhyun did not know was that he had subconsciously blocked off what happened after he went to wash the blood off his hands.


There was an awkwardness surrounding his hyung. But Kyuhyun did not know what. Before Hankyung could answer, a ring tone shattered the silence.


“Is this Mr Cho Kyuhyun?”

Kyuhyun tilted his head to the side. Why would anyone be asking him that?

“Yes it is.”

“I’m calling on behalf of Mr Cho ... ...”

Kyuhyun nearly dropped his phone onto his lap. What? Why does he want to meet me now?

“Yes, I’ll be there.”

It was only then that Kyuhyun let the phone drop to his lap.


Hankyung had been paying attention to Kyuhyun when he was on the phone.

“My father wants to meet me?” Kyuhyun said disbelieving. What?

“I better get dressed.”

Kyuhyun got off the bed. He couldn’t help but feel excited over the prospect. It would be the first time he would be meeting his father ever since his father left the house when he was seven. Hankyung on the other hand couldn’t stop the fear that rose in his heart. His instincts were telling him that nothing good would come out from this meeting.

“Hyung, what should I wear?” Kyuhyun asked Hankyung as he searched his wardrobe.

Hankyung wanted to tell Kyuhyun not to go for the meeting, but the excitement that was bubbling within his dongsaeng was so obvious that Hankyung did not have the heart to deny a child from wanting to see his father. Hankyung bit back a sigh and proceeded to help his dongsaeng. I need to message Eeteuk-hyung.
The phone call had thrown whatever Kyuhyun had decided out of his mind. Kyuhyun fiddled nervously with his hands as they travelled towards their destination. Even though Kyuhyun did not remember everything that occurred, he still jerked a little when Hankyung’s hand came on top of his. Hankyung was about to move his hand awake when he felt Kyuhyun grip his hand slightly. Hankyung turned his face towards Kyuhyun.

“Thank you, Hyung.” A soft mumble from Kyuhyun made Hankyung love his dongsaeng even more.

Hankyung could sense a slight change in Kyuhyun. What exactly Hankyung could not pinpoint yet, but maybe it was that Kyuhyun had finally decided to trust them. When they reached the restaurant, another car pulled up next to them.

“Mother?” Kyuhyun said softly as he saw the lady stepping out of the car.

Hankyung looked in the same direction and recognised the woman. This is really not going to be good. Hankyung wanted to pull Kyuhyun back into the car and just head back to their dorm. But he couldn’t.

“Kyuhyun, do you want me to go in with you?”

Hankyung asked as they stood outside the restaurant. Kyuhyun looked as if he was about to agree with Hankyung’s question, but held back at the last moment.

“It will be okay, Hyung. I’ll be fine on my own.”

Hankyung did not look reassured at that statement.

“Hannie-hyung, I’ll call you when I’m done. I promise I won’t go off on my own.” Kyuhyun said, knowing that his hyung would not let him go back on his own after what happened yesterday.

Hankyung nodded.

Kyuhyun turned his head towards the door then turned back to Hankyung.

“Hyung, do I look okay?”

Kyuhyun fiddled with his tie. Hankyung gently took Kyuhyun’s hands off the tie, ignoring the slight flinch.

“You look fine. In fact you look perfect.”

And Hankyung was telling the truth. Kyuhyun looked fabulous in his suit. It was formal yet there was a bit of youthfulness present that betrayed Kyuhyun’s real age.

Kyuhyun blushed, but looked pleased with his hyung’s answer.

“Now, go on.”

Hankyung nudged Kyuhyun gently towards the door. Kyuhyun took a deep breath and opened the door to the restaurant.

Hankyung looked on with a worried look. He watched as Kyuhyun approached the table where his parents were sitting at. So far nothing seemed wrong. Hankyung left the window and found a bench nearby. Hankyung took out his phone and called.

“Chullie-hyung, it’s me Hankyung.”

“Kyungie, what’s wrong?”

Hankyung sighed as he began to explain to Heechul.

I hope that my instincts are wrong.
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