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[RP] Bleach

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Posted 4/29/07 , edited 7/26/07
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This thread as i said is based off my 100th division thread. i have some divisions made already.

0 Division
Captain: Hitorihanzo (Zeig)
Vice Captain: Chibi-Chibi (Nemizaki Aira)
1st seat: Hiruma (Unknown)
2nd seat:FlameDude( D )

15th Division
Captain: Himiko (Himiko Yui)
Vice Captain: Ichigoxd (Sanna- Mikomi)
Seats 1-20: (Undetermined)


33rd Division
Captain:Viser_Guy (Seth Glamora)
Vice captain:Viser_guy (Heather Niona)
1st seat: Davitz (Sabishii jookyaku)

44th Division
Captain:ll-Shota-ll (HiroyukiShota)
Vice Captain:Tsukim (konoe konoka)

50th Division
Captain: Ketsu: (Ketsu Suterusu)
Every seat is open. lol
Come on people!


100th Division (THE COOLEST DIVISION!)
Captain: BlackMokonaHolic (Rashiruru Shihouin)
Vice Captain: Sota228 (Kurokai Kobayashi)
1st seat: TrueKyoLover (Arisu Usagawa)
2nd seat:EpicNaruto (Shikago)
3rd seat: Bulletproofassassin (Rakusu)
4th seat: garrickfinney (shen tan hui)
5th seat: Shadinexus (Xurik)
6th-20th seat: none

if u want to join pm me and we will talk. u can send me a character profile and we will talk about it. all current people we might need a few changes to your characters. u can keep it in the way it is on 100th division thread but here it has to be serious and no instant deaths...for now we make shinigami till we are ready to make new characters like quincies and such. if u want to make something besides a shinigami pm me and we can talk. this rp will go based on events called arcs just like in bleach. i will tell u basically what will happen in this arc and u will continue from there. if u dont know what rping is or u have other questions just pm me. this thread is seperate from 100th division thread. u can have same characters but this thread is for rp-ing and the other is for fan-fic judging. check out the other too. this thread is for rping ONLY. discussion about characters and what to do will be through pm's and discusions to the later group of people will take place in my guest book. Mods if we are doing anything wrong at any time please pm me before you lock. If you are on the list above your seat is taken wether you rp or not. at the begining i will accept a few posts on this thread besides rp-ing but later this will be only for rp-ing no discussion. i will start out the rping when i am sure we have enough people. Dont join unless you will be active. i dont want people in the middle of rping and only on everyonce in awhile. if u are gone for awhile i would like a reason. if u dont understand anything pm me....thats all for now!

When we have talked about your character and we finished u can post it here but not till we are done talking.

1. Must be serious
2. no silly zanpakuto's
3. no instant death weapons
4. no "god-modding"
5. No one is stronger than anyone till i say they are.
6. no one argues about strength.
7. its obvious vice captains are stronger than seats and captains are stronger yet.
8. captains and vice captains wont change but other seats might.
(current seats will remain same seats in 100th division thread but might change in this thread due to the ranks being decided by power...not including captains and vices)
9. Though i am vice captain i made this thread so if u need to settle something ask me.
10. in the end the disicion comes to me but i will consider what everyone says. (desicions on many things.....)
11.Must be active. if you arent we will remove you from the thread.
12. Must pm me your profile before you post.

might edit later
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Posted 4/29/07 , edited 4/30/07
My name is Kurokai. I never knew my parents. I had grown up on the street and one day Yoruichi found me and took me home and I became best friends with their daughter. I lived there till I was 17 when I left. Rashiruru was 20. Ru-chan and we went to the soul society hoping to be shinigami. I joined the 10th division and there I met toshiro (of course) and we became friends and one day he left. (that was when he gave some power to Rakusu) he came back later and by that time I had left his division and joined the 100th division. I had become the 100th division vice captain. Ru-chan and I had trained together and I had reached bankai after her. We started to recruit people and…here we are now. And toshiro and me are really good friends. (toshiro is awesome!)

