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Posted 11/22/08 , edited 11/22/08
Submit your poems here and we will vote on who's poem is the best. It can be about anything.
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i have lots of poems.... some i wouldnt like to share.... but most of my poems can be found on my profile page under my page - poems


go to:
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tallman227 wrote:

i have lots of poems.... some i wouldnt like to share.... but most of my poems can be found on my profile page under my page - poems


go to:

Well you can pick your favs and post them if you like.
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Collecting my tears

If I collected my tears,
Shed over the years,
I would have already drowned.
I don't do anything but frown.
The love of my life,
This razor, cold and light.
Simply as sharp,
As the highest string of this harp,
Cuts through my skin,
Why can't I ever win?
I never did anything wrong.
I guess I just don't belong.
I'm slowly losing this fight,
The fight to continue my life.
Why go on with such dread?
Take this gun. Point it at my head.
Slowly I'll pull the trigger.
There's no need for a grave digger.
For when I fall to the floor,
This fuse will ignite and I will be no more.
Posted 11/22/08 , edited 11/23/08
REVENGE {in a sick way}

Flowers of red begin to bloom,
On the white sheets in her room.
We were both there last night,
The mood was set to oh so right.
There were candles all around,
Your light breathing, the only sound
I went and sat on the side of the bed,
You gazed into my eyes. Here's what you said|
"I love you with all my heart,"
"But there is something tearing it apart."
"I've bee cheating on you" she said,
"Another boy was just here, and I gave him head."
I just couldn't believe my ears,
I almost lashed out in tears,
I stoped myself before it was to late,
I told myself: "you know you can wait."
I did not make a fuss,
I said "let's put this all behind us."
Since you in the mood,
Do to me what you did to that dude.
That will be for my forgiveness,
I'll be the only witness.
After that, lay on the bed,
Make your legs widely spread.
I bet you know what I'll then do,
If your smart, you'll take part in it to.
I will then fall asleep.
Wake up tomorrow with not even a weep.

I did wake up the next day,
To find out how I made you pay.
You were on the bed, you wrists and throat cut,
You looked perfect, but your eyes were shut.
There was blood on the walls and the bed smealt of sweat and sex.
It could have been as if I were hexed.
I looked over to find your organs on the floor,
This trail of blood says you ran for the door.
Oh, and your eyes wern't shut the normal way,
They were gauged out by my thumbs before today.
This is what happens to a girl who cheats,
Avoid doing that, and you'll avoid getting beat.
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I wish I could hate you.
It would make this all so easy.
I would forget all about you.
An how much you mean to me.
...Nothing in life is ever easy.

Life and love are not fair.
There is not mercy.
They don't care.

This wound is still as fresh,
As the day you left me.
Time dosen't heal.
It intensifies the everything.
All this pain and suffering.

I wish I could forget.
I wish I could leave.
I wish I could die,
And stop loving you

But nothing is ever easy.
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these are just a few of mine there so bad ehh?
Posted 11/23/08 , edited 11/23/08

tallman227 wrote:

these are just a few of mine there so bad ehh?

No, not at all. They're really good. Lot's of emotion in them. I like them a lot.
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i hav a poem... not sure if should show it tho.........
Posted 11/23/08 , edited 11/23/08

D_Gifted_Prince wrote:

i hav a poem... not sure if should show it tho.........

Please do. Doesn't matter what it is, go ahead and post it.
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LifeIsPain wrote:

D_Gifted_Prince wrote:

i hav a poem... not sure if should show it tho.........

Please do. Doesn't matter what it is, go ahead and post it.

ok hold on den... *sigh* itz about me n somefing dat happened.... hold on...
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My Angel

She was as innocent and pure as a feather from a dove
At first we only talked and joked around
Her sweet charming words flowed through my head all day
All I could think about was her…

I fell for her and wanted to hold her and be with her
She was not as innocent as I thought though…
But I liked that about her along with everything that made her up
She was sweet and caring; and a girl that wanted love just like me

The day came when I asked her out…I was giddy with joy
My angel from above said…no
It took her a few days but then I was falling…falling from the heaven that was her
But then I saw it oh so clearly
Something as sweet and perfect as her I couldn’t let go…

Then I figured out why I will try so hard for her…
All of our chats and jokes have made me fall in love with her…
Now I see that this is the person that completes me…I want her so much
And yet even though she knows how much I yearn for her she still flirts and says no

Guys ask her out and she says yes to them…
Why won’t she say yes to me instead of those boys
But even so she talks sweetly and nicely to me…
Those talks with her play through my head like the sweetest of songs
I want to hold her and have her so much I can barely stand it

