Avatar Requests
Posted 11/25/08 , edited 11/25/08
Request for Avatars here


(for members)
+ We do not like it if you keep asking if your work has been done or not. (we are busy with real life)
+ We do not edit deviantart pictures unless you drew it or have permission to take it by the artist
+ Do not request for a mod as it makes it harder for us to see what has been done or not
+ We do not re-do avatars
+ We do not make anything from small/blurry pictures
+ You MUST reply to our posts

Do the following:


(for moderators)
+ After u finished the request(s) please wait until the user has replied and then delete both the request and reply
:: If they do not reply add them to the "the GOOD&BAD"
+ Please do not skip any requests.

Thank you
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