I have straight black hair that goes down to my shoulders. It covers part of my right eye.(that’s how ru-chan saw my character and I decided to use it) I have red eyes and am 6 foot one inch tall. Somewhat tan skin and an earring on my left ear. (as I said this is all from ru-chan) I am normally an angry person. I get easily pissed off at people and normally the person who calms me down is ru-chan. (if u cant tell our characters are like brother and sister basically) I am often a cold person and don’t care about much. While other times i can be happy and cheerful and a little bit odd. I often have mood swings and i can get a mood swing from even the smallest of things. In the human world i am not near as cheerful. i can get somewhat depressing there and am not normally happy seeming while in the soul society my mood varies.

I was once offered a division and a captain seat but turned it down because i liked the 100th division and i liked working with rashiruru. I felt a strong connection to my family (Urahara, yoriuichi, and rashiruru.) since i was orphaned and they adopted me. In my division i get alot of paper work and take care of things in the division (sometimes...mostly i get paper work) while ru-chan relaxes (lol) every division seems to have something that defines them. our division would probably be defined by our attitude. we are the lazy, silly, strong, division.

My zanpakuto is a fire-based weapon. Its name is Kurokaen meaning black flame. (Pronounced Kurokeen according to one person I talked to) I haven’t really thought about its power but its spirit is a dragon. it has a snake like body with two claws in the front. it has black fur and red eyes. Horns about a bit bigger than my hand length. enough for me to hold on to with a bit more showing...(if i was holding them...i cant explain them well right now.) one whisker on each side about my arms length. He has a wolf-like head. no wings.(i got the basic design of this from the movie spirited away. one of the main characters turned into a dragon very similar to this and if u can find it or own the movie u can see it. the dragons name is haku.) My character doesn’t show many people his zanpakuto's ability and has bankai but has only shown it to rashiruru and doesnt use it unless he thinks he absolutly needs it.
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Posted 4/29/07 , edited 4/30/07
Story: My name is Arisu Usagawa. My dad's name was Fumio Usagawa, my mom's name was Chiyo Usagawa, and my brother's name was Karazaku Usagawa. When I was alive, I was really close to my family. But especially my brother. My brother was like my guardian angel. He was always with me to make sure nothing happened to me. A lot of people found that wonderful, so he became popular in the school quickly. But there was one guy who didn't agree. He hated the fact that just because he took care of his sister, he was the most popular guy in school. So he made a plan. He started following my brother, waiting for a time when he was most vulnerable to kill him. One day, it was storming, and my brother was running home, not knowing that the person wanting to kill him was right behind him. Lightning struck a tower near them, and the person pushed my brother into the tower, causing him to be electrocuted. That was when I was 13, and he was 16. When my parents found out, they cried hysterically for weeks on end. A month after my brother's death, I decided to walk to the place of my brother's death. When I approached, I saw a guy sitting down on the ground, his back facing me. I went over to the person and was about to tap him on the shoulder, when he stood up, and slowly turned around to face me. I gasped when I saw it was my brother. He smiled weakly at me and took my hand.

"Arisu..." He said.
"I know who killed me."
"It was that transfer student from America." His eyes welled up with tears. "He's going to to try to get you Arisu. I followed him to his house after he killed me, and he made a plan that if you didn't fall in love with him, that he was going to kill you."
"Why does he want me to fall in love with him?" I asked.
"I dunno, but I don't think that THAT is your problem! Your problem is that you might be killed!"
I smiled big and hugged him. "I don't care if I get killed."
I felt him tense up.
I laughed. "I don't care, because if I die, I will get to spend time with you!"
He smiled. "Just be careful, okay, Arisu?"
A few months later, the transfer student started asking me out on dates, trying to spend time with me, and sometimes he even tried to kiss me. I resisted. I wanted to do whatever it took for him to finally decide to kill me. When I was 15, I went to the public pool. I saw him there. When I saw him, I smiled to myself. 'Today is the day.' I thought. I got in the water and swam to the deep end. He came in after me. He dove underwater, and grabbed me by the ankles, and pulled me under the water. After I was all the way at the bottom, he sat on my shoulders. I felt myself losing conciousness. I smiled right before death took me. I awoke in the spirit world. I couldn't remember a thing. All I remembered was my name and how I died. I remembered smiling right before I died. I was confused. Did I want to die? If I did, why? And why couldn't I just kill myself? Why did I let someone else drown me? I decided to find those answers later. My problem right now was figuring out where I was at. I walked for what seemed like days, until I came across two people dressed in black hitting a huge monster with swords. One of them cut it's head in half, and the monster dissolved. My mouth fell open in astonishment. The two people dressed in black saw me, and walked over to me.

