GuiLun Fanfiction 9
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Posted 11/23/08 , edited 11/24/08
It was only after a long while did GuiGui and Aaron break away from each other.GuiGui was smiling sweetly and blushing.Then she recalled what happened earlier...

GuiGui: (Jumping up and down) Aiya! YAlUN!!!Why did you kiss me?!?! Now FanFanJ Jie and Gui Ge knows about us!! Oh no!!! How how how?!?!?!

Aaron:Well, then you should be proud! Afterall,your boyfriend,ME, is a handsome handsome Ah Bu!

GuiGui doesn;t know what to say but whacks his arm and hugs him tightly.

[Outside the room]

Director: XiaoGui, FanFan, you have to start making your appearance soon.Can you get Aaron and GuiGui out?

XiaoGui:Yes Director! (Pushes FanFan toawards the room's door) FanFan Jie, go go go! Call them out !

FanFan:(Fights back and tries to push XiaoGui instead) EH?Why me!?You go! Go go go!

XiaoGui:I don't want to!What if they are still kissing?(Flashbacks and shudders) Eeyer!! I don't want! You go!!

And this pushing and arguing continued on.Well, obviously no one wanted to go into the room and see the duo still kissing.It would be very awkward.

Then suddenly, as they were still pushing and arguing, the door flung open as GuiGui and Aaron exited the room, only to see XiaoGui and FanFan shoving each other.XiaoGui and FanFan immediately jumped apart and flashed awkward smiles. two finally came out yeah...

Aaron and GuiGui looked at each other, then at XiaoGui and instantly, their cheeks went red.

Aaron:(Softly) Ahem...

Director:(yells from far away) Oi!! Time to make your appearance!! HURRY!!!


Host: Lets welcome the casts of Pi Li MIT!!!

Fans: *screams*

The four of them went up the stage as the host introduced them and interacted with the crowd.GuiGui was standing beside Aaron and Aaron started to inch towards her.Closer and closer he came, until their bodies were touching.Then, he grabs her hand.(The fans can't see them holding hands because they are standing to close to each other and they held hands behind their backs)

GuiGui:(shocked,Whispers urgently) YanYaLun!What do you think you are doing!!! Let me go!

And she struggles furiously to release her hand from Aaron's.However, his grip was too strong.

Aaron:(goes besides her ear and whispers*smiling*) I don't want to!You will never be able to escape from me..

GuiGui doesn't stop struggling.However, at the same time, she was trying to act normal,smiling at the crowd and nodding at what the hosts says.She kept wiggling and moving while Aaron holds her hand firmly and stands still, smiling proudly.

Host:Wah! Aaron and GuiGui seem to be standing very close to each other....Maybe a little too close?

Instantly, Aaron drops GuiGui's hand and moves away from her quickly.The crowd went wild.They wolf whistled and chanted.

Crowd: GuiLun GuiLun GuiLun!!

GuiGui:(embarrassed,speaks through the mic) Aiya..Don't get us wrong!!! YaLun wanted to tell me something.SO he came closer! That's all!

XiaoGui:(speaks through the mic) Oh really?Why does it feel like you two were actually holding hands behind your backs?(winks at GuiGui)

The host and the crowd went wild as GuiGui shifts uncomfortably and glares at Aaron.Aaron doesn't know what to say.He was feeling very warm under his shirt and jacket and his cheeks and ears were totally red.

Host: Okay Okay, whatever they were doing is a secret.Now lets move on to the next category.In this category, the female and male lead/supporting lead have to touch noses for 30secs!!!And in this case, Aaron and GuiGui are up first!

The fans screamed as GuiGui and Aaron took a peek at each other.

Host:Okay, on the count of 3 you both can start rubbing your noses.1,2,3!!!

They started.Aaron couldn't help but keep smiling and gazed right into GuiGui's eyes.GuiGui also had difficulty avoiding Aaron's eyes.His gaze was so electricfying.She could feel her heart thumping wildly.

Then, Aaron had a sudden urge...He could no longer resist the temptation and unknowningly, his arms started to wrap around guigui's waist as he moved his body closer to her.His lips inched forward to GuiGui's.Acting purely by her instincts, GuiGui slowly shut her eyes as she placed her arms around Aaron's waist...And the next minute,their lips were locked together....

The crowd fell silent.The host dropped her microphone as she stared at the couple in disbelieve.FanFan and XiaoGui's mouths dropped open and their eyes widen.

XiaoGui:(Shake his head) Oh my god...Oh my god...

To be continued

Haha! I decided to make their relationship known to the public~In this case, i will be able to write more sweet moments of GuiLun.And perhaps some disaproval from fans and companies?Oh! And please do leave comments!
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Posted 11/23/08 , edited 11/24/08
OMGOMGOMG!!!!! soooooo exited!!!!!! write more write more!!!!!
i want to know wt happend next
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yes OMG!!!! OMG!!! they kiss....OMG..upload soon so exciting
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OMG OMG that was......something i didn't expect to happened!!!!!
OMG wat's gonna happen to them now?!?!?!?! please update soon!
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how SWEET!!
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OMG so exciting! xD
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Posted 12/4/08 , edited 12/4/08
same as all those who commented, i oso wana rite OMG!!!

nice one! haha.
a pity itz midnight now, if not i'll laugh out loud!!

e scene where the cast goes out for e public event.... funny xD
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