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OK going to try this like I did for Summerslam. Again PLEASE VOTE on the poll too if you wish this to continue and feel free to post comments. I'll start the report around 8:00PM EASTERN TIME in NORTH AMERICA and update with results and thoughts as the PPV goes along. Thanks go out to sites like , and for the aid on the report.

HERE IS your live Survivor Series report! KNOW of course plenty of SPOILERS and BEHIND THE SCENES stuff might come up as I update but to see the report, keep REFRESHING, scroll and read below!


-OK I am here between some anime watching and watching the Grey Cup on TV behind me but I will update periodically as PPV results and news comes in. At the moment just prior to the PPV Jeff has been reported as being out on a stairwell in a hotel but this is a worked story folks at this time, we suspect too with Edge flown in from Tampa (aka Hell I guess) to Boston he is the likely culprit, but we should see Jeff still work in the title match but "hurt." Prior to the PPV match starting JR did the sombre announcement about Jeff's status being unknown and that TMZ (who checked with Wrestling Observer so they pulled the story), CNN and ABC (who must be DUMB) reported the story as well.

MATCH 1: Shawn Michaels & Cryme Tyme & Rey Mysterio & The Great Khali Vs JBL & John Morrison & The Miz & Kane & MVP
MVP pinned JTG with a running kekka kick

Khali pinned MVP with a Khali chop

Mysterio pinned Kane after a splash off Khali's shoulders

Miz pinned Shad with a reality check

Mysterio pinned Miz with a splash off the top

JBL and HBK on outside, apparently you can be counted out and HBK only made it back in time so JBL eliminated.

Michaels gets in the ring and hits the sweet chin music on Morrison for the pin and Team Michaels gets the win. Michaels, Rey Mysterio and The Great Khali are the survivors.

WINNER: Team HBK with Rey, HBK and Khali.

NOTES: Confusing on commentary with all 6 guys calling the match but Striker did shine, kudos on an ANDY MOOG reference! Morrison shined as well even mimicing HBK's kip up and moves. MVP lasted longer than expected but just barely. JBL looks to have been opened up bloody on the mouth during a Rey Moonsault. HBK suffered a busted left eye.

-Backstage HHH promo, slightly heel tone to it with Eve.

MATCH 2: RAW's Beth Phoenix & Kelly Kelly & Jillian Hall & Mickie James & Candice Michelle Vs Smackdown's Michelle McCool & Maria & Maryse & Natalya & Victoria
Kelly Kelly gets a roll up on Victoria to eliminate her.

Maryse quickly eliminates Kelly Kelly by holding down Kelly's uhh...breast.

Maria tries to make a save when James has McCool pinned but James moves and Maria hits McCool by accident and leads to McCool being eliminated.

Maryse quickly eliminates Mickie.

Natalya applies the sharpshooter on Candice Michelle who escapes and hits Natalya with a spear and roll up for the elimination.

Maria hits a victory roll on Jillian to eliminate her.

Candice quickly runs in and eliminates Maria.

Candice taps out to a Maryse submission so it's down to Phoenix Vs Maryse.

Phoenix hits the Glam Slam and eliminates Maryse to be the soul survivor. 9 eliminations in 9 minutes.

WINNER: RAW Divas with Beth as sole survivor.

NOTES: Very fast, also lots of tease for Maria/Michelle McCool feud since Maria costs McCool.

-"Todd Grisham is backstage with Matt Hardy - he's been at the hospital all night with Jeff (I thought they found him this morning). He was hit in the back of the head with an object (that's odd). Hardy says he doesn't know how this happened (I think someone attacked him)." Yeah now Matt Hardy can apparently bend time I guess. And NOW I'm hearing it was a tire iron so add to the suspects list the 4 Horsemen (Ole Anderson used one a lot), HHH in his Hummer, Edge, Koslov, the New England Patriots, the nWo, the Green Goblin, the Yakuza, Orochimaru, and Tonya Harding and her posse...