"Hi." One of them said, sheathing the sword.
"Hi." I replied.
"What are you doing here?" The other one asked.
"I dunno....I dunno where I am! What are you guys? What was that thing you just killed?"
"We are shinigamis." One of them said.
"That 'thing' we killed is called a hollow." The other one said.
"What's a hollow?" I asked, still confused.
"Here, come with us." They said. One of them grabbed onto me, and in a flash, we were in Soul Society.

The shinigamis helped me into "shinigami school" as I called it. I did fairly well. When I "graduated", Captain Rashiruru of the 100th Division was walking by. She walked up to me.

"So, congrats. You are a shinigami now." She said cooly.
"Thanks! Do I get to be in a division now?" I asked.
"Yep. In fact, I have seen you fight. You are pretty impressive. You seem Vice-Captian level."
"Yep. Even though I already have a Vice, would you like to join my Division as 1st seat?"
"Alright, let's go and get this set up."
"Hold on, I have to go say thank you to two people who helped me become a shinigami."
"Izuru Kira and Shuhei Hisagi."

Izuru Kira and Shuhei Hisagi were my first friends in Soul Society. I still hang out with them from time to time.
And, that was the day I became a member of the 100th division. ^_^

Hair: I have straight black hair with a flip at the end that goes to my shoulders. Covers left eye.

Eyes: Green.

Height: 5 foot 7 inches.

Skin Color: Pale white.

Personality: I am full of energy, and I like to be on good terms with everybody. When something makes me mad, I tend to overreact, and it is very hard for me to calm down. I care deeply for my friends, and I get very angry if something bad happens to them. I enjoy fighting, and sometimes I pick a fight just because I love it so much! I am constantly training to get stronger, and every so often, I fight with Vice-Captain Kurokai or Captain Rashiruru to see what I have to work on.

Zanpakuto: It is a silvery-blue katana with a black hilt, and a red sheath.

Shikai: Blade turns wavy. One side turns white, and the other side turns black, symbolizing the light and dark side of water. I am then able to use water/ice based attacks. I can also use it to heal, but I rarely heal with it. I prefer to "suck it up".

Bankai: Gain the powers of my brother, Karazaku, and I am able to use electric powers as well as water/ice. I get very strong against demon magic and long ranged attacks, but very weak against direct attacks. I am able to breath underwater by extracting the oxygen from the water. There are more parts to my bankai, but I haven't figured them out yet.

Zanpakuto's Spirit: A little girl with straight blue hair that goes down to her hips. She wears a yellow kimono.

I think that is it, but I may edit later.
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Posted 4/30/07 , edited 4/30/07
Kazeke Bashiru
Surname :Bashiru
Name :Kazeke
Nickname :None

Age Of Entering SS: 5
Current Age :25
Reason Of Death :Was cast out of real family for unknown reasons and died in a car crash.

Zanpakutou :Tsubasa
Appearance: A giant dragon that resembles that of Chinese mythology. It's entire body is comprised of steel, has no arms are legs, but large and small wings scaling its entire body.
Special Ability :The steel shatters into microscopic pieces of steel and can come together any way I please as long as it touches the hilt. (Whip, Axe, Lance, Shield, ect.)
Secondary Ability : None.
Downfall :Each piece of metal is controlled with spirit energy, thus rendering it impossible unless there is complete concentration.

Bonkai :Tornado Tsubasa
Special Ability :The blade shatters along with the hilt and can form everywhere and in separate amounts. The pieces can also multiply to form larger substances.
Secondary Ability : The metal can align itself in certain positions in order to direct light anyway I please thus controlling what one sees.
Downfall :Same as first one but the strain can get to the point were the skin tears and internal organs explode.