My sweet angel is single again and I jump with joy
Another chance has come to have her as my own
But again she refuses and flirts with boys
She says that she isn’t flirting and is just talking…
Those sweet honey words she says just makes me try even harder

My love has not come online for me to talk to her…
I have no choice but for my friend to tell her…
To tell her that I am in love with her
He’ll just tell her this one message and that’ll be it…no worries

Finally she has come back to me
I talk with her and she tells me that she doesn’t like me still…
I do not know what to do…I can’t stand this refusal from my angel
She has talked with my friend and they now talk like friends…
But I won’t worry for he won’t touch her since she is mine…right

She is talking to so many people and I hate it…
I want her all to myself but still she refuses me
My love continues to talk to those people day after day
Why does she not see that I love her so much…
I would give her anything in this world to be with her

She says that she knows I love her…
But she says she does not return those feelings
And still she talks to my friend…
I tell him to stop and leave her to me for she is mine…
They both ignore me and continue to talk everyday
It was a mistake to ever tell him to talk to my love

My sweet delicate angel is not as pure as she use to be
She is doing things for a guy that she doesn’t even like
Taking such pictures that hide no part of her body,
And talking and doing such dirty things on the phone…
Yet I still love her…and that will never change

My sweet and I have been arguing about so many things
What am I to do to gain her sweet honey words,
These viper words she says I hate them so much
But I fight back with her and win back her sweet words and those hugs

I no longer know what to do…
She says she will never go out with me
Until she wants me I will go out with one of the girls I play with
But even so I will try even harder to win my angel’s heart

I can not stand this anymore…
My friend and her have become too close
He said he wouldn’t touch her
But now I can not trust them together
My friend has taken away my babe and now she likes him more

She keeps denying that she likes me
She says she likes someone but won’t tell me
I push and push for I need to know who she likes…
It’s someone that I know…now I have to know who it is

It is my friend…she says she only kind of likes him

I can’t stand to hear these words come from her sweet lips
Something so simple as giving her a message has spiraled out of control
I will never look at him the same again
And still she protects him, saying that he doesn’t like her
That doesn’t matter anymore…for she likes him

I can not stand to hear this any longer
He is no longer my friend
A long friendship thrust down to hell by an angel…
I can no longer love her anymore…

I thought I could love her forever…
But I will never love anyone again
He will pay for taking away the chance of getting my angels heart
Still she pleads for me to not hurt him…
She says that she cares about me and him

I do not care anymore…
I’ll drink beyond belief and see just how much liquor I can hold
Maybe I’ll try smoking…but not cigarettes of course
She tries to change my mind and says she doesn’t want me to hurt myself

I have found the perfect crime for me…man slaughter
My ex-friend will pay dearly for what he’s done
Even though I am the one that told him to give her the message he is the one that will pay
And still she tries to stop me…she says she will do anything for me…
But she just wants me to leave her precious love alone

The love I felt is no longer there
All I have now is hate and anger…
I will never love again…it is not something I need

Her words are no longer like honey to me
I do not long to hold her and be with her
The long nights of thinking about her are no longer existent
She is no longer my angel…
Posted 11/28/08 , edited 11/28/08

In a dark world full of hatred ,
I shall perish.
Guided by a black and crimson butterfly;
I sit in a corner praying for a way out.
Forgetting in time how it feels to go back
... Into that world...
I would have wanted to go back, but
there is no way to go back.
To that world
I can’t spend anther
Alone in the dark corner only finding blood mixed with tears.
Inhaling pure smoke of the burning flames surrounding me.

Posted 12/3/08 , edited 12/3/08
Eating at my heart:
You tore my heart my out
And you didn’t
++++++ care ++++++++
I told you that I loved you,
But you just shook me
The only thing I could do was to
Keep you safe
And you never
++++++++ thanked me ++++++++++++++
I stared at you from a far, while you
+++++++++ flirted with the girls +++++++++++
I sighed at your pretty face
As you kissed anther
++++++++++++ girl +++++++++++++++++++++
You didn’t care about me,
You shook me off,
You flirted with different girls
You kissed anther girl
You hated me!!!
It was very clear!!!
I never loved you a day since...
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( Life Through My Eyes)
life through my bloodshot eyes would scare a square to death,poverty
murder,violence and never a moment to rest fun and games
are few but treasred like gold to me cuz i realize that i
must return to my spot in poverty but mock my words when i say
my heart will not exist unless my destiny comes thought and

puts an end to all of this
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