MATCH 3: The Undertaker Vs Big Show in a Casket Match
Long intros as usual with Druids (i.e. the Wrestlers not used tonight and indy workers), highlights include:
-The Undertaker puts Big Show through the ECW announce table with a leg drop. Well, it's only Grisham and Striker.
-Show gets Taker in the casket but Taker gets his foot out before it can be completely shut.
-Taker gets Show in the casket but Show is able to power it open and prevent it from shutting. Crickets can be heard now.
-Show turns the casket over on the outside and Taker is laying in the ring.
-Show tries to leave, but Taker summons his HUMAN TORCH powers to summon a WALL OF FIRE (so it's an Inferno Casket Match?!), druids bring in casket #2.
-The casket is vertical and open by the entrance. 'Taker irish whips Show into the open standing casket and it falls and shuts so 'Taker gets the win. Jim Ross calls the match "unqiue", which is a fair compromise.

WINNER (after a LONG match): The Undertaker

-Backstage segment with the Bella Twins and Colons. The Colons failing in dating since they can't tell them apart. The GOBBLEDY GOOKER comes out (check if you need info on who this abomination is) and they think it's Haas, but Charlie shows up too and they unmask the Turkey, it's the BOOGEYMAN (sorry Halloween was a while ago dude). Can you smell bowling shoes?

MATCH 4: Batista & R-Truth & C.M. Punk & Kofi Kingston & Matt Hardy vs. Randy Orton & Cody Rhodes & Mark Henry & William Regal & Shelton Benjamin

Punk pinned Regal in 11 seconds with Go to sleep

Benjamin pinned Truth with the paydirt

Orton pinned Kingston with a DDT

Punk goes to the top rope but is distracted by Manu and gets thrown down by Rhodes, who delivers a DDT to Punk and eliminates Punk.

Mark Henry eliminates Matt Hardy with the World's Strongest Slam.

Batista spears Henry and pins him.

Batista gives Benjamin the Batista Bomb to get eliminated.

Rhodes take a clothesline by Batista off the top rope. Batista knocks Manu off the apron and hits the Batista Bomb on Rhodes, but Orton tags Rhodes before he takes it and as Batista goes to pin Rhodes the referee doesn't count. Orton is the legal man. Batista turns around into an RKO and Orton pins Batista. Randy Orton and Cody Rhodes are the survivors for their team.

WINNER: Team Orton with Randy Orton and Cody Rhodes surviving.

NOTES: Rhodes and Orton backstage in locker room almost fought. Crowd still a bit down due to Show/Taker going too long and being boring but the finish to this one is helping the crowd get back into it.

-They announced HHH vs. Kozlov will be a singles match. We shall see as many expect a Jeff Hardy run in or joining the match (from a hospital I guess).

MATCH 5: HHH vs. Vladimir Koslov for the Smackdown Title
-They still did a video that included Jeff so suspense still there if he'll show or not.
-Fans getting hot again backing HHH but still many chant for Jeff of course.
-Not even minutes in we also get lots of BORING chants.
-This might be tricky as HHH might have to go 30 minutes it seems with so much time left similar to carrying the Scott Steiner match of 2003 which I'm told was also in Boston...
-...But just as Tazz calls that Koslov will win HHH hits the Pedigree! About to pin...but VICKIE the GM comes out and says it's a TRIPLE THREAT match again because he's here...and that person is...

-EDGE! He's got a huge grizzly beard now! SPEAR ON HHH! WAIT someone is running in...

-...IT'S JEFF HARDY! He comes in with a chair, clocks Koslov but SPEAR ON JEFF HARDY! EDGE PINS HHH! 1-2-3! NEW CHAMP! EDGE WINS!


-Post match Vickie and Edge make up for the umpteeth time. Surprise finish indeed I guess.

MATCH 6 and your MAIN EVENT: John Cena vs. Chris Jericho for the RAW title

-Looks like 25 minutes left for the main event.
-HUGE Pop of course for hometown hero John Cena but oddly Jeff Hardy still got the biggest pop of the night some say.
-Lots of good work of Jericho working the neck and Cena worried to go top rope (how he got injured last time).
-Jericho gets the old style Lion Tamer version of the Walls of Jericho on Cena (knee into back, head bent down) but Cena works out of it and hits the FU.
-Cena does pull off the legdrop from the second rope properly but then Jericho hits a Codebreaker for a 2 count.
-Lots of clotheslines on the neck, but Cena reverses the third one into the STFU.
-Jericho goes for a small package, Cena reverses and lifts Jericho up for the FU and pins Jericho to win the World Title. NEW CHAMP again!


Thanks everyone for reading, again VOTE if you want another report like this for the Royal Rumble! Take care!
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