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F / In the middle of...
Posted 11/25/08 , edited 11/25/08
Title:Sidestory To I'm What!?
Rated:E for Extrem cuteness!
Summary:Amu Hinamori at age 5 meets Ken for the first time...
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F / In the middle of...
Posted 11/25/08 , edited 11/25/08
"Amu-chan!Were are you!?"Called out a voice as I shuffled from one foot to the other

Trying to get me hat

I reached,and reached,but i couldn't grab it.And slowly it drifted away down the small river

"My Hat!"I gasped as I reached farther this time feeling myself falling forward

I gasped,as I felt arms around my back.Pulling me back onto the green grass

"Be more careful!"I heard the voice growl

I looked over in the direction of the voice,not aware of who the person was.To find a boy

About my age (a/n:5 is wild!)

He had short blond hair and deep red eyes,that seemed really smart

And seemed to be thinking

"B-But my hat"I whispered,tears pouring down my cheeks

"I got that hat for my birthday"I continued,sobbing now

The boy didn't seem to know what to say,rubbing the back of his neck as my hat slowly washed downstream

"Is that your hat?"I heard him ask

His voice was rough,and sounded strong

And maybe even cool...

I nodded,rubbing my tears away with my arm

That hat had been givin to me for my birthday tomorrow...

I heard a splash that made my head turn in the direction of the river,were the boy was swimming

I gasped

"No,No,No!"I repeated as I followed him along the grassy earth were a small waterfall was

"you must get out!"I gasped

"mama said NEVER go in the water!Its not safe!"I continued to run as he continued to swim towards my little pink hat that was now near the waterfall

He reached out and grabbed it,noticing the small waterfall now.And swimming faster

Reaching out for me as I reached my arm out for him

I finally grabbed his and tugged his arm as hard as I could towards the shore were the boy fell on his back taking deep breaths of air

"Are you okay!?"I gasped,sounding concerned.No longer paying attention to the little hat that was classped in his hand

"I..Fine..."He chocked

A smile slowly apeered on his face as he took my hand and pulled me towards him.Making sure to not touch me and get me wet,and placed the hat on my head

"Sorry its wet..."He murmured

My cheeks flared,as I stared at the cool looking boy that made my heart go *doki*

"That doesn't matter!"I sobbed as I hugged his cold,shivering body

He seemed shocked,and frooze for a few minutes but soon moved,hugging me back and smiling

"Thank you"I whispered,smiling at him as well as I pulled out of the hug

His cheeks seemed a little red,I wonder if hes sick?

"Do you want to play?"I asked

He stared for a few minutes but soon nodded

And so we played

Played ALL day,it was the most fun I had,had in a while

And soon the sun was setting and I relized mama,and papa must have been worried

"I've got to go"I frowned

The boy frowned as well

Seeming upset

"But we can play again tomorrow!"I chimmed

He didn't smile "I've got to go home tomorrow,my parents just rented a house here for the summer"He murmured

I frowned

"But-"A tear began to run down my cheek when I felt the boys lips to my forhead

"Whats your name?"He asked,sounding shy

I flushed "A-Amu Hinamori"I murmured

"Mines Ken Kouchinawa"He smiled

I nodded

"I-"He paused to kiss my cheek quickly and quickly jumped up,running in the direction of the path to leave the open feild

i flushed

"I'll Find you,and marry you one day Amu Hinamori!"He gasped out in a rush,as he flushed and quickly ran away

"Goodbye"I heard him murmure as he left me their.Alone.In shock



Ever since that day i could NEVER love anyone else.Though it was stupid right?

Loving someone from a little childhood romance?

He had probly forgotten ALL about me

But till...Ken...Where are you?

"Okay Class"The teacher said,inturupting my thoughts as he walked into the room

"We have a transfer student"He said shuffling some papers togeather in his hands

I stared at the teacher looking bord as ever,not really paying attention until the teacher said a name that would get me to pay attention anyday..

"Kouchinawa would you like to come in and introduce yourself?"He asked

I looked in the direction of the door as quick as hell seeing May's head move slowly in the direction but quickly flush

The door slowly slid open showing someone I thought I'd never see EVER again

He had Blond hair,BUT green eyes.A twin?

Gasps ecohed the room as the boy looked up

"My names Ken Kouchinawa-"

Dreams do come true

Even after a little hard work...and years of preporation...

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Posted 12/7/08 , edited 12/7/08
Too bad before he likes Amu he goes for May first...
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F / In the middle of...
Posted 12/8/08 , edited 12/9/08
exactly TT^TT but he remembered Amu,its just he had that "soul mate" thing with May whcih you can't fight against.He still loves Amu,yet he loves May.But when he trully loves Amu and marrys her,hes still got some feelings for May.So its kinda of a confussing relationship that you could say needs some work.Aspecially since he is still Kazune/Natsume's rival
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