Back Story :I died at a young age and was never reunited with my family. Taken under the wing of an unknown wanted soul-reaper, I was instantly realized a boy with great potential, despite my human attributes. I was later accepted in the Soul-Reaper Academy with top notch grades. My care taker was found, one day, and taken to be executed. I swore vengeance, but quietly trained until the day I could claim revenge.

Appearance :I have short, black hair that is spiked towards the back. I am 6'0" exactly and have a slim figure and face. My skin is a tanish color. I have black eyes (Which turn yellow if you read my second arc!) and my sword is on a belt around my waist in a position resembling Soi-Fon's

Position :Used to be 100th Division Captain, but is now a rouge Shinigami.
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Posted 4/30/07 , edited 5/1/07
we will start when we have more people to play.
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Posted 4/30/07 , edited 5/1/07
Here is my char thanks sota for letting me on to the crew.

Name: Seth Glamora
age: 18
description: Casual soul reaper outfit. Brown spiked back hair. and muscular but lean body. He also wears a black visor all the time. Bankai: Seth wears the normal attire of the grim reaper, long black hooded robe. Hollow: Mask is white with red streaks coming down from the eyes in a diagonal, 5 spikes on the top with the middle one being slightly taller than the rest, and an evil destructive grin with pointed teeth.
Zanbaktou: Grimacerain- Shikai: A scythe with an unusually long blade. Bankai: Weapon does not change instead Seth turns into a skeleton making him highly resistant to attacks thanks to his strong and nearly unbreakable bones. Power: Seth can transmit his spirit energy into the blade extending it even further.
Bio: Seth was just a normal boy born in soul society. He had lived an average life with nothing out of the ordinary happening to him directly. He felt horribly bored and unchallenged in life. Seth then decided to become a soul reaper. Seth graduated soul reaper academy at the top of his class and was given high honors. Great things were expected of this boy. Seth made captian at the age of 15 by call of the current 13 captains of the top 13 divisions. Seth's strength and ability was seen and Bankai powers shown to be great. Seth was easily approved and added to the list of captains. Seth discovered he had a hollow in him when one day, when he was 16, he began to feel it's presence. Seth had always had a dark side to him but this was different he could tell. Seth wanted complete control so he confronted his hollow and beat it into submission in about 15 seconds. That does not mean his hollow was weak infact it was very strong. Seth just proved to be stronger and more determined to win. Once Seth one he saw his dark side in there as wellI.(minds world) The dark side said that the hollow mask fit him better and he would take control of that area off of Seth's hands. Seth was going to try and take it back but figured he could do it at someother time and this wouldn't be much of a hassle. Well Seth tryed later and ended up only tieng with his dark side and not able to take control. Now they kind of work off a truce. Seth is out all the time and if Seth uses the mask and it's power the dark side can take control. Coming to that understanding was tough but it was the best they could do. Seth can stay in hollow mode for about 3 days. Which Seth will stay in hollow the entire time if he can. The only way to stop Seth prematurely is to have Heather, his second in command, use her power that puts who ever she designates to sleep. As long as Seth does not see it coming and have a chance to block his ears he will go out like a light and be out for a few hours then be back to himself when he wakes up. Seth has trained immensly to become as powerfull as he is. Seth's current state could beat almost any current captain in a few mins. Others would take maybe half an hour top. Very few take an hour. Seth does not normally lose though and his rank has been challenged before but as you can see he still holds it and the challenger doesn't get back up.

