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Posted 11/25/08 , edited 11/25/08
Note: Please credit wyn0602 of CEFC for translation of article and do not edit any parts of this article. Please quote this translated article (including this note) in its entirety. Thank you for your co-operation.

For their fans, Calvin wanted to cut up Wu Chun’s clothes?

When asked by the OVB reporters on whether they would take off their clothes during the concert because of the hot weather in Singapore, Wu Chun said: [Actually during the concert, when we get really HIGH, we would forget everything in that moment. It is possible that we may take it off! Once we are on stage, we are transformed into a different person, not knowing what we are doing ourselves. If the heavy and thick clothing cannot be taken off…then we will just rip it off!] The other two broke out in laughter upon hearing this.

Calvin also said that actually some of the clothes for the concerts were already washed to the point of being somewhat “sexy”. Furthermore, there were a lot of white shirts which would probably become “transparent” that day. It appeared that the effect of being thinly veiled was the sexiness that Fahrenheit wanted to show. In the end, Calvin teased Wu Chun: [Before the show starts, maybe I should bring a pair of scissors and cut a couple more holes into Wu Chun’s clothing.]

[Fahrenheit had already released two albums but a lot of people was still wondering and had suspicions toward how Fahrenheit could give a concert. However we (Fahrenheit) had been in the business for three years already, so we hope to receive affirmation for all our hard work and determination.] – Arron Yan

That’s right. This was Arron Yan’s sincere reply during the press conference for the [Fahrenheit Fantasy Concert]. Although missing one member of the four, Fahrenheit announced their concert in Singapore would be held on December 19th, not only would make their fans crazy but also allowing the Singaporean media to see Fahrenheit’s improvement and diligence.

Fahrenheit Willing to be Scratch by Fans

To set Hong Kong as the first stop of their concert tour truly made the four of them extremely apprehensive. During the concert, there were numerous adorable mishaps. Nerves, fear and moving moments all gave Fahrenheit a myriad of mixed emotions. Thinking back to the “thrills” experienced during the Fantasy concert, it was small wonder that to this point, Fahrenheit was still saying: [We are very nervous each time we go on stage.]

In order for their fans to know Fahrenheit better, the four also prepared individual solo segments. Wu Chun in particular had felt deeply because to make his entrance, he had to pull a wire with his hand and flew out from a 3-storey height. If he loosened his grip even slightly would be disastrous. This level of danger made Wu Chun exclaimed: [It was scary!]

Of course, the thrill & chill factor corresponded with the amazement factor. To give a concert that made all the fans stood up from beginning to end, probably only Fahrenheit was capable of doing so. Therefore, Arron Yan’s response to the incident of “being scratched”: [Very touching…actually we are also quite willing to be scratch by them.]

Amazing Revelations of Fahrenheit’s Hotel Rooms

It seemed that normally when they arrived to any hotel, they would compete about who would be the quickest to call Room Service! However, in several occasions, Wu Chun beat them all. There was one time that Wu Chun even ordered all the pumpkin soup available, which led to Calvin exclaiming: [Do you drink it by the barrel?] Actually, the longer the four of them were together, other than their relationship became even better, even many of their habits became similar!

In their hotel rooms, all four had their individual differences. Mr. Nice Guy Wu Chun liked his room neat and tidy, so that he would feel relaxed in it. As for Arron Yan, he said: [My room is probably the messiest. If I am tired upon returning to my room, I would throw my clothes everywhere. In the end, the next morning, I would find myself sleeping in the midst of a pile of clothing.]

Yet it was Jiro Wang’s room that was most interesting! Because Jiro liked brightly colored boxers but he did not like having Room Services to clean his room, so the result was the underpants inside the room would “flutter” like national flags.

translated by : wyn0602 of CEFC
credits : CEFC and news source
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