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The Begining(make your characters)

Posted 3/19/09 , edited 3/19/09
Username: dakoya
Name: Lucifer (nicknamed Luci)
age: 18
Grade: senior
element: wind, ligthning/thunder, fire, light, dark
Weapon: anything he can get his hands on or just his hands
Teachers: none
Bio: A secretive and shy person, Luci has his own agenda to fulfill at the school. He enjoys fighting to the max and will keep fighting until he is dead, won, the opponent has runaway, or the fight has ended in a stalemate. Although he does use weapons to fight and elements, he doesn't realli like to use them too much, because he believes that each time he uses them he is looking down on how a man should fight and how a man should should just use his fists to complete things.
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Posted 1/10/09 , edited 1/10/09
element:fire, wind and water
Weapon: bow and arrow, daggers and a sword
Teachers: Mina Temnit, Yatora Kukic, Tora Latni

She is Mionette's long-lost twin. They have almost the same attitude... She is smart, friendly and kind. She transferred to ES because she wants to be able to use her powers, since she cannot use her elements in the outside world. Another reason was she wants to finally meet her sister who was separated from her since birth.
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F / ~Dreams~
Posted 1/10/09 , edited 1/10/09
Username: The_silent_bat
Name: Ayuma
age: 14
Grade: Freshmen
element: Water, Fire, Wind
Weapon: Sayth and Sword
Teachers: Tora Latni, Mina Temnit, Yatora kukic





Bio: She has never known her family. She was by herself all her life and has no friends. She discovered her powers at age 8 and has trained them. She doesn't trust just anyone. She joined this school to learn more about her powers and to get stronger.
Posted 1/10/09 , edited 1/10/09
Username: KeeKee13
Name: Blaze
age: 17
Grade: junior
element: Fire
Weapon: Sword
Teachers:Mina Temnit


Bio:When Blaze was born she was gifted with the element fire, but it soon went out of control and in the process she killed her parents. Now she is alone. She did have an older brother who she is currnetly looking for. Blaze also has a curse which allows her too kill, heal, look into peoples past, and see things happening in the world. She doesnt get close to people cause shes afraid she might lose control and kill them. She is good at hand to hand combat and useing a sword. She enrolled in this school to learn more about her elememt and how to control it better. Blaze also has a wolf that follows her everywhere hes names Kyo. they have a special connetion which allows them to talk with each other.
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Konohagakure (Vil...
Posted 1/10/09 , edited 1/10/09
element:dark magic,air,fire,thunder,earth
Weapon: katana sword
Teachers:dark magic,air,fire,thunder,and earth teachers
Bio: THAT BIG WOLF IS HER DEMON SPIRIT THAT FOLLOWES HER AROUND. temari is a pureblood vampire.her mother is hio shizuka but she died when temari was born. temari has been born with the talent of dark magic (all of the elements are dark)and healing or medical powers wich is the most rarest thing becouse everyone in the clan has white magic so that is the reason her mother died. temari also playes the fluet and when she does everyone and everything falls under her controll. temari can element transform to and from all of her elements.her sister appers to control dark magic as well so temari and her twin are the rarest vampires in the world becouse they are the only vampire twins ever born and becouse of the different powers from their clan. temari can read minds and move objects.she can also see the future and the past of time,places,and people.temari has a twin sister but she doesnt know where she is so she has been traveling to find her. temari got tired of being alone so she came to this academy to make friends and maiby find her twin.temari is getting better at controlling her power but doesnt have a lot of friends yet becouse everyone heard about her and her clan and are terified of her.temari is smart, protective,strong,kind,sad too,gentel,and mysterious.she is the strongest and rarest pureblood ever.temari doesnt know how to love becouse everyone has despised her becouse she was a pureblood.temari will one day become the queen of vampires.
Posted 3/19/09 , edited 3/20/09
Weapon:Metal Flexible gloves,and small throwing knives

Bio:when he was born he was taken by a mad scientist that gave him super duribility he eventually escaped and found his masters gloves and he used them to build up his power and eventually enrolled in the element school of fighting to find out wat happened to his family and learn how to control his power
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29 / M / some were
Posted 4/9/09 , edited 4/10/09
Username: Chase7856
Name: kim (short for Kimberly) ( nickname mage of life and death)
age: 21
element: life and death
Weapon: a staff, spells,undead(they have ther powers form life) and healing
Teacheres: life and death

Bio: see i am a skill Necromancer and skill healer that is how i got the title of the mage of life and death. i am rich not by blood but by my veary hands. the only reson i doing this is to kill time
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23 / M / outside your hous...
Posted 5/17/09 , edited 5/17/09
Please dont make any characters here if u want to go to one year later characters thank you
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