Story Time!!
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Posted 11/23/08 , edited 11/24/08
1.Do not criticize other peoples work
2. Give other people a chance to write
Just start writing, no need to sign up. Also have fun! ^_^

Here's the summary:

The fresh Autumn leaves were blowing everywhere, Saya, an odd yet beautiful girl, was a very talented young lady, infact she was only 15. The only problem was she had such a confused heart, she felt that she didn't belong in the human world, that was something she did not understand. One morning she woke up to see a a boy sitting on Saya's bedroom floor. He looked a year older than Saya, he had cat ears, sharp nails, and a cat tail. She did not scream but was rather surprised. The cat boy said,"My job is to revive your memory then retrieve you to the Cats Are Everything company. Will you come?" What kind of answer will Saya give to the mysterious boy?
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