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Posted 11/22/08 , edited 11/23/08
Hihi, Yup. Had just finish reading my copy of Lala.
Chapter 32 is by the the sweetest of all!!!! >.< *squeeeeeeeee.... fangirling mode on! * XD

Ok, it start off from Chpt 31 where they went to visit the school festival and got separated from Sakura and Shizuko.

Usui and Misaki are being dragged into a game designed for couples and because it is designed for couples. Misaki went into a confused mode. XD
They played the games such as sharing the bowl of noodle,play ping pong where Misaki went in Smashing mode to wanna win the games. That part was funny.

Then they played the next game. Looking for balloon. Misaki found the one they needed and was so delight.
Usui looked at her in happiness. (It was such a cute moment!!!!1)
Then Misaki notice smth weird and retort to Usui there's no time to daze and need to ...
The Usui hold her closed as if hugging her with the said balloon betweent them both to try to burst it that way....
(That scene was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

They won the game eventually and got a pass for special night?!
Both dressed up as Romeo and Juliet.

Usui had hold her hand throughout the games as a requirement for the couples game earlier on.
When they no longer hold hands, Misaki felt kinda strange/empty.
She confessed that to Usui and had a confrontation.
Usui was surprised. And replied and to sooth her confusion or worry. He also holds her hand and her face and .....


Yes, they kissed! Not like in Book 1 where Usui kissed her just like that.
It was MUTUAL~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In the classroom and when the fireworks starts!!!!
it was soooooo romantic!!!!!!
Uusi even end it with saying " I like you Ayuzawa!!!!! " (Sukidayo, ayuzawa.)
Misaki was all red!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my, then both of them left the classroom holding hands with Misakicalling Usui idiot like usual.
Oh my!!!!!
I went totally GAGA over the last scene!!!!
U guys mux see the scans soon!!!! >.<

Edit: I had uploaded the scans over here:

Do take a look! Squeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Posted 11/23/08 , edited 11/23/08
OMG! OMG! thank you sooo much !!!
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thank you sooo much!
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>//-//< Kawaii......
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