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Posted 11/22/08 , edited 11/22/08
skip beat new project of ARIEL LIN with JERRY YAN

"Skip Beat" Jerry Yan, Ariel Lin, Dir Niu Presscon & Interview + Director's Words on Jerry''

credit: keeyshane @ asianfanatics

ASICRO FOCUS file no.112
Press Conference for Skip Beat ~ 17th Nov 2008

Since ‘Meteor Garden’ in 2001, Japanese manga inspired serials have spread like wild fire since then. This continuous appearance of new serials has caught the attention of Japanese InterChannel Company. In collaboration with GTV and Dreamer Co. (Meng Xi Tang), their new serial is geared for Asia and targeted at the world.

A 6 milllion grossing Japanese manga ‘Skip Beat’ is ‘Hua Li De Tiao Zhan’ in Chinese. The stellar cast has Superstar Jerry Yan in the lead, Ariel Lin of ‘It started with a Kiss 2’, a recent Taiwan Golden Bell Award winner for Best Actress and Director Niu Chen Zhe of ‘Viva La Vida’.

Besides Jerry, Ms Lin and Director Niu, Producer Liu Kai Le and GTV’s Deputy Chairman Mr. Lai came to Japan as well. In addition, Mr. Takeuchi the Chairman of InterChannel was also present at this Japanese Press Conference.

Lai : Though I have produced many popular serials but with immense financial support from InterChannel, I feel that this serial will not only be a success in Asia but also in the US-European markets. With Asia’s Superstar Jerry, Lin Yi Chen, Director Niu and Drama Dream Co. this will indeed be an *elegant challenge. Please look forward to this.
* He is using a pun as in Chinese this is the title of the serial.

Takeuchi : I really look forward to this when I knew that 2000 fans turned up at the Airport. I really want to let all the fans know today at this Press Conference that with our substantial production fees, we guarantee that we will keep to the original story and create ‘SkipBeat’ to be released to the world.

How do you feel about the original being a Japanese manga? When you decided to act in this, how did you feel about it?

JERRY : Acting in another manga inspired serial makes me feel very happy. I shall be acting with Lin Yi Chen this time round so I look forward to pit my acting skills with her. I hope that we can create a different screen chemistry. Please look forward to this.

Li Yi Chen : Actually I just finished reading the manga series last year. And I bought my own copy this year. As to what attract me to this serial is that it feels like starting afresh. Since I’ve started out in this line, I seem to be returning to my old roots but via a new route. Acting with Jerry such an outstanding actor and with Director Niu, I feel this is an excellent opportunity where *‘Heaven, Earth and Man’ all three coming together. I feel very happy.
* In Taoism, there is a belief that success will be at a time when the Heavens, Earth and Man are at one. It started out as just being at one with Nature but has evolved into a wider scope of applications.

What is your views and impressions about them, Director Niu?

Director : Jerry is very influential actor. From his modeling to acting in ‘Meteor Garden’, he is famous throughout Asia. The Jerry that I see is very professional and he is an actor with his own appeal and charisma.

Actually I was very surprised at the Narita Airport, More than 2000 fans came to welcome us. Only Jerry could do this. And the one who is the Director was there too! I was jogging around the Hotel and the fans waiting there requested, ‘Can we shake your hand, Director? How about a handshake?’ Since they couldn’t shake the actual Jerry’s hand and the Director’s name is also Jerry so there is another Jerry’s hand for them to shake.

With the love from such ardent fans, the marketability potential is huge so will go well. He is very diligent and serious about his work lately. From him, you can see a new trend in Taiwan TV. He is very careful about his roles and so his works are not many. But he will have a long journey ahead of him. I am very lucky to be able to work with him. I am very happy for him that he has been successful from the start and his popularity has gone beyond Taiwan and extended overseas.

Whoever sees Lin Yi Chen will say that she is adorable. Personally she is a very serious person, at even to point of being cold. In fact, she is the total opposite of her characters. In acting like the manga characters, she really has to be over and beyond herself so she is very skillful as an actress. So with Lin Yi Chen and our past working experience, I hope to see another aspect of her charisma and acting, really looking forward to working with the two of them. Lin Yi Chen actually told me before,‘I will insist on acting in this serial. With the three of us together, we might not spectacular but it would definitely be an exceptionally outstanding serial. I really look forward to it.’

And finally a last word about the crux of the show?

Jerry : Right (laugh) I really look forward to acting in such a great production. An accomplished Director and talented actors, I can only work hard to do my very best. So to end, I hope that everyone will be able to see my diligence and also I hope to act in more great productions as well.

Lin Yi Chen : Since this is before the shoot so we can’t divulge the details of the storyline. After reading the original, one would know the story development. It is a serial with the Entertainment World as a background so I truly believe we can complete a fantastic production.

The Press Conference ended with Lin Yi Chen’s words of conviction. After which was a photo session and all the other actors are looking forward to another great serial. Please look forward to this, it will be telecastin 2009.
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Posted 11/22/08 , edited 11/22/08
Japanese News : Press Conference for Skip Beat ~ 17th Nov 2008

The manga inspired Taiwanese serial ~ Skip Beat held a Press Conference on the 17th Nov 2008. Jerry, Li Yi Chen were interviewed when the Taiwanese Production team came to Japan.

The details of the interview are below.

Question : What is your impression of each other since your collaboration? Ariel did mention before that you wanted to work with Jerry, can you talk about your feelings about working together?

