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Posted 11/25/08 , edited 11/25/08
So everyone, I was just wondering, what do you really think Toma is like in real life? After reading all those stuff about him? I personally think he's a really really nice guy. I wonder if he's a lonely guy. Not having time to date. But then again, maybe he does have a girlfriend but he doesn't want the public to know? Also, I've read that he said that he isn't very open and that's why he doesn't have very long relationships. So, what're your opinions?
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Posted 12/10/09 , edited 12/10/09
Hmm.. i've read many articles online that are all diffrent some articles say that his management company don't want him to date due to work and his fans.
Another article was saying about an interview with Ikuta Toma in describing his ideal girl.
But no matter where you search on google or anywhere you'll never find one little peice about him at all having a girlfriend alot of people use to or still do think him and Maki were together but thats kind of died down a bit in rumors.
But from what i have watched in interviews and stuff he seems very down to earth, funny, sweet bloke. I think he might have a tendency to not be very open but thats still ok x]
But if its boy or girl who ends up with him they are very lucky in my opion
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