Sword: 10
Hand to Hand: 7
Foot: 9
Kido: 1

Sorry to double post but since I am guessing that there are 100 divisions and I can see the spots taken I would actually like to be captain of Division 3.
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Posted 4/30/07 , edited 5/1/07
divisions 1-13 are real divisions and are taken. there aren't exactly 100 divisions we are just the 100th. u can make a division but we have to talk about it first. pm me about it and we will talk. we dont want everyone making divisions. 20 seats each after all....we already have 1 division coming but we will talk.
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M / Visor Lair
Posted 4/30/07 , edited 5/1/07
I understand. Than we shall talk about it.
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Posted 4/30/07 , edited 5/1/07
Viser guy is now the captain of the 33rd division. not everyone can be captain but some can. i will make the first post when we have more people.
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Posted 4/30/07 , edited 5/1/07
sorry posted it twice.
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M / Visor Lair
Posted 4/30/07 , edited 5/1/07
Nice to be part of the crew. Come on people join in. I need a vice captain and at least a first seat so come on in!!
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27 / M / The Castle That N...
Posted 5/1/07 , edited 5/1/07
I decided to write about my character's past a bit

Hi I Call myself say the truth My real name is Geiz But I hate that name. A long time ago a guy turned in a Hollow and in a Shnigami at the same time I was that Hollow, But instead of trusting me he banished me from his body and almost killed me. For years I lived in the black dark alleys of Soul Society until a man found me and gave me power again( I call that man father and his name is Ai---). Only a short time ago I regained my Shinigami powers and joined the 100th division ( I killed the other pretenders to the seat) I had to be there to have my revenge but when I was in I found out that crap was the capitan of the 0 Division. I also found a beautiful girl called Himiko from the 15th Division and I fell in love with her. Now Zieg is missing and I'm serving Soul society against a creepy guy....
Posted 5/1/07 , edited 5/1/07
Name- Sanna- Mikomi (girl)
Nickname- ichi-chan, baaaakkkkaaaaa o.o
Age- 13
Apperence- long dark black hair, deep black eyes, average height... i guess o.o
Bankai-name is ganbou..means to desire or to wish.....wirte more laters ;D
Bio- I am a shy and cheer-ful girl. Sometimes say rodomly thing out of no where. fine most of the time -.- Love my friends and hate school. Not an average student i might add. Have patience, but believes there is a side inside of me that is waiting to burst out. People thinks i don't have much to offer, im stupid and clumsy . Able to sing -.- but no one knows ;D But believes everything has a deeper meaning to it
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Posted 5/1/07 , edited 5/2/07
Name- Kenji

Nickname- Ken-san

Age-sorry every soul society people are lik 300 years old so i dont know.

Appearence- calm, blood thirsty, fast, fought and tied with Zaraki Kenpachi, quiet, has a sense of justice but not like tousen, faster than ichigo, when katana is drawn the sword bursts with flames...not released but is from human oil. Dosnt releases sword unless the opponent is so strong that he has no choice. He is married, to a Elder family's daughter, his released sword form is a Lightsaber-like blade covered with reiatsu, is extremly light, but the hilt is about 20 ounces and is pure steel. He has bankai but is rarely seen unless he fights someone about grimmjaw's level or higher. His bankai is a chinese sword still has the reiatsu blade, he has dragon wings, no time limit, his bankai ability is the strenght of a billion hollows. Which makes him as strong as a vizard but he wont go bezerk. The bankai has 3 stages. 1st stage is raw and long range (shooting) fighting, 2nd, single attack, extremely fast, cannot miss, after this gives the user limited strenght, takes a long time to reach this stage. Final stage is sacrafice your sword release (never can be released anymore) and in exchange kill all your enemies with a mass explosion, but shields you, your reiatsu gets low, and to regain your sword release you must train again but double the amount.
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Posted 5/1/07 , edited 5/2/07
ok. i like your avatar. but on subject. what division do u want to be in? And remember you are supposed to pm me so we can talk first send me a pm and we will talk ok?

I forgot to metion this. While we are all mega strong u cant make yourself invincible or stronger, for sure than others. i have had a little trouble with that. One person was gonna be invincible. we fixed that and now its all good. We only have room for one more division for now which is taken but we are all strong. in your profile u dont have to make yourself sound that strong though. (i'm gonna use this as an example.) "As strong as a billion hollows." we want this to be fair for everyone. while we are of amazing strength thats going abit to far. I dont want you to think i am pointing at you as i say that but i want everyone to have a fair profile.k? ;D
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