J : I have seen her work and feel that her acting is very natural. I hope that through this collaboration, I can learn from her.

A : Of course, I’ve seen Jerry’s works as well. But in the past, we just met on certain occasions but it was a mere ‘Hello and Bye’. I heard from the Director that we would be filming for about 4 and a half months so we can get to know each other better. I would definitely want to work together with the Director and Jerry to complete an ‘Elegant’ serial.

Q : Have you heard of the characters in the serial? Jerry plays a Superstar character and Ariel is a newbie singer, have your past experience being able to reflect these?

J : Frankly there are very few characters like this. Some parts are similar to my character but I think some parts are unique to the character.

A : The character could be a summation of my present experience. I’ve been in this line for 7 years. To return to when I first started and go through the entire process, I feel that I can act with the sentiments of a newbie.

Q : To survive in the Entertainment Industry, what do you Jerry and Ariel fell is the most important and necessary thing to take note of?

J : Oh!? (Laughs) I would like Ariel to state her views, ok? (laughs) She started about the same time as I . . .

A : I was earlier than you by 1 year. (laughs)

J : We started off as models shooting MTVs so our entry into the Entertainment Line is the same. Since we are similar in that way, let’s encourage each other. (laughs)

Q : What is the ‘most important thing’ that one must have in the Entertainment Line?

J : Don’t bother about what others’ say, just work hard. As time goes by, others would understand through your behavior. That is my opinion.

Q : So many fans came to Narita Airport, they were everywhere. You are so popular, how does that make the both of you feel? Did you receive an Anpan Man along the way?

J : I think it is my luck, I am very lucky. I am so bad at people matters and yet I have so many fans who support me. I really feel very happy. I don’t know how to express myself properly but all their support is very encouraging to me. So all I hope to do is to work harder and do more, I will continue to strive for fulfill all your expectations. As for the Anpan Man, it was dropped on the floor and I happen to pick it up. (laughs)

A : Actuall I’m here to observe Jerry’s popularity. (laughs)

J : Don’t say that! (laughs) Everyone shout Ariel’s name! (laughs)

A : Although it might be just an etiquette to the Japanese fans but it has never changed no matter when.

J : Actually from this incident, you can also know that Ariel is also very popular in Japan. So I’ve been worried if everyone supports Ariel then what shall I do? (laughs)

Q : If we were to visit Taiwan, what would you recommend to the Japanese friends?

J : The Yang Ming Mountains is the most suitable place for lovers.

A : If time permits, not only go to Taipei, you can also have fun in the central parts of Taiwan.

J : I would like to to add on that you must visit Ariel’s home! (laughs) It is very nice.

A : My home is in Lyudao, you must be joking. (laughs)

Our interview with Jerry and Ariel ended a very happy note. They get along so well and we look forward to their acting. Let’s eagerly await their new serial.



Director's Words about Jerry

When the reporter was interviewing Director Dou, he talked about Jerry. . . . . .

It was very long ago when I first saw Jerry, I can’t even remember it. What happened in the last century have long been forgotten! I really look forward to working with these two actors. Yi Chen also mentioned just now, she used a very Taiwanese term *‘gui mao’. I don’t know if you could accurately translate that in Japanese? It doesn’t just mean being serious, it represents insisting on perfection even to the point of being hard to get along with others.
* gui mao literally means the hairs on a turtle. Of course there are none since turtles have only shells. So what it means is a person who is very fastidious to the point of being disliked by others.

Oh yes about Jerry. . . He started out as a model then due to Meteor Garden, he became popular throughout Asia. His status in the Taiwan as an idol is very significant but I also see his ambition to become a professional actor, his hard work and how he strives to better himself with each show. He is now a . . . . . . I was very surprised when I came to Japan this time . . . . . .2000 fans showed up at the Airport. And they even showed their support by having welcome plague cards for Director Dou. (Laughs)

Just an additional point, I was jogging around out Hotel this morning. Some fans were waiting for him but they rushed towards me shouting, ‘Director! Director! Shake your hand!’ They said that since they couldn’t shake Jerry’s hand, they wanted to shake mine. You see, I’m also called Jerry. (laughs)

Ok, it shows that his exceptional market value and enormous mass appeal. But these are not the most important reasons for my wanting to collaborate with him. I can really see in this young man a very humble attitude. How he is very ambitious and diligent about his acting career and also towards the entire Taiwanese acting scene. I was very touched by this.

Because he is so careful about his choice, his works are not many. But this is why he has a very long road ahead. I look forward to walking through this part of his journey with him and hope that the both of us can gain from this. I believe that he is definitely a person of substance, has great market potential, the charisma of an Idol and a very actor who will be exceptional, impressive and moving in his acting skills.
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for me .. iwant to be j0e cheng .. i d0nt like jerry yan in the to be partner to arieL but i know jerry is a g00d actor ..

and i want ARJOE 4ver ..
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Posted 11/22/08 , edited 11/23/08

rigel12 wrote:

for me .. iwant to be j0e cheng .. i d0nt like jerry yan in the to be partner to arieL but i know jerry is a g00d actor ..

and i want ARJOE 4ver ..

i agree,,,!!^_^ i dont like jerry to collaborate with ariel even though his acting is good, but i still prefer joe cheng as ariel lin's partner, because they really have the guts to make their fans giggles., their acting together is really good., so sweet and so natural,,

ayooo.. ill supprt ARJOE till end.. ..
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